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Saudis launch new air strikes on rebels

Rebel positions were targeted in the central cities of Ibb and Taiz, and in Aden and Dalea in the south. Clashes between rebels and militiamen loyal to exiled President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi also continued in Aden. Riyadh said on Tuesday its campaign had achieved its goals, but that military action would continue as needed. The […]

Iranian naval convoy bound for Yemen turns back toward home

Senior US defense officials reported Thursday, April 23, that the Iranian convoy suspected of carrying weapons for Houth rebels in Yemen appeared to have turned around and was heading north toward Iran. Other Pentagon sources were more cautious: “This isn’t over yet,” they said, in reference to a potential showdown shaping up from Monday, when […]

Airstrikes hit Yemen rebels after Saudis say operation over

Saudi-led airstrikes targeted Iran-backed rebels and their allies in Yemen on Wednesday, hours after Riyadh declared an end to a nearly monthlong air campaign that has killed hundreds without dislodging the Shiite rebels in control of the capital and much of the country’s north.   The continuing strikes suggest that the U.S.-backed offensive, aimed at […]

PressTV-‘US preparing ground for war in Ukraine’

Now the whole point of the American involvement in Ukraine, which started with the funding of the coup last year, which overthrew the legitimate government, was to create tension in Ukraine for a long time.   Now Americans failed to grab Crimea, which was the jewel in the crown for them because they wanted that […]

Stumbling to War

AFTER THE Soviet Union collapsed, Richard Nixon observed that the United States had won the Cold War, but had not yet won the peace. Since then, three American presidents—representing both political parties—have not yet accomplished that task. On the contrary, peace seems increasingly out of reach as threats to U.S. security and prosperity multiply both […]

Three World War III Secrets

World War Three Secrets Can you keep a secret? There are three clandestine military nuclear programs, in Israel, Iran and Russia, which will play an important role in the coming global nuclear war foretold in Bible prophecy.       Israel’s Secret Dimona Project Previously, United States officials have been cautioned to never acknowledge the […]

Is World War III coming soon?

A growing list of commentators, politicians and religious leaders appear to sense something big, something ominous, is hiding around the corner.   Is this just foolish speculation, or are they onto something?   Carl Gallups, a longtime Baptist pastor and radio host, has taken a serious look at the issue in his new book, “Final […]

Nuclear deal with Iran may spur proxy wars, says EU official

A nuclear deal with Iran may spur proxy wars in the Middle East as Sunni Muslims try to counter an increasingly wealthy and powerful Shi’ite Iran, the European Union’s counter-terrorism coordinator said on Monday.   Gilles de Kerchove told the European Parliament one important cause of terrorism was “this war by proxy from the Sunni […]

Apocalyptic Betrayals

President Obama’s far-reaching efforts to facilitate Iran’s march to nukes amount to nothing less than apocalyptic betrayals of U.S. voters and allies that will make the world exponentially more dangerous. Read More: Apocalyptic Betrayals – Op-Eds – Arutz Sheva.

US to train 750 Ukraine troops as Russian aggression continues

With Russian aggression in eastern Ukraine continuing, the White House announced Wednesday the U.S. will begin training 750 Ukraine troops.   The news came after a phone call between Vice President Joe Biden and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and coincided with Russians celebrating the first anniversary of their country’s annexation of Crimea.   “Soldiers from […]