What Happens After Death?

When we die, Ecclesiastes 12:7 says that our spirit returns to the Lord at death. At the point of death some judgment takes place.

Was Jesus the Messiah?

The Messiah was the “anointed one” or the coming “King of Israel”. We could also think of the Messiah as being the savior. Many still believe to this day that the Messiah has not come and they are still in search of him.

What Does Revelation 17:10-11 Mean When it Says Five Are Fallen, One is, and One is Yet to Come?

The heads of the beast in Revelation 13 refer to the seven heads of Daniel 7. There is one for the lion, the bear, the ten horn beast, and four for the leopard. However they have a special significance in Revelation 17.

Is it Wrong for a Christian to Celebrate Christmas?

As Christians we do not believe it is wrong to celebrate Christmas. It is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. The Bible does not say it is right or wrong to do this.

Why Would God Allow His Church to Endure His Wrath When His Word Says Otherwise?

God will not allow His church to endure His wrath. The Bible is very clear about that. However, the Bible does not tell us that the tribulation is the wrath of God.

Kardashians Members of the Illuminati?

Many claim that the Kardashian family is in cahoots with a secret society that has been the subject of debate among many for centuries: the illuminati. So, are the allegations true?

Is World War 3 the Battle of Armageddon?

The Sixth Trumpet War, WW3, and the Battle of Armageddon are two different wars and they are separated by at least 3 ½ years, the tribulation period.

Who Lives Into the Millennium?

We know from scripture that mortal people will populate the earth during the Millennium; however, we are not told who all will make it into the Millennium. Apparently, some people

Who is the “He” in Daniel 9:27?

Although many say the “he” in Daniel 9:27 represents Jesus Christ, we can scripturally prove that it refers to the Antichrist.

Peter and Paul

Similarities Between Peter and Paul in the Bible

When looking at scripture, specifically the New Testament, I don’t think we can find any better examples of which we should pattern our lives after than that of Peter and Paul. These two men differ in major ways yet their similarities are...

Key Tenants of a Value System at the Second Coming of Christ

As believers in Jesus Christ and the Word of God, we know that…

Did E.T. Really Phone Home?


 Are there Others Outside of This Earth?

On June 11, 1982 a film was released titled "E.T." It told the story of an alien that made its way to earth, interacted with humanity, and went home. One of the famous lines from this movie was, "E.T. phone home." I saw this movie as a kid and that's really all it was to me but some...