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North Korea Claims Hydrogen Bomb Tested Successfully

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South Korea to restart propaganda broadcasts after North Korean nuclear test

South Korea said Thursday that it would restart propaganda broadcasts seen as an act of war by North Korea in response to Pyongyangs fourth nuclear test. Seoul also began talks with Washington that could see the arrival of nuclear-powered U.S. aircraft and submarines to the Korean Peninsula.South Koreas presidential office announced that the cross-border broadcasts […]

China helpless to curb North Korea nuke ambitions: experts

China is unlikely to take strong action in response to North Korea’s claimed test of a hydrogen bomb, according to experts who say Beijing prefers the devil it knows to the uncertainty that could follow a confrontation.   And whether Pyongyang would even listen is highly questionable, they say.   Governments around the world have […]

North Korea’s claim of hydrogen bomb test met with doubt worldwide

Soon after the ground shook around its nuclear testing facility, North Korea trumpeted its first hydrogen bomb test — a powerful, self-proclaimed “H-bomb of justice” that would mark a major and unanticipated advance for its still-limited nuclear arsenal. Pyongyang’s announcement Wednesday was met with widespread skepticism, but whatever the North detonated in its fourth nuclear […]

White House Disputes North Korea’s Claim of Hydrogen Bomb Test

The United Nations Security Council condemned North Korea for its nuclear test on Wednesday, but there was no evidence yet that the North’s most powerful backer, China, was willing to stiffen sanctions in a way that could push the unpredictable country to the point of collapse or slow its nuclear progress.   As the question […]

Outrage, skepticism greet North Korea’s claim of hydrogen bomb test

The world reacted with outrage and skepticism Wednesday after North Korea claimed that it had successfully tested a “miniaturized” hydrogen bomb.   The announcement, which could not immediately be confirmed by outside sources, was made by a state television anchor who read a typically propaganda-heavy statement calling the test a “perfect success” that elevated the country’s […]

North Korea nuclear bomb test: What’s the difference between a hydrogen and an atomic bomb? And why is it so worrying?

Both atomic bombs and hydrogen bombs are kinds of nuclear bombs, meaning that the energy comes from nuclear reactions. But the way that they actually release that huge amount of energy is different — and leads to massive differences in the power that is unleashed when they are set off.   The big difference is […]

Iran unveils new underground missile depot containing Emad precision-guided weapons

The defiant move could be seen as a barrier to Washington’s plans to dismantle all sanctions on the Islamic republic after a breakthrough nuclear agreement. Iran has abided by the main terms of the nuclear deal whereby it has to give up material that could be used to make an atomic weapon.   However the […]

North Korea still working on submarine ballistic missile despite reported setback

North Korea is proceeding with its development of a submarine-launched ballistic missile despite reports of a failed test several weeks ago, according to a US research institute.   The US-Korea Institute at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies said on Tuesday that satellite imagery of a naval shipyard at the east coast site […]

Top Videos of 2015 | Endtime Ministries | End of the Age | Irvin Baxter

The Best Videos of the Year Review the top videos of the year from Endtime Ministries and End of the Age with Irvin Baxter. These videos include Sign of the 4 Blood Moons, World War 3, Understanding the Endtime, and more featuring Aaron Russo, Paul Crouch, and Perry Stone.   Support Endtime Ministries Today ► […]