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By Anthony Vandagriff


Is Pope Francis the False Prophet?


With the unsuspected resignation of Pope Benedict XVI many people waited with high expectations as to who the next Pope would be.  The reason for this was because a Catholic seer known as St. Malachy prophesied about the final 112 Popes.  The successor of Pope Benedict XVI would be the 112th but would he be Peter the Roman?


Many people have done research about him and they are persuaded that he is the False Prophet.  However we must be careful of making this claim when the prophecies of St. Malachy are not scripture.  There could still be other Popes to come.  So we need to see what the Bible says.


Revelation 17 shows us that the Roman Catholic Church will be a major player in the Endtime world government.  The Pope during that time will actually team up with the Antichrist.  We see this union in Revelation 13.  So the Pope at the time of the Antichrist will be the False Prophet.  So we need to wait for the revealing of the Antichrist to know for sure who the False Prophet is.


There is an interesting trait about the world government revealed in Revelation 17 though.  The woman sits on a scarlet covered beast representing communism or socialism.  An article was published titled Pope Francis: Liberation Theologian?


In the article it questioned whether or not he was a liberation theologian.  The reason this is interesting is because this belief is very socialistic.  It calls for a redistribution of wealth and a socialist agenda.  So if the current Pope has that mentality it would made him a great match for the coming world government of the Antichrist.  Many are saying he has the vigor and the tenderness to help the Roman Catholic Church and to bring in a new spiritual world.


So is Pope Francis the False Prophet?  We will have to wait and see.

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