The Future of the United States of America

Many of us are very concerned about the direction of our country, the United States of America. Some are predicting its demise. I’m happy to announce there is hope for the future of our nation we love so much. The United States and its special role in the future is specifically prophesied about in the Bible.

Prophecies given over 2,000 years ago describe this and so we can know what is coming and what we should do. I Chronicles 12:32 says, “And of the children of Issachar, which were men that had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do.”

America’s God-Given Destiny

The prophecies disclose that the nations of Jordan and Israel will never be controlled by the Antichrist. They also indicate that the U.S. will protect Israel from attack by the Antichrist all during the Great Tribulation. This lets us know that the U.S. will be opposed to the Antichrist during the time called the Great Tribulation.
This is wonderful news!

We also know from the prophecies that there is another Jewish holocaust coming. However, all Jews who heed the warning of the prophecies will escape. Much of the coming persecution against the Jews will take place in Europe–the future powerbase of the Antichrist. All 1.6 million Jews will need to leave Europe before the Antichrist obtains total control there.

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During a recent visit to Israel, I met with the Jewish Agency. The Agency helps Jews from all over the world immigrate (make aliyah) to Israel. I explained that Endtime Ministries wanted to help Jews make their way to Israel. They told me for around $1,000, a Jewish person can fly to Israel, enroll in a Jewish absorption center, and be given five months of intensive Hebrew training. In order to help Jews escape from the coming holocaust, Endtime has established a fund called “Another Jewish Holocaust Fund”.

This DVD will reveal that it truly is America’s God-Given Destiny to help and protect Israel in the times just ahead.

A Gift of $1,000

Every person donating $1,000 to the fund will receive a copy of our new DVD– “America’s God-Given Destiny”. This will include a beautiful music video written and produced by Allison Huntley especially for this DVD. Secondly, we will enclose a letter that will get addressed to the Jewish person your donation is going to help. Just sign the letter and return it to us with your check. We have arranged for your letter to be presented to the person you helped make their way back home to Israel. Lastly, we will send you a beautiful piece of art illustrating the American eagle protecting the nation of Israel.

A Gift of $500

For every $500 donation you will receive a physical copy of the “America’s God-Given Destiny” DVD which also includes our beautiful music video, “America’s God-Given Destiny.”

A Gift of Any Amount

For those who may not be able to do either of the above, we want every person to be able to be included in this project of destiny. For a donation of any amount to the “Another Jewish Holocaust Fund”, you will receive a free audio or video download of this historic lesson – “America’s God-Given Destiny.” When you make your donation, tell us it is for the “Another Jewish Holocaust Fund”, and we will send you your password for your digital video or audio download.

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