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Battle between religious liberty and pandemic security may reach Supreme Court

A federal judge suggested the city of Louisville’s efforts to stop a drive-in Easter service was tantamount to a plot to criminalize religion. The Kansas Supreme Court, however, upheld a ban on religious gatherings of 10 or more people. And a Florida megachurch pastor was arrested for defying stay-at-home orders and holding church in person. […]

Woman wins battle to hold Bible study at condo complex after Christian worship ban

A Florida woman, who filed a federal complaint after her homeowners association barred her from continuing to host a Bible study in the social room of her own condominium complex, has reached a settlement allowing her to carry on with the religious activity, a legal group that represented the Christian woman said. The agreement states […]

Democrats want to block a law that would ban sex change operations for children in Florida

Meanwhile, Jon Harris Maurer, a policy director with Equality Florida, an LGBTQ activist group, described Sabatini’s bill and its Senate version as “a clear attack on some of our state’s most vulnerable youth.” Children with gender identity issues are certainly vulnerable, but not in the way Harris suggests. Florida State Rep. Anthony Sabatini (R-Lakeland) was […]