May 6, 2013
Is Pope Francis The False Prophet? | Prophecy in the News

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  1. I have been thinking about the approximate timing of the rapture for a long time. First of all, what is the great falling away where many will be offended? Wouldn’t it be just like the Lord to delay the rapture of the Church for possibly, lets say a month or so after the tribulation starts. I can picture millions of Cristians falling away at this point in time when God is actually testing them. I can picture many unsaved people antagonizing them over them still being here. Look at the story of the 5 wise virgins and the five unwise virgins. Don’t fall into that trap totally counting on the rapture to happen right before the tribulation starts. Because if it doesn’t happen right then you may be crushed and fall away, only to be left behind when it does happen as a sleeping unwise virgin. Keep an open mind, keep watching, keep praying. Pray especially for Israel right now. I do believe Psalms 83 war is right around the corner. God bless you all in our journey ahead of us. Remember God loves you more than you realize.

  2. Dear Dear Dear, son please do some research before going on the internet.
    There are good teachers out there anointed to teach have a listen to some of them. So many errors.

  3. Where does revelations talk about this “secret rapture” other than one verse? Dont be fooled people, Jesus told his descipels that there will be a falling away first, and that he shall not return until the wicked one has been revealed. I am not hear to spread fear or heresy, just logic. God has only raptured two people off of the face of this earth and they had to live long, perfect lives to earn such glory. I love my brothers and sisters but through my travels i have met fellow christians all over. I tell you the truth, none of us are worthy of being raptured. Im not saying that none of us are truly saved, just that having salvation is not enough and sadly most of us only walk with christ where we feel most comfortable. Its ok though. The church must be present during the great tribulation or how else would we spread the good news during the worlds last chance to receive christ? A mass rapture would plunge those left behind straight down satans toilet of deception and indoctrination. The most high will protect us from his wrath, but human persecution is something we must all face as a testament to our faith. We all deserve to be judged and tested and this is the time to prepare yourselves instead of waiting for a rapture none of us are worthy of

  4. Pope Francis is the man who will become the Biblical false prophet; however, he is not the false prophet right now. That will not happen until halfway through Daniel’s 70th week – when Satan is cast out of heaven and gives the beast his power, his throne, and great authority. Rome must be destroyed, along with the global (interfaith) church, because the anti-christ will have no other gods before him. God has allowed us to determine who Pope Francis is (today), because shortly after the Rapture, there will be an intense spiritual vacuum. This pope will bring credibility and calm to a world that has been shaken to its core by the sudden disappearance of millions….

  5. with America about to fail, either internally through our moral decay, which has contributed to our utter inability to control ourselves (through such excessive spending), and, as the rest of the world is now observing, through our refusal/inability to intervene in behalf of Ukraine, with the buildup of Russian troops, proving their continuance to conquer, giving Iran no pause to cease and desist its nuclear ambitions against Israel, if our Jewish brothers and sisters “go it alone,” to “reduce” the Iranian threat of anihiliation, giving Russia license to march (the Army from the Uttermost North), and the LORD, Jesus the Christ, MESSIAH will stop Russia on the mountains, and their destruction, along with America, will allow the “Kings of the East free passage” – whether or not a Bible believer … just reading the headlines proves “something drastic is about to happen?”! Come quickly, LORD, Jesus the CHRIST! I COR 15:51-55

  6. I had my reservations, the Bible says’s that the false prophet comes from the land which usually represents Israel, which would make him Jewish. But seeing how many T.V. preachers and other influential denominations coming into his (one world religion) I think he is one heck of a candidate. How ever I think as the author said, we will have to wait and see for sure, but I am really watching this guy.

  7. The antichrist will not be revealed until after the Rapture of the Church. As far as Francis being the false prophet he could very well be because of the nearness of the tribulation. However we cannot as yet know for sure and more than likely will not know any more than we know who the antichrist will be.

    • Do your research. I will just elude to one for the sake of time. Matthew 24. After the tribulation of those days. If you hold your pre-trib rapture theory you are waiting for the arrival of the antichrist. Imagine the millions when the antichrist shows and the rapture didnt happen 2nd Thess will play out. Until the falling away (apostasy). In the bible it says the gospel is easy. Not hard. Dont read between the lines. Get right with Jesus Christ.

  8. Y’all might want to check out the site The Biblical False Prophet Has Arrived. It is a Catholic site and purports that Francis is the false prophet and that Raj Patel is the antichrist.

  9. Pope Francis is the false prophet. He will change the sacraments of the church, making them null and void. He will lend his support to the antichrist who will reveal himself to bring peace after ww3, which will happen soon. Ultimately, true Christians who do not support his adulterous church (Catholic church which welcomes all religions on an equal basis, making the statements of Christ about his supremacy null and void) will be persecuted and executed by the One World Church and One World Government.

  10. I am not as well versed as many of you, but I have a question. Is the idea of antichrist possibly misunderstood as being ONE being? Satan is the great imposter. He prostitutes everything Godly by appearing god-like, but in absolute reverse. So, could the antichrist be a triunal being, perhaps a president, the Pope, and a third person? I would love to hear your thoughts as I work my way toward better understanding of end times prophecy.

    The false triune antichristian being would be a world recognized political leader(the son), a world recognized spiritual leader(the father), and a world recognized ……(holy ghost imposter seen as a nurturer to the unspiritual eye but actually a DESTROYER, which is where I see someone associated with Islam coming into play….like an unlikely alliance between say an Obama and the Iranian supreme leader, or something along that line). The combined force of three-could the system/alliance they form be ” the antichrist”?

  11. I remember when Baxter taught us at church camp that Pope JP II was the False Prophet, because he came from a communist country of Poland. Most religious people are neosocialists- believe that we have a moral obligation to care for others. However I agree with the author of this blog… we can say for certain this Pope is THE one… we have to wait. By jumping the gun like Baxter did with PJP II, you discredit yourselves. Wait… be patient, God will reveal. You don’t have to make stuff up, it’s interesting enough.

  12. Check it out…Pope Franices denounced CAPITALISM…Pope Francis had harsh words for free market capitalism and the economic inequality it produces — going so far as to claim it is “the root of all social ills,” “the cause of violence,” and a “tyranny.” He said this on November 27th, 2013.

  13. Rarely do we get actual dates on prophetic events, but with the four Blood Moons approaching in 2014 and 2015, we also find on our global stage a Pope of immense popularity. Coincidence? I believe we will see how a widely loved religious leader can rally almost his entire global congregation in support of
    an equally popular antichrist? Whoever these two are, they’re working hand-in-glove to deceive the world.

  14. Don’t be a blinded sheep! The technology is here already the evil one & this pope will reveal themselves soon enough & if you’re asleep spiritually like Jesus told us not to be you won’t see them coming!

  15. I am very concerned re some of the statements of this Pope. However, I am willing to chalk it up to inexperience and some wolves in sheeps clothing surrounding him. I don’t think we are anywhere near the end times , there is so much more we need to go through. I do think that this Pope with all his inexperience will the Pope of the great tribulation. Pope Francis will learn soon enough about the evil ones surrounding him.

  16. I am a convert to Catholicism and very concerned about the Pope’s recent comments in La Repubblica. First the Pope states that proselytism is “solemn nonsense”, thus denying Christ’s Great Commission to spread the word to all nations. Secondly he seems to endorse moral relativism by saying that everyone should follow their own concepts of good and evil whatever they might be. Following Christ’s teachings are apparently irrelevant. Finally he states that it is the love of one’s neighbor that is the “only way that Jesus has given us to find the way to salvation” apparently dismissing the need for a belief in the Cross and in the personal saving power of belief in Jesus Christ. This is not my understanding of Christianity. It makes one wonder about the prophecy of Malachy.

    • The prophecy of Malachy changes dramatically after Pope Benedict. It is the only prophecy where a pope is given a name, for one thing. No legitimate pope would ever call himself “Peter” out of respect for the first pope, Peter 1. There has never been a Peter 2. The “Peter the Roman” does represent a pope, however. It represents Peter 1, who, with the other popes who are in heaven, along with the mystical church in heaven, and the holy angles and, most importantly, the Virgin Mary, will assist the persecuted church, the real church, which will resist the Antichrist and the false Prophet and the false one world church headed by the false prophet. That church is the institutional Catholic church as it evolves under the false teaching of the current pope, Pope Francis 1. He will change the sacraments, making them null and void, especially the sacrament of the Eucharist, which will be turned into a mere symbol, and not the actual body and blood of Christ. This will cause schism in the Catholic church, and true Catholics, faithful to the church’s traditional teachings and the true gospel, will leave the church with faithful priests and bishops.

    • why would you want to be a part of this kind of religion ? if i were you, id get out and join a full gospel preaching church, one where jesus is the king of kings, one that believes in the baptism of the holy spirit and speaking in tongues etc. its not about mother mary, mother theresa, saint peter the pope, hail marys, or being baptized into the catholic church. its about jesus , his death at the cross, totally baptized in water, baptism in the holy spirit, just like jesus said in the bible !!

      • Disagree, bro. I was a devout protestant for decades, and now am a catholic. Didn’t lose a thing, gained a great deal.

      • Lay it out there so the cows can eat it Roger. The pope is working the popularity contest now, laying the ground work for all things evil. Do not sleep, keep a sharp eye on this guy. Study Revelation. Put your trust in Jesus.

  17. No need to wait and see to prove him to be the false prophet. He is the false prophet. The spiritually blind will never see to prove him not to be. Remember only those who are to be the remnants who will form the new Jerusalem will see the truth and hold fast to the end. Unfortunately the majority shall be doomed. They will refuse God to the end.

  18. I do not see that the cashless society will be able to function for another 20 years. I just do not feel that this pope will be around that long.

  19. Please read the most interesting revelations from Jesus for our time Jesus declares in these revelations – which will be the last true revelations that are given to the world – that the world is now in the great tribulation, and that He now has opened the sealed book – the Book of Revelation. Only Jesus can open the Sealed Book (Rev 5). On the anniversary before Pope Benedict announces his resignation, Jesus reveals that Pope Benedict will be forced away from the Holy See of a secret powerful group (Freemasons) in the Vatican. He will be replaced by the False Prophet, who is not Peter the Roman. Peter the Roman will be the apostle Peter, who after the return of Jesus, after the tribulation, will be the last Pope and the Pope in the coming Kingdom of Peace (Rev 20). Pope Benedict, now Pope without Chair but a true pope, who now lives in secret, will be strengthened and lead the remnant church through the Great Tribulation. The beast with 10 horns are the European Union.

    • We know from the scripture that the great tribulation is the wrath of Satan, not God’s, Revelation 12. So with that in mind we know that we cannot be in the great tribulation until the antichrist is revealed; he is not revealed at this time for he has not stood up at the future jewish temple to proclaim that he is god. God bless.

      -Derrick Weeks

  20. Who’s to say that evil has not already changed the word through century’s of translation for the evil one to change it up so that the real antichrist has an easy path to control and Jesus’s second coming is portrayed as this so evil could prevail? Hmmmm

  21. Name me 10 bible texts: from the word of God: the Holy Bible that support the main teaching of the Catholic web site.

    It may interest you that none are supported in the Holy Bible. Gods Word. Why is that the case?

    Just curious.

    Always follow Gods Word.

    • Hosea 4:6- my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.
      Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices. (2 Corinthians 2:11 KJV)
      Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. (1 John 4:1 KJV)

  22. And yes the pope is the false prophet he even declared that atheist can go to heaven or any that do good. But Jesus said no man comes unto the Father but by Him. So how can this pope change what God said? Rev. …and he had the horns of a lamb but spokes a dragon…

  23. I see many people saying disdainful things about the Catholic Church. How do you hope to bring people to the “truth”? All they see is uncharitable and unchristian remarks from the very people who proclaim to be Christians. Shame on you. I know I certainly wouldn’t want to join any of your churches if that’s what they teach you. God is the judge, not us. You aren’t going to convert anyone that way. God bless.

    • It’s because such people are seriously deluded and brainwashed and don’t know the first factual thing about the Catholic Church except some hocus pocus their pastors tell them – often out of sheer jealousy.

      It’s the only church on the planet that can validly claim to have a continuous unbroken and direct link to Jesus Christ and the twelve. It’s traditions are almost all biblical and are many hundreds of years old – most dating to the apostles.

      All the other allegedly “Christian” churches came a minimum 1500 years later. Most even later than that. Don’t take these people too seriously as they are badly misled.

      • Salvation, faith in Christ and the Cross, and Him alone, He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. It’s faith in Christ that brings those who believe to God, nothing else, no church, no person…….. nothing! Only the shed blood of Jesus Christ.

      • Rome is the city that sits on seven hills. Go read it in Revelations. Don’t keep shooting the messenger who brings the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We love and obey the commandments of Jesus Christ.

    • To be completely honest no one can’t point the finger at any one for all fall short of the glory. But even though that is true the Catholic church bows before their saints as if they were gods but that’s ok? Wrong read the ten commandments then revelation 13 matter of fact read all revelation hopefully this was some what insightful.

      • Who said the catholic church bows before the saints? When you ask your pastor to pray for you, are you bowing to them?

    • JohntheB: Where is the word Trinity in the Bible? Where is the word Rapture in the Bible? Where is the ACTUAL word Rome considered as Mystery Babylon in the Bible. The only city called a harlot in the Bible is Jerusalem. God bless.

      • JoAnn, I agree with you. I think that too much time and effort is spent on this parlor game of looking for the endtime, and what some believe is the rapture.

        More time and effort should be spent on looking to the Lord, and Jesus and the Holy Spirit. It does not matter when the end comes. It is important to live every day of our lives as we would want the Lord to find us.

        Too many who try to know the mind of God are the true false prophets, or should I say false profits.

        • JohntheB: I agree. We will all meet our personal “endtime” someday. I pray that we will all be ready. I know I am. God bless.

          • There is nothing wrong with being prepared for the Rapture. It can happen at any moment. The signs of the times are here and God is showing us in the sun, stars, and the moon.

  24. I heard that Pope Francis might be the “Peter the Roman” mentioned in St Malachy’s prophesy. I wanted to investigate so I tried contacting him: first by phone, then by email, and third by text. This guy MUST be Peter, since I was denied three times!

  25. No, Pope Francis cannot be the “False Prophet” according to scripture. The False prophet will have to know the Arabic language, and customs, as well as Hebrew and Jewish customs, as the Antichrist will be from the Tribe of Dan,(by his Mother, Dan.11:37) and is called an Assyrian, (by his Fathers lineage)
    Next; Rev.17, does Not concern Rome or the Catholic Church, as Rome is a city built on seven “small Hills” the highest one is only 152 feet above “Mean Ground level”.
    Rev.17:18 makes it clear that The “Woman that rides the Beast” is “that Great city” that rules over the Kings of the Earth. Verse 9 tells us that the City is built on “Seven Mountains”, (not seven hills, like Rome)
    Jerusalem is Built on “Seven Mountains” ! Verse 6 tells us that the woman is ‘drunk’ with the blood of the Saints and the Martyrs. This refers to the Jewish Tyrrani of their own prophets before Christ, and their despicable persecution of Christians “after” the Cross of Calvary. The “Purple and Scarlet” mentioned in Rev.17, concerns the Jews, as it was the “vestment colors for Temple service”,(Exod.25:4, Numb.4:13 etc.) Mica.3:10 says about modern Israel; “They build-up Zion in blood, and Jerusalem in iniquity”.
    It’s time we Christians start to discern the times, and understand the Word of God.

    • How do you know that the Pope cannot speak the language or do not know the Jewish customs? Everyone almost know the customs. However, I could care less who the Pope is, I am only trying to get to heaven.

  26. the jesuit oath is an anit-catholic hoax,
    do you believe in the Protocols of Zion?, an anti-jewish hoax

  27. I’m certain that he is part of the final plan…..If he truly took the Jesuit Oath, it is filled with horror and is unimaginable and thinkable as to how he really thinks and what he will do. Has anyone else heard of that oath?

  28. I don’t know,if he is or not…But I do know who does.
    It will be interesting to watch these next months unfold.
    Tell everyone you care about to be ready, I think time is very short.

  29. feel the christian love

    I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.

    Mahatma Gandhi

    • Once bitten by the serpent one will always be weary. Know thy Bible, history and what is going on in the world today. Your eyes will be open to the truth.

  30. We are losing more rights every day…Now I understand that BO wants to prosecute our military men and women that flaunt their beliefs in God. So who is gonna fight for American when the soldiers decide there is nothing to fight for?

    This is one of those signs! Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus

  31. We all have our own direct line to God. They pray hail Mary instead of praying to Jesus. Jesus said, no man can come to the Father but thru me. Its in the very bible the pope reads but I’m sure he stays away from certain cermons.

  32. To me ALL of the Popes have been and are a false prophet…for any man thinking that they have the exclusive ear to God is delusional. Any those that have fallen into the trap of ‘worshipping’ such a man is idol worshiping…and we all know how God feels about that. The Popes current and past to me are all evil and I am angry with them for what they have done to the millions of people both past and present in torture, killing, wars, greed, all under the false pretense of being Christ’s and God’s emissarys.

    • I agree with you, people bowing to the Pope, and the Bible says that we should not bow to anyone except God. The people bow to this man and kiss his hand, tell them their life stories for him to forgive them while he sit behind a curtain, call him Father, and the bible says that we are to call no man Father except God, pray to Mary, just plain non-sense.

      • They believe like the Jewish people did that they have to go before a man and have him go before God to be forgiven – HEY!!! Jesus Came down and HE now forgives our sins directly! That should have stopped all this nonsence – What’s UP?

  33. Any person that thinks he/she is the ‘doorway’ to heaven and that only thru them would you be getting an audience with God to me is a false prophet…No man /woman has that privilege. Private prayer, and gathering of people with similar beliefs is fine..for this is what we have been told to do….but when a person such as the pope is so exalted and ‘worshipped’ and blindly followed by so many, then I feel sorry for them. For not only are the popes a false prophet, but to me this is idol worship…and we all know how God feels about this…

  34. seems like a lot of papal envy,

    So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone.

  35. I, for one, DO believe that Pope Francis is the false Prophet. He is unlike the former Popes, and has performed acts that mimic Yeshua/Jesus.

    Also, the Vatican is involved in what is called the Lucifer project (true) and you would be shocked to learn what this is all about, and what they believe. However, I do not see the “higher uppers” letting their people in on it??? It is blasphemous…

  36. No offense to anyone, but the Jesuits were one of the first Luciferian groups, who just so happened to be sanctioned by the Roman Catholic Church. Their founder, Ignatius Loyola, was a witch, and started the group with a few of his close associates. Pope Francis is the first Jesuit pope in history.

  37. I really think you did not say anything at all ,because at the end of the speech you finished with the same question we started,so nothing new has being said.

  38. The Papacy is the throne of the False Prophet since the beginning. All the Popes are guilty of teaching false doctrines and unbiblical beliefs. The beast and the whore is the Papacy and the Roman Catholic Church/Vatican. Whoever the Pope is during the Tribulation is the False Prophet of Revelation 13.

    • I believe that Pope Francis may be the false prophet. However, the Catholic Church is the one religion that goes all the way back to Christ and the apostles. The apostle Peter is considered the first pope. Jesus said, “Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”

      • All the popes are and have been false prophets. Nothing is consistent. Nor lines up with the Word of God. People are already Deceived. Just another avenue for the Evil one. He has been Coming as an angel of Light. A counterfeit to the Truth. And many are flying right into the FLAME. The problem is People don’t know who God is? Because they have no relationship. So therefore cannot tell or See the truth. God doesn’t change yet this new pope and other popes are not Consistent. Consistency to Gods word. And NOT denying Christ is your answer. That proves he is a false prophet. One of many!! You want Truth? Go Straight to God yourself. Not man.