August 30, 2013
Another Jewish Holocaust

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  1. As a Christian, Israel is my family too, . I cannot be expected to stand by and do nothing if my family is under siege.

    • Is it not what christianity is all about ….stand by and do nothing and be the slave of your own family ( Israel ) will they destroy the world ?!

      You must be really irrational and delusional do think what your writing.

      I wish of a day of rationalism and happiness for EVERYONE but it seem SOME jews don’t want this to happen.

  2. this is great!, god bless you guys for doing gods will, I feel very soon Christians will have the biggest Christian revival the world has ever seen!

  3. Wow USA TODAY has an article stating that Jews are required to register in Eastern Ukrain! You were right on Irvan!

  4. Wow, this is great, the only thing i can think of is Christians are not going to be a popular group during the endtimes. Whats go to keep you from being thrown out of your building. You need to be portable and mobile Satan is not going to allow you to operate. There will be many people who will want to shut you down. If your mobile you can move fairly quickly if discovered. Also you must protect your equipment from EMP pulse. First you must put all electronics under a Faraday cage. ITs easy to do, basically you cage the electronics by using chicken wire on the overhead and four walls. When a nuke goes off the shock wave will be grounded. Use UPS [uninterpretable power supply's] on your`power cords a good surge suppressor should be installed on the input side of any modem. This will protect from electrical storms really well.

    • Problem is only a small remnant are kept from the tribulation trials.those that never denied his name and truly kept his word.the Lord will come from Paran with his 10000.

  5. Maybe the abomination of desolation already occured. The Jewish diaspora caused by the Romans could have been it, couldn’t it?

  6. We recently showed the entire series of 4 DVD on salvation to our adult Sunday School class whihc precedes morning worship. Those lessons oin salvation are absolutely enlightening. Great for those who are sincerely seeking. The question I have is this: what single one DVD would any of you suggest that we should give out say, to a person who has very little know of the Bible or endtime but is now asking questions? all of thesse are excellent but is there on particular DVD that would epecially good for the average John Q Public? Thanks

  7. God bless and keep you pastor irvin for being so faithfull to Him. I am so ready to tell the world about this unescapable trueth of our Lord Jesus second comming.

  8. Wisdom is justified (known) of her children. I will continue to uphold this ministry in prayer, all must hear this teaching.

    • If you will click the play button on the image under the title, the video will begin to play. The video should be displayed on the post for you. God bless.

  9. Because we have lost you on TBN, we would like to have the Chanel’s for CA so we can sill see your program. We have seen your program for years and bought DVD’s from you my husband and I Enjoy your teaching. Thank you Laura Lankila.

  10. Just read where TBN is not playing your show anymore, I wrote them and asked they revisit their decision about your show and other prophesy speakers. Can you do a T.V. show on It’s Supernatural with Sid Roth, on an update of all this? A lot of people watch his show who might have not seen you, it is another way to spread your information and what you are doing. He also saves all visitor speaker shows in his archives and their DVD products for advertisement. Even if you have been on his show in the past, do an update with him.

    • Jerusalem ” Israel and the Church of Jesus Christ ( The Body of Christ all over the world ) will be the major target Revelation 12″

    • The Mega tribulation is yet to come” Trouble such as never been before since their was a creation of a nation” The one Spoken by Jesus in Luke 21/ 7- 37″

  11. The teaching of another Jewish Holocaust ahead is simply unscriptural and profanes the name of the LORD. Those teaching this to the Church will have to give account before the Throne. The Lord has something far more positive ahead for Israel and He is calling His body to align itself with His purposes. We should stop following End Time Prophecy “Experts” and get into the Word of God so that His Spirit can lead us into all truth

    • what bible are YOU reading?
      Zech 13:

      8 And it shall come to pass, that in all the land, saith the Lord, two parts therein shall be cut off and die; but the third shall be left therein.

      9 And I will bring the third part through the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined, and will try them as gold is tried: they shall call on my name, and I will hear them: I will say, It is my people: and they shall say, The Lord is my God.

  12. !!Please Lord Jesus with your mercy and love, forgives my sins, purify me from all unrighteousness.Create in me a pure heart and renew within me a steadfast spirit. Wash me and cleanse me with your holy blood I surely will be clean clear like crystal water white as more than snow. Guide me, protect me from the temptation & the destruction of this world to go safely through and to stand before you.Please father Jesus,do not bring me to hard test but deliver me from evil, for thy is the Kingdom,the power and the glory for ever & ever .Amen”” “”|Amen”” “”Amen””

  13. According to the scriptures” The Bible made it clear in Daniel 7/8/24/25, Daniel 8/4-14and 19-25 Daniel 11/2-20 Then Finally from Daniel 11 / from 21 is the Vile Man of Sin to whom they will not give the honor of royalty;But he shall come in peaceably and seize the kingdom by intrigue” down from Daniel 11/ 21- 45″ this was the final battle between Egypt the king of the south and Syria Damascus the king of the north” In which Syria Damascus the king of the north prevailed and gave birth to the Vile man of Sin who will take away the daily sacrifices and place there the Abomination of desolation in Daniel 11/31 and 38 But in their place he shall honor a god of fortresses; and a god which his fathers did not know he shall honor with gold and silver with precious stones and pleasant things” That is the image of the beast” and in Daniel 11/45 says and he shall plant the tents of his palace between the seas and the glorious holy mountain” Meaning this must be the prince of Tyre in Ezekiel 28/2-10 and the Serpent from Ezekiel 28/ from 12-19″ The prince of Tyre who will come from Syria damascus to plant his tent between tyre and Jerusalem the Holy mountain” Isaiah 14/25″ The Vile man will be a Syrian Muslim before introducing his Image”

  14. As soon as The EU takes over the world Power in the person of Greece ” The Male Goat with the single horn in its forehead representing the United EU which will attack the Ram ( Iran ) fiercely with its feet not touching the ground ( Jet Bombers ) and brake its two horns representing ( Iran and Afghanistan ) The Mades and Persians “Which will eventually develop the Nuclear bomb and use it against their opponents at the west probably the United’ State which will be very disastrous on the USA” while the U.S.A is still in pain over the attack” The UN. Under the EU (Greece) will go after the Ram with two horns fiercely without touching the ground and dominate the Ram which has attained height” EU will is the Male Goat with the Single horn which will become the next World power” At the fullness of time the Single horn ( EU) will be divided into four parts towards the four winds of the region” The particular part in the four that is positioned towards the Southeast from Europe towards the middle east through the doorway Turkey upto Syria/ Damascus that is the little horn that will come up last in a form of a peaceful manner to seize dominion in the region of the middle-east as far as the strongest fortress and stronghold” as a result of deceit , fierce features and sinister schemes even to the Glorious Land Jerusalem” The son of Perdition” with all its Lawlessness”

  15. Brother Baxter , love your work , and God will bless you for it !
    Just wanted to say hello , and I’m glad someone has taken time to awaken people out of sleep , and letting them know how to be sure they’ll make heaven by obeying acts2:38 message . Be encouraged and settled in the faith and leave our apostolic mark on those who need truth .

  16. I see the Pope as the Antichrist. Revelation 17 clearly points to the Vatican City As the Whore of the Babylon. Purple and Scarlet are her official colors. The Eucharist is offered there daily from the Golden cup in her hand.
    We in the 21st century have forgotten the power wielded during the middle ages by the Church of Rome. Daniel chapter 7 is also talking about this faux pas king of kings. Ten Kingdoms sprung up from the Roman Empire, three of them fell by order of the little horn before the Papacy assumed the level of a kingship in the year 538 AD. They ruled Europe with an iron fist for the next 1260 years. They made war with the believers and Jews during that time conservative estimates place the number of people killed by the Catholic Church at 150 million. Not only did they kill the saints they killed their families and seized their possessions after digging up their corpse and placing it on trial. I am not looking for another tribulation, we are in the period of sorrows waiting on the sixth trumpet to sound. Do some research for yourself on who the Pope has claimed himself to be not just this one but all of them. It is an office not a one time event. God’s time is just that God’s time we are in the season, we can see the leaves changing on the trees. Repent and be Baptized everyone of you for the Kingdom Of Heaven is at hand. Follow God’s law in joy for you have the greatest sacrifice ever given. Yeshua Ha’Mashiac.

  17. the antichrist as I see it is the Muslim religion, they where defeated in the War of Tour, 732AD which is the wound in the head mentioned in Rev 13. The Abomination of Desecration is the Dome of the Rock. Scripture says “it” shall Stand. It is not a person but a building that is still standing today. Inside the Dome is a slogan on the wall that says, “God had no Son and there is not a Holy Spirit” if that is not an abomination I don’t know what is. The two beast that speak like a lamb in Rev 13 is the Crusaders and Great Britain, they came in the name of Christianity to fight against the Beast/Muslims, but did not drive them out nor get rid of the Dome. They had their own agenda . The Beast/Antichrist was healed and rose back though GB and the USA started buying the Oil from them. I’m sorry this should be at 500 page info but I just thought History and Scripture should at least be told.

  18. Sorry but they are going to build the 4th temple not the third.Caiaphas anointed the false temple of Herrod as an temple image of GOD.Which isnt the temple which GOD gave to King Solomon.

  19. Fact : WW2 was around 3 1/2 years as were some major events. 3 1/2 years could be God’s frame for the next hardship. 7 years has 2 parts as I.B. says. I support you all the way Mr. Baxter.

  20. I have always believed in the saints of God being here for the full 7 years. If the early church went through tribulation, and many christians are being persecuted today, what makes any christian think they will not be challenged. The mark of the Beast will be here. We are warned not to take it. The scripture says if the days were not shortened scarcely would the very elect be saved. Death is not the final outcome of any christian but overcoming is. Overcoming WHAT. Fear, disputing, discord, compromise, watered down word of God. I am all for Gods promises, and they are many and good. But as Moses and the Hebrew children were in the midst of the plagues of Egypt, so were they under the blood. as all christians should be thru baptism in Jesus name. But we still suffer under the curse of sin. Our loved ones suffer and die as all flesh. As for me, I have had a spiritual dream of the Great and Terrible day of the Lord. And I was afraid. Because he is God. But I held onto my children tight as I faced the storm and said Come Lord Jesus, I am not afraid,I know in whom I have believed. Actually in my dream the spirit of God spoke to me and asked me why I was afraid, and that’s when I knew it was Jesus. We have much to be afraid of, maybe death and taxes, but not post tribulation. He that endures till the end the same shall be saved. I have always wanted to say that. Thank you for this opportunity. Perfect Love cast out all fear.

  21. I believe you’re wrong on your views to a post trib. rapture. There are just to many scriptures that point to a pre. trib. rapture
    The bride or church is not to be appointed to wrath. What did the lord do with Noah & lot & families. The last trumpet theroy does not hold weight either because in thoes days trumpets were blow for many reasons. We also will not see an antichrist till the church is removed. Read the scripturies.Trib time is soley for the jews to understand that Christ Jesus in the one they are looking for & realize that they crusified him. Once the tribulation starts, there is no mention of the church, were gone! We come back at the 2nd return with him on horses and white robes to fight with the lord at armegeden. I think we will be given super powers from god to accomplish this.

    • @Tom, We won’t need super powers. We are there to be merely observers. The “Battle” of Armageddon is not a true battle. No fear. No fighting. Jesus on his white steed, (I picture the horse’s nostrils flared and snorting and raring up on his hind legs, but he could be very calm and peaceful knowing exactly who is riding him)…on Jesus’s thigh is written (tattooed?) with “King of kings & Lord of lords.” All His raptured saints will be on horseback behind him. He will speak some words, like a sword from his mouth, and the entire largest valley on earth, thousands of square miles, full of Satan’s warriors will die instantly. It is said that their flesh will rot instantly. The blood will flow to the tops of the horses’ bridles. Jesus will invite the birds of the air to feast on their remains. What a powerful sight to behold. I thrill for the day and plan to be in white robes on a white horse behind my Lord and Savior.

    • Daniel 7:24And the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise: and another shall rise after them; and he shall be diverse from the first, and he shall subdue three kings.
      25And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.

  22. I was born again 30 years ago, baptized in a lake, and received the gift of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues – serving Him in a United Pentecostal Church in Stittsville, ONT., Jesus left no room for interpretation in John 3:3,5,7, – you MUST be born again if you want to get to heaven – I obeyed the commandment – changed my life – now I live it by the Book – the user’s Manual – the Bible

  23. 27 November 2013

    Good Evening Mr. Baxter,

    How are you?

    Well, just to let you know that I saw you on the ‘Dwight Thompson’ television show last night and fully understand why a Prophet rocks everyone to their core!

    Well Done to you esp. when I saw you, then heard you talking and then……..saw the re-action of everyone afterwards – it sure has given me courage to carry on in my rather ‘immature’ (at this stage) Prophetic Walk with Jesus!

    THANK-YOU for being SO BOLD and my spirit witnessed with ALL that you had to say immediately!!!

    Kindest Regards and G-D Bless,

    Candace Caldwell.

  24. the moment the “peace accord” is signed with the palestinians and the jews you can count down 42 months to the day when all hell will break loose. it will be then the abomimation of desolation. the anti christ will proclaim himself god. the pope will be his false prophet. keep your ryr on kerry. he is working on this “peace accord”. ut us oreducted in the news to happen some time next year look like the spring. fear not my friends it will happen. bible prophecy will come to pass. be ready. get right with our lord and our redeemer savior jesus christ. claim jesus christ as the one and only savior and ask him to come into your heart and take over your life. you will be spared. i promise. for it is written anyone who believeth on the son of god shall not perish but shall have everlasting life. amen. thank you jesus. thank yo heavenly father.

    • Well said “Mrs. H”. Glad you mentioned the peace accord.
      Everyone reading this: Google or YouTube search “St. Malachy Prophesies”. I have a feeling Pope Francis will have a pivotal role in the success of the signing of the peace accord.

      According to the St. Malachy Prophesies, Petrus Romanus/Peter of Rome (=Francis is he–I will let Google or YouTube explain that part) is (112th pope after Malachy–and all the names of the other 111 were spot-on correct!) the LAST pope and the Destroyer of the Vatican and the City on Seven Hills (Rome). The little-horned False Prophet! He is winning over the masses with his talk of peace and his humility & doing away with the gold and red robes, choosing to wear the simple white robes. He sits upon a simple wooden throne, or chair, instead of the gold one with red and gold hangings and accoutrements surrounding his throne/chair. He is winning popularity from an ever increasingly impoverished and economically broke world.

      But, a huge red flag went up for me and the Vatican when he was recorded telling his Catholic flock, “Everyone will go to heaven.” They asked him, “Even the atheists?” Pope Francis nodded, “Yes, even the atheists.” They asked him, “Even the homosexuals?” He nodded and said, “Even the homosexuals.” Sounds like he needs to read the Bible. Only the False Prophet would mislead the largest percentage (wikipedia: Roman Catholic consists of 16.5%, Protestants 6.15%, Orthodox 3.9%, Anglican 1.26%) of the Christian (33.39%) religion in the world with such outrageously false statements. Watch and see: Supernaturally, he will get away with it. We are now a dangerously “tolerant” society worldwide. He’s the “Pope”. Everyone will like him because he condones all behaviors and beliefs. Why go to church if everyone will go to heaven? Why believe in Christ and make Him your Messiah? Why tithe? Why give to the poor? Why evangelize? What’s the point? There is an article on this Endtimes Ministry website right now (June 1, 2014) about Pope Francis talking about the Devil constantly. Hmmm. Interesting psychology for him IF he is the FP.

      Also, consider what having the False Prophet/Little horned Antichrist on the world stage today means. Francis is 77 years old. IF he is the FP, that means the Antichrist is very likely already on the world stage, too. I figure the Pope is getting up in age and the PreTrib Rapture has to take place BEFORE he and the AC come to reveal themselves after the Tribulation begins.

      The world will be in agony when the children of the world disappear in the blink of an eye. They will need some time to mourn these losses before they will be ready to rejoice worldwide when the Peace Treaty is signed. If Kerry is guestimating the signing to take place in the next five to eight months, as he said in April 2014….the rapture should be happening any minute now, IF Kerry is correct. I read or saw somewhere that Israel’s Netanyahu is ready to sign.

      I don’t know if it is a fact, but there is a video on YouTube showing the Vatican being hit by lightning the night the new pope was elected. According to the bible, the AC comes down to earth on a lightning bolt. I don’t know if the video was taken on that particular date, but if it did, and St. Malachy is correct = Wow!

      Sorry this is so long. I wonder how many more people need to hear the good news before the number is reached to bring on the rapture. It is our duty as believers to make disciples. For each one you get a precious gem in your crown ;-) It is the meaning of life to further the kingdom. So much of Bible prophesy has come to pass already. I really enjoy Irvin Baxter’s ministry. I like his delivery and I trust him to give me the facts. Keep up the good work. Meet you in the clouds!

  25. I’ spreading a clear understandingve been watching in and following Irvin Baxter for the last 10 years. I congratulate you Pastor for your success is expanding our understanding of the end time prophecies. There are so many with an idea of how in time prophecies will unfold. Many of them have been expressed in this long string of comments. A question arises however: “how do we know who to believe?”

  26. !!BLESSED ARE THE HUMBLE GOD WILL LIFT THEM UP IN HIGHER PLACES.”AMEN”Revelation 5:10 & Rev 2:26-28.That time is coming soon.Let us wait patiently and worship the Lord dilingently!!

    the messenger.

  27. I was taken up in spirit and looked down on North America and saw 5 nuclear explosions from Chicago to New York . this was ” out of body experience happen about 17 years ago , when I first “was called” “saved ,new walk in life with the LORD” ,though I was raised with Him,
    I was far up looking down , I could see north america clearly and so what tipped me off was there proximity to the great lakes. A line of 5 nuclear mushroom clouds. I was later asking the LORD in pray “how are they going to get the nuclear bombs into the country, that night a dreamed a dream that I was in a marina and I was standing there four persons (angels )came from every direction , they did not speak, but I understood, in the mind I was told that the bombs will be in the bilge of the ships, sincerely elijah ha kohin

  28. I have info in regards the U.S that I believe will open your eyes.
    Go to YOUTUBE type FEMA concentration camps exist in the U.S. This facilities have been built across the continental United States by the F.E.M.A(Federal Emergency Management Agency), in preparation for a future declaration of martial law. At this very moment we are in State of Emergency since 9/11, It has been extended since the previous administration.

  29. On feburary 1972 i was driving south on i-15 in salt lake city as i came out from under the 6th south over pass i saw the grain elevater at welfare squarei was given a vision all of a sudden i saw people walking on the freeway it was do vivid o almost caused a wreck people were going 2 welfare square because it was the only place 2 get food & other things people need 2 survive the leadership of the mormon church were not there

  30. Isaiah 49:3 He said to me, “You are my servant Israel”,in whom I will display my splendor. Tribe Judah (Jews) are Angels they used the Gospels correctly. They called the daughter of God who has reached the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd heaven. I was designed to receive all knowledge of man and the heavens.
    Isaish 50:22 This is what the Soverign Lord says:
    “See, I will beckon to the Gentiles, I will lift up my banner to the peoples; they will bring your sons in their arms and carry your daughters on their shoulders.
    Isaiah 11:1 A shoot will come up from the stump of Jesse from his roots a Branch will bear fruit.
    The spirit of the Lord will rest upon him….7Angels of justice for the new kingdom of everlasting life. For the throne of David has been established in everlasting love. It’s Israel tell the world God fell in love with Israel………….7Angels fell in love with 7Angels of Gods spirit. They kingdom came…………..Sound the bells the perfect design the perfect soul. Out of 4 worlds only 2 were able to receive 7Angels Jesus and his sister Israel.
    The Gospels are about Jesus his sister Israel and the 12 tribes of Israel and how we are saved. Rejoice we did it we made it I will be with him on the throne for everlasting life.


  32. Thank you for your most interesting teaching on revelation. I have learn so much from you. I am glued to the tv watching you. Please see if you can do a hour program one day.

  33. I had another prophetic experience about war coming yesterday that involves a Jewish Holocaust. As I concluded many hours of praying I heard a military man shout violent orders in a foreign language (German?), then I heard machine gun fire. After the machine gun fire my head reclined on the chair to the left hand side and I felt blood flowing out of my open mouth to the left side of the face as I had been assassinated. Then I saw a foreign made machine gun being wielded by some man in the day light in the east. Last year I had a vision of being inside a military plane watching the aftermath of nuclear bombs being dropped somewhere in the east. Earlier this year I saw America involved in World War in the east. That’s three witnesses. God says in Amos 3:7 “Certainly the sovereign LORD does nothing without first revealing his plan to his servants the prophets.” I believe there’s a major if not World War that is coming and it will involve nuclear weapons. America will be involved in the fight. I hope it does not happen any time soon. It’s going to wreck the fragile economies in which we live in today not to mention the carnage. God Bless, JB

  34. In the past I’ve had in my mind that “fleeing to the mountains” might mean – to the mountains on the other side of the Jordan River. So when I heard Irvin say “come to Jerusalem” I was concerned that he might be misleading them. Oops! Not so!
    Having just watched Irvins account of how God worked out the scheduling of the magazines distribution, and the Prophecy College in Jerusalem… I marvel and believe. Shalom to all.

  35. My brothers and sisters in Jesus; Things to do to be save and to meet the Lord in his second coming are :-
    1) Praying with confession and thanks giving God will give us the “STRENGTH” to go safely through all the troubles.(please read – Luke 21:34-36)
    2) “BIBLE READING” and “OBEY” them;God will cover us with his wings to overcome the tests that are coming into this world – example “666″.(please read – Revelation 3:10).Yes surely we will go safely through and to stand before the Son of Man!!. “Amen”

    Please do not go for the lust of this world,because it will be the totally opposite to be save.Just like in the time of Noah;People were marrying and drinking and all were destroyed by the flood except Noah and his 7 families because they were focusing and obey God’s command.(please read-Mathew 24:37-39)
    The Messenger.

  36. I am so blessed to have found Endtime Ministries! I just ordered the dvd set of Understanding the End Times and the magazine..very excited!

  37. Will the us. Be with Israel or will we be with satin in the Armageddon I pray we will be with Israel for I love them with my hole heart for with out them we would not have Jesus we would not have the Bible for it came thru them from GOD and JESUS CHRIST amen.

  38. I believe we are in the endtime also. The reason the United States spending does not concern so many in the Obama Administration is that they know a new currency is coming. It is already in the process. It will be a world currency.

  39. Your proposed instructions to the Jews to flee to Jerusalem is very disturbing to me. I read Matt.24:16 to mean they should flee to the mountains away from Jerusalem. I see your instructions directing the Jews to the slaughter. Jordan is not to come under the control of the anti-christ. Why wouldn’t your warning tell them to flee there? Your rational and references are greatly desired.

    Trusting in the Lord of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

    O. David Farrar

    • One thing to understand is that although the Antichrist will be revealed at the abomination of desolation in Jerusalem, that does not mean he will be in Jerusalem while he reigns. The Antichrist is going to rule elsewhere. He could rule from the United Nations or from the EU which is where he will come out of. He will not rule in Jerusalem because Israel is protected during the tribulation and the Antichrist comes against Israel at the Battle of Armageddon. Zechariah tells us that all nations will be gathered against Jerusalem to battle. So once the abomination of desolation occurs and the Jews are instructed to flee to the mountains, the Antichrist will not be in Jerusalem.

      Dealing specifically with “the mountains,” there is not a specific place that this phrase refers to. That entire region is mountainous. The Israeli settlements in Judea are established on mountain tops. When the Jews in Judea are instructed to flee to the mountains, they are to flee to safety and refuge. This could be to any of the mountains in that region. However, the safest place for them to flee to is Jerusalem. Biblically, Jerusalem is a part of Judea, which was the southern kingdom. Jerusalem will be the safest place for the Jews in Judea to flee to ultimately. This is why we are establishing a prophecy college in Jerusalem. God bless.

  40. I trust and believe in you that what Holy Spirit says. We are living in the endtimes. Just like in the days of Lot, Lot was invited to move out from Sodom and Gommorah. We are waiting for the invitation from the Lord. Thank you God bless.

  41. Its time to focussed as christians,prepared for the endtime. Thanks to GOD for Irvin Baxter and the Endtime team.

  42. Hello, I wanted to come on here and ask a question since I have tuned in to some of the programs on tbn and everyday look over the answers you have given on ur website. I love your programs! So informative! I wanted to know want I should be doing right now, and when the tribulation happens what I should do?? and the situations that are happening with syria and the middle east now, how close could the tribulation be? I know there is no definite answer but I’d like to know from the things that you see now, what you all think. I just want to know what I should be doing to prepare and also what will happen to me? I live here in the U.S.
    Thanks for reading!
    Again I do enjoy ur program and pray that you continue your ministry!

    • As far as preparation goes, we are first encouraging people to be Biblically born again. Once a person has done that they must trust in God above everything else. Matthew 6:33 says if we seek first His kingdom and righteousness that God will supply our necessities. If you want to physically prepare that is fine to do. Just be sure never to put more trust in what you have than what God can do. Right now should be a time of outreach and revival. Since we have been so blessed to take part in this wonderful salvation, we should be telling others about it so that they too can live eternally with Jesus Christ. God bless.

  43. Thks for letting the world knw including the xtians most xtians Don’t read them too Don’t n most Pastors dont preach end times (Rev)
    God bless your ministries

  44. Greetings to you all brothers and sisters,is this great tribulation the AWFUL HORROR” in Mathew 24:15-20 and also in Joel 2:1-11,the army of God the Locusts that will attack the city?

    Have a blessed reading.


  45. Jesus ‘ coming is the end of all things and the beginning of all evil. What we must do is to stand our ground in Christ Jesus through his eternal spirit. God bless you.

  46. My Aunt had a dream of goin to shopping in utah right on main and u could see captial on top of the hill in Utah. She entered jcpennys with her daughter. then out they came, A flood of Blood poured down on main street. She awoke and called her daughter about it. Her daughters amazement, she responded by saying ” Mom i had the same dream last night”

    my mother shared that dream with me, and she always asked what i thought it meant, hence we both are dream interpreters. I told her that Main street represents Utah. That the heart of Utah which is SLC will go down in amassed blood. I looked back and remembered this info, that USA will be divided into 3 parts, one of the worlds largest faultline is Wasatch front, upon the moon is stationed with a huge laser gun that will strike the heart of wasatch front to do the most damage. This is private vision that i cannot divulge. So the western part of Utah is broken from the eastern part of nevada, diagonally from Oregon and above tearing down across the 2 states down to Texas and Az. Thats where it will divide and turn into seas twix those states. The larger break, as opposed to the eastern part. It will be like spidery break (thinner) area on the northeastern part. I came across 5 different visioned drawings of USA maps that are eeriely similar to each other. I have one similar to the 5 drawings that resulted from a private member of someone close to me that shared this map with many of us. So all those drawings are correct for those that recieved it. Its for them to go where God wants u to go! Hence like the one i have is for us and those weve shared with.

    Theres so much more info i have but not sure if i should keep on, lol, granted theres many of us that would like to have space to share our testimonies.
    Bless u all~

    • It can be a struggle to know what to do when God gives you a dream I have made the mistake of telling the wrong person about some dreams.This is so interesting I have seen several of those maps myself i’m not sure which one is the best

      • Now ,I’ll tell one of my Dreams, I dreamed the USA was Destroyed An Air plane had taken off ,the driver of this plane was former president Clinton. In the plane was also Obama .and as for me, well I was viewing everything from over head .I seen the plane crash, former president Clinton ,stayed sitting calmly in the plane, he had crashed, while president Obama, gets out, he is wearing a white shirt folded at the sleeves waving back as if to be waving back at the people , but there was no people! In his hand was a large white bag and somehow I know in this bag is all the money he has stolen from the American people and he smiling. I also have a sense of some one saying there is nobody to go back in to help the people left in the U.S.A. Then I a woke .I had this dream about 3 years ago now.

  47. I had 2-3 recurring vision of 4 horsemen, the most recent dreams. i was avoiding it and i had the key to be able to escape. Then at every wake, id forget what the key represented. So i knew that God was telling me to wait til the right time comes, that i will have the key.
    also I had 8 recurring vision of seeing the sky filled with Jesus’ Angels and himself head on with Devil and his minions battling amongst the “myth” vomited by earth of Unicorns, Bigfoot, ufo, fairies, All the rest thats been told.
    Another 2 recurring visions of A cabin i reside on mtntop. I see far below me upon shores of amassed mansions on beachfront. Give or take 50-80 miles downhill. I saw across the sea quite far, maybe 30-50 miles out from the beach. ON the right of sea i see an island a mountain top blew in a volcanic scenic. Affecting the sea into a tsunami coming towards me, that looked like it can be about 1-10 mile high. I ran to the back of my cabin and jumped into my truck and peeled uphill with someone by my side. then not long after i felt that tsunami should have wiped us out by now. I returned back to my cabin and found that it was safe and now that i have the mountain and beach front. The sea stopped a mere 8-10 feet from the front of my home!
    Another vision of cabin perched on mtntop. With same type of vision of seeing the sky filled with battle like watching tv and i spied a huge ufo going past overhead from the front of my cabin.

    I know that its right around the corner. Im so glad to know that i will be residing in a far away place and having my own backyard to mountains and front view of beach.

  48. There is a problem that I cannot find an answer to. Please help me. The problem regards the timing of the Tribulation period. Jesus states in all three of the gospel accounts of the Tribulation period, that all the terrible things He warned was going to happen occur “before the people now living have all died” Matthew 24:34, Mark 13:30, and Luke 21:32. This from the Good News Bible (Today’s English Version). All three gospel accounts of the Tribulation End Times contain this phrase, stating that the events of the Tribulation period would be witnessed by the people living at His time. According to Jesus, the Tribulation has already happened, probably in AD 70 when the Roman general Titus invaded and sacked Jerusalem, and destroyed the Temple. If Jesus meant the Tribulation period occurred in AD 70, then what is all this fuss about the ‘coming Tribulation’? When Jesus stated that those living at His time would witness the Tribulation before they all died, then the Tribulation has already occurred. Does anyone have any ideas on how to deal with this conundrum? Thank you.

    • Jesus taught the tribulation would begin after the event called the abomination of desolation. That event has not happened and it certainly did not happen in 70AD. God bless.

      • Thank you for your reply. If, as you say, the abomination of desolation has not occurred yet, then that means that the people living at the time of Jesus are still alive because Jesus stated in Matthew 24:32, Mark 13:30, and Luke 21:32 (per Good News Bible-Today’s English Version) “Remember that all these things will happen before the people now living have all died”. Yet we know that they are all dead. That is what makes this the conundrum that it is. Please help!

        • It is important to take this verse in its correct context. Jesus gives an illustration of when we see certain things happen we know that summer is nigh. Jesus followed this up by saying this generation shall not pass. What generation? The generation that sees these things that have been mentioned. Also it does not mean that people will not die once they see events such as the abomination of desolation. It is giving us a general idea of how close we are to the second coming once these events spoken of begin to occur. God bless.

  49. As Christians we should all be praying for what is happening in the middle east, all events are setting the stage for the final battle. We should all be praying for all Jews in Jerusalem that they will heed the warning signs and pay attention to what is happening. Me and my family saw Mr. Baxter in Apopka, Fl and have bought his DVD’s, and believe me, words cannot describe what we heard from listening to Mr. Baxter. Bless him and his calling to spread the word to everyone.

  50. Maybe I misunderstood when you were talking on Matt.24, when Jesus was speaking of the abomination of desolation. You said when those in Judea here this they should go to Jerusalem. Jerusalem is part of Judea. Why should they go there? Jesus said to head for the mountains.

    Can you please explain? Thank you.

    • Dealing specifically with “the mountains,” there is not a specific place that this phrase refers to. That entire region is mountainous. The majority of Israeli settlements in Judea are established on mountain tops. When the Jews in Judea are instructed to flee to the mountains, they are to flee to safety and refuge. This could be to any of the mountains in that region. However, the safest place for them to flee to is Jerusalem. Biblically, Jerusalem is a part of Judea, which was the southern kingdom. Jerusalem will be the safest place for the Jews in Judea to flee to ultimately. This is why we are establishing a prophecy college in Jerusalem. I hope this helps you.

  51. I recieved my first ENDTIME Magazine this week and I could not put it down until I finished it. I am greatful for the knowledge that GOD has entrusted with Bro. Baxter to share with the world. He answers questions that I have wondered about for years and didn’t understand.

  52. Thank you me Baxter, I’m from jos, Nigeria. We started watching your DVD on understanding the endtime in our church, known as the parliament. It is amazing how those prophecies are coming to pass in our day, and also how all those things were being done without the church knowing or understanding. I thank God for raising a man like you to reveal to us these things that are taking place. I pray that the children of God will continue to remain faithful till that time Christ comes to rule and reign over all the earth.

  53. I’m unclear if there is a rapture (snatching away) of the Bride of Christ (the church) dove tailed in before the 7 years of tribulation. We watch your tv program but have not heard you mention a Rapture of the church. Love your TV program and the current events tie in…beam me up Jesus, we are ready!

  54. This is wonderful what End Time Magazine and the TV broadcasts are attempting to do to help the Jewish people. The Lord is so merciful to His people. He spoke to you, Irwin to do this and you will be blessing to them indeed. I cannot contribute the amounts requested but I will send a gift. God Bless!

  55. i beleive mr. baxter is blessed by our savior for
    understanding the prophesies of the end of age.
    he follows the bible and will tell you when somthing
    is his opinion or what he beleives what our savior
    is showing him. we must pray that our lord and savior
    show us or allow us to understand the great prophesies
    also as we study and see current events unfold.
    let us not foresake to pray and stand up for all our
    brothers and sisters being prosecuted around the globe
    today. the time is coming that the world is hating the
    christains. but that is ok because our savior told us the
    world hated him first. GOD bless all of my brothers and sisters
    and GOD bless mr. baxter

  56. I would like Magazine again also! ~ This nation is not humbling itself and praying, rather it is continually doing evil with same-sex marriage, abortion rights, killing babies in strollers and on & on; my husband says there is nothing new under the sun & all of this has been done before. A lot of people don’t even want to talk about EndTimes but I do believe that there are those of us who want to and are on watch for His 2nd Coming! Praise the Lord!

    • Karen: I so agree with what you have said! I don’t understand why Christians don’t realize what is going on and how soon the Second Coming is. It reminds me of “those left behind”, even churches… Praise GOD for the knowledge he has given Pastor Baxter to let us know and understand what is to come!!!

  57. Salvation is in Acts 2:38 and you have to be born again of the water and spirit also those who are saved will be raptured before the Battle of Armageddon and the Mark of the Beast

    • Rev. 3:10 Jesus is saying to the church since you have kept my command to endure patiently I JESUS will keep you “the church” from the hour of trial that is going to come upon the whole world to test those who live on the earth. The seven letters to the churches in Asia minor are for the churches through the ages even now, Five letters are warnings and two are directed to faithfulness. Altogether if we stand corrected and faithful to Christ we will receive the eternal gifts mentioned at the end of each letter. This body of believers will be lifted out of here and with its absent will usher in the anti-Christ. We as the church are holding this from happening. In God’s time we will be gone and then judgement and tribulation will begin for the wicked and those that won’t accept Christ’s free gift of salvation. Rev.3:10 is the KEY that ties together all the scripture related to the church “the Bride of Christ” of being caught up with him in a twinkling of an eye to meet him in the clouds. Not at the end of tribulation. Jesus literally says we’re gone before the trials come on the whole world.

  58. Thank you Mr. Baxter-we are I believe watching the setting up of exactly that and several other prophesies you have taught us about concerning Damascus Isaiah 17, concerning the 6th Trumpet and the three frogs of the Euphrates river and more ! Get Irving Baxter’s Endtime Prophesy 14 DVD set TODAY and share them with your family and friends. You won’t be disappointed with the value, the information, the understanding and you WILL be peaceful and confident in your future. Do it today !

  59. I think this is really great my goodness! This is so bold and if this is from the Lord then all of us have to stand with you in prayer and also those who can afford it, in giving sacrificially to this project. Be blessed. Shalom shalom

  60. I have studied and read Revelation, Matthew 24 and Daniel so many times, along with B.H. Carroll’s commentaries on the English Bible.

    One thing puzzles me. Where is Hitler in New Testament prophecy? I think about things that Jesus said ‘except the time be shortened it would destroy even the very elect . The complete period of World War II was very close to 7 years. The days were shortened when Truman ordered the atom bombs over Hiroshima and Nagisaki.

    Three years after the end of World War II in 1945, Israel became a nation in 1948.

    In B.H. Carroll’s commentary he stated he was asked when the end of the world would come (around 1908). He answered that we knew it would be a long time because Israel would have to become a nation first. He had no idea this would take place only 40 years later.

    It is hard for me to believe that God would not include Hitler’s atrocities and persecution of the Jews and Christians, the burning of the Bible, the starving, medical experimentation, execution and deaths of 61 million people would take place. I am beginning to believe World War II was the great tribulation and we are now close to Christ’s return and the final war when God pours out his wrath on nonbelievers and the evil nations.

    I think some of these prophecies have been confused and overlap in the New Testament, especially in Jesus’ statements in Matthew 24.

    • Hi Cherry. I was just reading your post and would like to ask you if therefore Hitler was the antichrist? The only flaw in that argument is that he made no covenant with the Jews, which is a major point of Daniel’s 7 years. Also, the antichrist makes war with the believers and overcomes them. This suggests that it was bigger than the Jews, but involves each one of us. Interested in your response. Yours in Christ, Marg Dennett.

    • Hitler isn’t relevant to the prophecy, he neither adds nor takes away anything from the bible. The Abomination of Desolation is included cause it is a sign post to the end the quickly approaches. If there are 365,000 Jews on the west bank, and say almost all of them are wiped out over night or in a few days; that would make Hitler look like an amateur.

    • it is not possible for the time of hitler to be that period. if you read daniel, it says a 7 year peace treaty will be made. israel was not a country and a peace deal was not made. john kerry is working on a peace deal now. the other reason hitlers time could not be it because it say that during that time, the temple will be built and war will break out. 1/3rd of all mankind will die. right now that would be just over 2 billion people. im not out to prove you wrong brother. im out to help. when we study, we must look at all the signs, not just one or two and say that it has already happened in my opinion. during that 7 year peace deal, the anti christ will declare he is god in the third temple and everyone must worship him or die. that hasnt happened yet. last, it makes mention that when the 7yr peace deal is made, it will be the last 7yrs of earth. Jesus will come back around the 7 year mark. i wish you well brother.

      • Indeed.. besides, believing that what Jesus had said has already happened would make us fall into preterism, the belief that things such as recorded in Matthew 24 have already happened, and as of yet the sun has not been darkened, stars have not withdrawn their shining, the powers of heaven have not been shaken yet, abomination of desolation hasn’t happened yet, etc. earthquakes, wars, rumors of wars, persecution of the saints, and such things have been happening since the times of the apostles. Peace be to you all.

  61. The United States will be attacked and will be severely wounded.
    The Nation has severe internal bleeding and cannot continue to function. When the enemies see they have infiltrated all the points of key military strongholds, they will bring down the Eagle to the Ground and remove us from the place of historical importance. Now is the time for individuals to Draw near for their redemption draws neigh. Jesus Brings us to His Father and The Holy Mother Mary Brings those without Christ to Her Son By The Grace and Mercy of The one dwelling Richly in her, The Holy Spirit. Today is the accepted time . . Today is the day of salvation. Commit your Works unto the Lord and your thoughts will be established, not the other way around according to Proverbs. Pray The Rosary and the Holy Virgin espoused into the Trinity which brought Forth the Messiah will enable you to mortify the flesh and create a clean heart in You Through Obedience and giving you the ability to present yourself faultless before Christ So Justification can take place by the work on Calvary. We are not saved by our works, we are saved by our Faith! but faith without works is death and repentance is the true sign of Faith. Repentance without works is like Christ giving us Salvation without the Cross! Amen! God Bless you! and Save You by Your Faith and Love for Him!

    • I believe Mary has nothing to do with this…and praying to the rosary is an idol thing…It is said in the Bible that God doesn’t hear repeated prayers…and praying to Christ’s mother is not sanctioned by God who has said, let no idols be worshipped before me…Mary was a blessed woman who was given the honored gift of giving birth to Christ, but she is not to be worshiped in the manner that is suggested…one gets grace by believing in Jesus and his Father…ONLY!

      • Jesus is our high priest. We are not allowed to confess our sins to an earthly priest. He is not able to forgive sins.

      • You are right Siqouia, Mary was neve part of the God-head and is never to be worshipped, I believe there were other virgins in that town, she was picked amongst many and that was an honour and also an opportunity given to her. Mary was just a vessel!

      • I totally agree with that too, she was an instrument to God and he loved her, but her work was done when she conceived Jesus Christ.

        • Yes, The Virgin Mary was a chosen vessel 2 give BIRTH 2 our Messiah, Virgin Mary was told she would conceive by the Holy spirit, and Joseph was told 2 name our Messiah-JESUS

    • im not sure what you are getting at with the holy virgin. she was just a vessel. she can not save anyone. she was just a human tool and nothing more. she was not a virgin when she died. study the bible please. do not study religion. religion is death. god doesnt want religion, he wants a relationship with us. Jesus said, no one can come to the father but through me. no one can enter by praying to mary. praying to mary is no different than praying to a golden calf.

      • Well said, James. Poor Mary would be so distraught if she could see how people are treating her these days. She would be the first to say that she was just a virgin girl when the Holy Ghost came upon her. It is Satanic, actually. It detracts from Jesus’ flesh, He was born as a man, lived as a man, and went through those insufferable agonies for our salvation on the cross, AS A MAN. So now He completely understands our trials because He was born from God to a human being. A gorgeous and gutsy little girl, but still a human being. If Jesus had two deities as parents, where is the humanity in that?

  62. Do you have the holy ghost?, and can you speak in tongues? This also was spoken of in the bible. If you don’t,you are not saved and will not be going to heaven until you are saved.

    • how about when one speaks in ‘tongues’ that the tongue is the different languages that abound throughout the world now —not this gibberish that is a so called gift from God…
      If God wanted us to speak in mystical tongues He would have given us the gift to understand what He is trying to tell us…What good is tongues for God when you can’t understand what God is trying to teach???
      He is not mystical in that manner…He wants ALL of us to be saved and live a holy life that He knows will make us ALL blessed in love and peace!

    • Jesus said, I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. It is good to receive the “gift” of the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues, it builds up your most holy faith. But it is not a prerequisite for Salvation. Salvation is of Jesus Christ alone. Joh 15:26 But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me:
      1Jn 5:6 This is he that came by water and blood, even Jesus Christ; not by water only, but by water and blood. And it is the Spirit that beareth witness, because the Spirit is truth.
      1Jn 5:7 For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.
      1Jn 5:10 He that believeth on the Son of God hath the witness in himself:
      So you see, everyone who is saved, God gives the Holy Spirit to dwell in him/her. This is not the “gift of the Holy Spirit” with evidence of tongues, that is something that comes later if you ask for it. You must be a saved person to ever get the “gift” of the Holy Spirit, the gift of tongues. It is needed very much by every Christian, especially in these days and times, but it is not a prerequisite for Salvation.

    • All who call on the name of Jesus, believing He is the only way for Salvation, repenting of their sin with a contrite heart asking for forgiveness will be saved from eternal punishment.

    • I have the spirit of God living with in me and I speak in the tongue of the English language. If I need to speak in another tongue, God will provide me with an interpreter.

  63. i am only using this (blog) to contact you, Irvin. I do have your secretary contact info when you came with her and your daughter to NYC at a Spanish church. That is how I am on your mailing list. Please pray and ask God about meeting me. If you are on facebook. Please ask God about fasting from it while asking Him if this outlet/social media or anything else dishonors Him. Glory to the most high God of IsraEl!

  64. There will be a war Coming up for i saw it in the dream multi thousands of ppl were put to dead. Foreigners were going back to their countries here in US n i was told to tell ppl to have their two passports ready wth their tickets. One for Heaven n one to their country n Americans citizens to have their passports ready to flee anywhere til the battle is over. Whether this the Amagendo world war III i Don’t know. I was not told in the dream. But i do know war is Coming. n am going to Israel wth my whole family according to the dream. even though it wasn’t clear whether we were visiting israel or we were moving for good but we had all our luggage n dat is Coming to Pass. n so i agree wth u mostly

  65. God’s word will come to pass.
    They told Jesus he’s a liar he can’t be the Son of God. That didn’t stopped him becoming the Son of God nor the prophesy being fulfilled!

  66. I have several of your DVDs and have learned a lot. Thanks. After reading other comments on this page, my thought was that there are Christians in Israel already who could do this….and more Jews are coming to Jesus all the time, so maybe they do know…..but follow what God tells you.

  67. Praise the LORD for giving you the wisdom to offer these above incentives for those who love Israel and didn’t know how to help them in these critical times!

  68. First I wlll say that I also think there may be another “holocaust” of sorts, as well as perilous persecution for all beleivers worldwide. I dont think you can say that “Jews” wouldnt know about it, and I would think twice before giving this man money to go and tell them. It may be a New testament prophesy, but it is a reference to Daniel, Jeremiah, and other scriptures. The abomination of Desloation can be found in Daniel 11:31. and 12:11. Many Jews are aware of a time called “Jacob’s trouble” which is spoken of in Jeremiah 30, and are watching for it. Additionally the text in Matthew 24:15 says “those in Judea”, it doesn’t specifically say “jews”. All need to hear the FULL GOSPEL of the restoration of the Kingdom through Messiah Yeshua, including the “Church” , in Him is salvation, in Him is repentance and restoration. We need to prepare for the tribulation which is coming upon the earth, we need to help others prepare by sharing the truth and making disciples (followers of the way of Yeshua).

    • Syona, I know we all come from our own experiences and knowledge, but I wonder how Irvin blessing Israel could be a negative. If you will give him some time, you may see his heart. Telling what we believe is the absolute TRUTH is loving others, and Irvin is guilty of loving Israel—-for years. I don’t like these sites much because they can be such downers. I have given Irvin a good amount of time before I could trust his heart and wisdom. Time could open up things for all of us, don’t you think?

  69. And to anyone that doesn’t know. The leadership of Israel are satanic occultists. They belong to the illuminati. I’m not against Jews. So don’t take it that way. I’m against the devil and the evil he brings. The star of David in fact is not its real name. It is the star of Solomon and was used during his worship of false gods like Jupiter among many others. It is the single most satanic witch craft symbol on the planet. It is used to conjure up demons. Look up a guy named John Todd on utube about the symbols of the illuminati and witchcraft. It might surprise you. The so called star of David is called a hexagon. Its where the word to put a hex on you came from. It is a 6 pointed star with 6 sides and has 6 triangles. Or 666

  70. I don’t want to sound rude or out of place but this is the first thing I have seen you post that was the farthest thing from what Jesus was talking about. The great tribulation will happen to all Christianity. Not just Jews in Judea. When the desolation of abomination.occures, everyone will be forced to worship the beast by receiving his mark or be put to death. As a teacher, you must be exstreamly careful what you put out there for you will be judged if giving false information and leading the flock astray. I love you brother but please be careful what you teach and make 100 percent sure that it is as accurate as possible with all the inmormation given to you from the bible. When you bring up topics from revelations put it out as you are giving an opinion and not as fact. I watched a thing you put on TV as if you knew for sure that some of the trumpets have already blown based on worm word or Chernobyl. There is a star heading this way right now that they named worm word. Just be careful what you preach. For you will be held accountable if your wrong. God Bless.

    • James, please site references to your ‘claims’. If a star is headed our way it would take out the planet earth. You have several errors on your post as well. Please research

    • At least he is trying to get the word out, and he has been pretty accurate so far…

      I KNOW he will not be held responsible for his info for he is speaking from his heart and what he believes and interprets…and God is not dumb…He sees Baxter’s heart and judges him for that…

      he is no different than all the other ‘teachers’ such as Hal Lindsey who I believe had his finger on the future with his book “the Late great planet earth.” both teachers are not claiming to be prophets but teachers…and teachers teach what they feel is correct.

      .I am an art teacher and have made mistakes but when I saw the error of my ways, I have corrected it when I was shown the correct way…teachers are human, and only go by what they see and believe.

      .I am sure also that if the info is wrong they will admit this…as I’ve seen Baxter do several times..

      .so give him a break…

  71. Jesus’ prediction will come true. Many Jews will be slaughtered in Israel. Hezbollah alone has approximately 50,000 rockets aimed at Israeli cities. The IDF “iron dome” defence system will not be able to handle the 5-10,000 rockets per day that will be fired. Then there’s Hamas in Gaza that will attack. So will Syria. But most fearful will be Iran. When Iran is ready to nuke Israel, an IDF pre-emptive strike will start the last conflagration. There will be massive Iranian retaliation, and the attacks mentioned above.
    Iran thinks that the conflagration will bring about the end of days and the coming of the last Imam, the Mahdi.

    But we here delude ourselves if we take comfort in thinking that the middle east only is where bad things will happen. Terrorism will abound everywhere. North American will be hit in numerous cities. Imagine a simple but extensive hydro blackout. No heat; no safe pumped water; no money–ATM;s wont’ work, and bank computers won’t work. Food will all spoil. Service stations can’t pump gasoline. Computers won’t work, and smart phones won’t work. We will be thrown into the dark ages. There will be civil disorder, with roving violent gangs looking for food and shelter. People will be beaten, raped and murdered. Police will be helpless. Even with standby generators, for as long as they last, nuclear blasts and toxic radiation will kill millions and they will wipe out computer memory. Unsanitary conditions will create epidemics.

    That’s when our faith will be challenged to the utmost. We will understand and think of Job. We will beg for help from God and plead for Jesus, Messiah, or some divine intervention.

    Will it happen? I believe so. But there will have to be a good honest righteous advocate who pleads for mankind because God will want to shrug and give up on mankind, his wayward ungrateful sinful children.
    That advocate who convinces God to spare humanity even if there is one righteous person on earth–will enable the merger of the world that is with the world to come. I’m Jewish, and I love evangelical Christians. I strongly suspect that Jesus will turn out to have been the Messiah all along.

    • Arnold, We, evangelical Christians love you to. The good and righteous advocate you speak of is in fact our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Can there be any doubt who he is after so many of your Jewish prophets predicted His coming. One of the more specific ones is Zechariah 9:9. You will want to kake your faith one step further. Don’t just “strongly suspect that jesus will turn out to be the Messiah…”,
      you can know for sure. Simply bow your head before an almighty God, Confwss that you are a sinner, you want to turn from your sin and invite Jesus into your heart to save your soul, and he will do it.

    • Arnold, I would caution you to be careful about what happens in Israel. The Book of Revelation in the New Testament explains much about what Yeshua will do to the surrounding muslim nations who have tormented Israel. Islam believes in a Jesus (Isa), but he is not the Messiah; however, many are going to believe what he says. According to islam their jesus is going to come back and tell the Christians and Jews that we were all wrong and should follow the Madhi (the muslim messiah), and worship allah, and then their Isa dies. Just be aware that many will come saying Yeshua is there, Yeshua is here…Yeshua, Himself, warned his disciples (and us) in Matthew 24:23-27 Then if anyone says to you, Behold, here is the Christ, or There He is, do not believe him. For false Christs and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect (born again believers). Behold, I have told you in advance. If therefore they say to you, Behold, He is in the wilderness, do not go forth, or, Behold, He is in the inner rooms, do not believe them. FOR JUST AS THE LIGHTNING COMES FROM THE EAST, AND FLASHES EVEN TO THE WEST, SO SHALL THE COMING OF THE SON OF MAN (YESHUA) BE. Yeshua Hamashiach! If you want to know the truth and are seeking the truth…you just have to pray and ask God to reveal who the Messiah is. The Bible says you will find Him when you seek Him with all your heart, mind, and soul. Jesus is a Jew and salvation was for the Jew first (which was who the original disciplies were, and who they shared the good news of Yeshua with) and then to the rest of us. How great a love God has for us in that only the innocent blood of sinless Yeshua could cover the sins of the whole world, redeem us, and reconcile us to Himself. Just like in Moses’ time when the Jews put lambs blood over the doorpost and lintel of their houses so that when God’s angel passed over, when he saw the lamb’s blood, he passed over those houses and they were spared from God’s wrath. Jesus is the lamb that was slain, and when we accept Him as the Messiah, we are symbolically covered by the Lamb’s innocent blood and God no longer sees our sins, He says they are as far away as the east is from the west. He will never pour out His wrath upon those of us hidden in the shadow of His wings.

      I am so sorry for what past so-called Christians did to the Jews in blaming them for Jesus death on the Cross, and killing many Jews and persecuting them for that. I know that attitude among many so-called Christians is still like that today, which is a shame. It wasn’t the Jews who put Yeshua on the Cross, it was all of the sins of mankind that nailed Him to the Cross. The Bible says, that God so loved the world that He GAVE His only begotten Son, that whosoever should believe in Him should not die, but have eternal life. Just as islam cannot force people to believe in allah, so Christians should never have tried to force anyone to believe in Yeshua. It is God who opens our hearts and our eyes to see who He is when we search for Him.

      • Michel,
        Very good word. Very good. May the LORD bless you for your wisdom of the word and for your love and compassion as you speak to others standing up for what is right.

    • For many years now I have know that there will come a time when the earth will be in total caos. I know that one day the things that we depend on such as lights, heat, phone and tv will be gone. Stores will be closed and empty and we as the people of God will have to depend on Him to sustain us. I am aware that it will be a dangerous world and that there will be gangs looking for food as well as hungry animal in the streets. Money will be useless and as the Word says the rich will be throwing their “gold” into the streets because it won’t buy anything. We are learning now how to trust in God in our everyday lives and will learn even more as we go into WW111. As his people He will see us through.
      I know that the tribulation will begin in Judea but then it will spread to all of the church as antichrist will come after not only the Jews but after Christians too. But I also believe that many miracles will be done by our God during these times to soon come. Its all in the bible.
      I want to thank Mr. Baxter his end time broadcast. Many of the things he has said have supported what I already knew and some have explained confusing things to me. I’m still not sure if the trumpets have sounded because I was looking for that to be world wide and not regional events. Whether it has happened or is yet to happen on a larger scale is yet to be seen in the future.
      The important thing is to hold on to the hand of Jesus and he will see us through. The Word says that some of us are destined to prison and some are destined to die during the tribulation ahead. But it also says that those of us who know our God will shine as lights in the darkness.
      God bless you Arnold and yours during the time to come. Pray for all of us. Thank God for the Jewish people!

    • Arnold,surely the merciful One will turn ur suspicion into believing and trusting that JESUS really is HE.and thou shalt surely be saved from all these tribulations that are imminent upon the world and upon HIS people Israel.

  72. I thank you Dave,Anthony, and Irvin for all you do to keep us that are following the events that are happening and helping us to stay informed. My husband and I wouldn’t and don’t get this from our church and spiritual tv program ,they don’t talk about these things. So thank you. Keep looking up,Jesus will be here soon. We are praying for you

  73. I hear and understand what you are talking about, I know that the written prophesies of God will and are coming to pass. I have all of the End-time Ministries tapes and have followed your teachings. Mr. baxter I rate you as a man of God, giving the people “truth.” Further, I know that God is working everything (his plans) to come together. I am asking question, for my knowledge: The Logo of the College has a picture of the New temple which is to be built. The money is need to pay off the building. Why would Israel or shall I say the Temple Institute allow you to go fourth with this teaching of Warning; Salvation through Jesus Christ and the fact that you are a Christian Minister using the entire Bible, OT & NT. Being that its members do not acknowledge Yeshua as messiah. I cannot help but think that this is away for the Temple Institute to gain more funding for the bldg. of the 3rd. Temple.

    And on a personal note I am Black American women, who paid attention to the conspiracy of the Global Elite and the secret societies; and all that has been done behind the scenes of Government: depopulation, genocide, world wars, monetary corruption and the dehumanization of third world countries, Native Americans and African/Black Americans. You speak about the next Holocaust facing the Jewish people and the help that is needed to save them from a repeat of history. I ask my God, Yahweh, What about those who are not Jewish, the gentiles? I know our salvation is in Yeshua, but is there no one caucasian, anglo saxon, European that would acknowledge the evil that was done and continue to be done to Minorities;
    In a public forum or magazine? You have eyes to see, but you see not! So-called Christians who refuse to see the truth! I guess Yeshua said it on the cross, Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do!

    I believe in God, Yahweh; Yeshua & the Ruach haKodesh I Love Elohim with all my heart, mind, soul and body and I love my neighbor as myself. I am sadden by the bias of Christians, they have abused the term.
    But I continue to pray for them, even the Jewish people who are bias, still stiff necked and say all manor of evil against people of color. I am a believer and follower of Yeshua/Jesus Christ. I will think about helping you. I do respect your ministry, which I pray has not turned the tied. God Bless, Lucinda.

    • Hello,

      I have watched your show on and off and I usually learn good information from it concerning the end times. However, I must inform you that the picture that you show for the patriarch Abraham is not the correct one. Also, the photo that you show concerning Jesus with His hands pierced is not correct. Abraham was not a fair skinned man. He originally was called out of Ur of the Chaldeans which is a very hot place. The heat index there is very high to reemphasize. The man that you show with a turban would definitely get skin cancer. For, Abraham was a “black” man. The skin in that race has a built in sun screen (i.e. melanin). So, it would make more sense the people whom Yahweh chose to inhabit those areas to have dark skin to survive. Jesus’ or Yahushua’s wrist areas were pierced by large nails. The palms of his hands were not pierced. For, the nails would rip right through His flesh from the weight of His body as He hung on the cross. To add, He too was a black man since He had to come from the lineage of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Judah, etc.
      Now, to address the second Holocaust of the Jews, a lot of “black” people are becoming aware in the west that they are the true chosen children of Yahweh and are immigrating to Israel. Some are coming from the south. So, Israel is filling up with the true ones. If there is going to be a Holocaust it probably would be against them. For, they are hated all over the world. They are persecuted wherever they live. When the first Holocaust occurred, a lot of “blacks” lived in the southern parts of Europe. They were affected too. Some were heavily mixed, so they looked like an Anne Frank, or a Freda (look up her name). Some royals of certain European countries had to flee hiding their bloodline (“black” blood/blue blood).
      Satan hates “black” people because the spiritual position they represent. They are the “BABAH” of Yah’s eyes. So, he would use slavery, racism, apartheid, civil rights era and hollyweird against them. The $500.00 that you are asking for to help the ones in Judea to flee to Jerusalem is incomprehensible to me. What is that all about?
      Deuteronomy 28:68, Lamentations with the emphasis of 5:10 and Leviticus 26: 14-44 are prophecies concerning the “black” people.

    • Lucinda, you are my sister in Christ and I love you as I love myself. You make valid points about circumstances in a fallen world. I too have felt the harsh judgement of being the only minority in the room. I was accused of stealing money during a party just because I was the only one. Please note: I am a Caucasian American woman. I my husband is Hispanic. I personally have witnessed discrimination toward white, black, Native American and hispanic people from even within their own ethnic groups. The point being, this is a fallen world and the enemy is doing his best work in this area. Since those people at the party didn’t know me, I decided that I couldn’t take it personally, and you mustn’t either. Let go of the personal hurt and indignation and cast your cares on Jesus. There are a lot of people standing up for the these people. Many of them are camouflaged as missionaries. You probably won’t find them taking the credit on a national level or boasting about what they are doing, but they are there.

      One of the things I do is help raise money for local youth mariachi band. This year we even got it as part of the curriculum in the high school. Another one that I have supported in the past is to be a mentor for 4th graders. I did that for 3 years. It didn’t cost me anything except my lunch hour twice a month. I had two hispanic kids and a black girl as mentees. I wish as you do that there is more on a national level that can be done, but I look for what I can do in my community. So, here is one anglo-saxon caucasian christian who has eyes to see, and does what she can.

      Numbers 24:9, Genesis 12:3 both advise us that those of us who bless Israel, will be blessed. Those that curse Israel, will be cursed. They are also merely people as well. The act of blessing Israel isn’t necessarily done for their benefit. It really is a contract between you and God. It gives God an avenue to bless you. And it gives you an opportunity to say to God, here I am, blessing Israel, I am waiting in expectation for my blessing.

      Don’t let the enemy steal your peace and joy. They are a birthright when we are born again.

      The sense of pain in your note touched my heart. Dear God,I pray for our sister Lucinda. She has such a burden for those of the world that are down trodden and take advantage of that it is pulling her down. I lift her up to you, wrap your arms around her. Make her to feel safe, warm and loved. Let the world know that there is another champion for the widows and orphans as you have commanded. Please place a hedge of protection around her and those in her life. Bind any evil spirits that may be trying insert its influence in her life. Give her ideas and make her a positive force for improving the lives of everyone she touches. Please show her your face and order her steps so she knows that she is within your will. In Jesus’ precious name. Amen

    • Lucinda,
      You must get past your hatred or unforgiveness to what you think the Jews have done to your people. That is one of the problems there, you see yourself as an individual and your color as a minority. When you accept Jesus as your LORD and savior, you are adopted into the family of God. You are no longer a color, a minority or an individual. God has forgiven all your sins and mistakes, why can’t you forgive all those you are harboring unforgiveness against. Eph 4:31 Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and clamour, and evil speaking, be put away from you, with all malice:
      Eph 4:32 And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you.
      ICor.12:13 for by one Spirit are we all baptized into one body, whether we be Jews or Gentiles, whether we be bond or free; and have been all made to drink into one Spirit.
      Eph.4:4-5 says, The is one body, and one Spirit, one LORD, one faith, and one baptism.
      Lucinda, you are not of your own anymore, you and not black or white nor a minority, you are a child of God now and you should begin to act “that” way. Forgive and be free. Mac

      • Donorris I don’t know which Bible you are using but there is no Daniel chapter 31in the Holy Bible. There must have been a mixup…

      • Also let’s put it in a simple quick synopsis …Did Jesus hate anyone because of their skin tones their beliefs, or the way they looked? Nope…so why can’t we have the same tolerance as Christ?

        this is what Christ’s teaching is all about…

        But..unfortunately this is what we as sinful people CAN’T do now ONLY because Jesus’s word is blocked by Satan…and this is what Christ will eliminate when it’s His time to rule…

    • Lucinda, Romans 3:2 and other places in scripture, states that through the Jews came the Oracles (Word) of God. It was verbally repeated and then written on scrolls and preserved through the ages, through and by the Jewish people. God did that for us through them. We, the gentiles accepted it but most of the Jews rejected it over shown in the Old Testament. Now I believe that is why God has assigned Rev. Baxter to establish this prophecy school. Please do not be suspicious about Rev. Baxter’s motives, I have had a great burden for the Jewish people all of my life and did not understand why until I read and studied for myself what God’s plan has been all along. May God, through His Precious Holy Spirit allow all to see and understand His great plan and give all of us a greater compassion for all people, especially the Jews as we face the days that are coming.

      • Also Lucinda, the money he is receiving through donations is not going to the Temple Institute! Where did you get that idea? It is going to buy space in an office building on the 12th floor. Am I confused or are you?

    • Its because they lack knowledge: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”(Hosea 4:6).

      John said:
      “Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it, because the time is near”(Revelation 1:3).

      Now you know, its up to you…

  74. They are talking about the signing ” now ” aren’t they? What and how will this Abomination be? Hown will we know?

  75. It still behooves me that it has taken a year and a half to get people even weekly church goers to understand that we are on the brink of WWIII. It has taken this long to start getting peoples attention. It makes me wonder that if people (churched and unchurched) have deaf ears, what are they going to do when the mark of the beast comes around.

  76. there is indeed no one like our God.he is the Alpha and Omega,the one that sits between the cherubims,who dwells in an unapproachable lights,the Omnipotent,Omniscient and Omnipresent,jehovah yaweh,Adonnai,Abba father,Eternal rock of ages,the Ancient of days,The lion of the tribe of Judah,The bright and Morning star,God of salvation,The lamb of God, The lilly of the valley,the rose of sharon,the uncreated creator,the unchangeable changer,the bush that burneth but never consumed. Glorg and honour are yours Eternal father, everything you do is in love.

    • AMEN Damen! I am looking forward to praising God through the ages just like you are doing in the comment you posted above. He is Worthy of All of our praise and adoration.

    • I’ve read over the past comments tonight, and I just felt I needed to add my own. I’ve been watching endtimes now for over a year, and it’s very fascinating, wittnessing bible prophecies unfolding before our eyes. I don’t mean to boast, but the Lord has revealed to me that I’m a prophet for the last days, and I have many reasons to believe I am. But I feel I need to share here, is that the Lord has revealed to me who the anti,christ is. He just hasn’t given me the liberty to say who it is. And what I have to share is what the Lord has allowed me to shsre. And that is, that the anti-christ is going to come out of America. People have tried long and hard to persuade me to believe that I’m either the anti-christ, or that I am Jesus. And I’m neither. I’m just a prophet who believes in Jesus. Watching endtimes is a god-send, and I thank God for Pastor Baxter. I can’t get over how relevant the scriptures have become to all of us, who are wittnessing the climax of history and prophecy unfold. God bless all the saints, and may He bless the reading of His word!