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The Event to Start the Final Seven Years

Middle East Peace Treaty Marks “The Beginning”

Daniel 9:27 prophesies that the Antichrist will confirm a covenant with many for a final seven-year period. This accord will be a confirmation of God’s covenant with Abraham that Israel would always have a homeland in the Promised Land (Genesis 15:18).

The fulfillment of this prophecy will be the signing of a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians. The prophesied agreement must do three things: 1) Establish a Palestinian state in Judea (the West Bank). 2) Allow the Jewish settlers presently living in Judea to remain in their homes, living as a Jewish minority in the new Palestinian state. 3) Place the Temple Mount under an internationally supervised sharing arrangement allowing both Jews and Muslims to worship there.

When you see the prophesied peace agreement, know assuredly that the Final Seven Years to the Battle of Armageddon and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ have begun!

Now, Israel International News reports that Prime Minister Netanyahu told President Trump weeks ago that he supports the establishment of a two-state solution.

Reports abound that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu plans to tell US President Donald Trump that he “views with favor” the establishment of a demilitarized Palestinian state alongside Israel. So he reportedly told his Security Cabinet yesterday.

This, despite expert opinions that once it is established, nothing can keep a new Palestinian state from ignoring the requirement that it be demilitarized.

Netanyahu is scheduled to meet with Trump for the first time since the president took office, as well as with other American leaders, tomorrow.

Netanyahu reportedly informed the Cabinet that he already told Trump three weeks ago, just two days after Trump’s inauguration, that he supports the two-state solution. He added that the Palestinian Authority under Mahmoud Abbas refuses to accept the notion. Trump reportedly replied that he could bring about a “deal.”

Though several ministers protested that the Prime Minister should change his stance, he reportedly said that he is already locked into this position.

Middle East analyst Dr. Aaron Lerner of IMRA notes that a two-state solution is predicated upon the existence of ironclad security arrangements and guarantees that the Palestinian state would not be able to threaten Israel militarily. However, in fact, top Israeli International law experts, including former senior diplomats, told Lerner that this is simply not true.

A sovereign Palestinian state would actually continue to exist as such even if it openly declared that it was cancelling whatever security arrangements it agreed to in order to come into existence, they said.

Remember, the establishment of a two-state solution is one of the characteristics of the peace agreement that will start the final seven years to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and the Battle of Armageddon.

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