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Russia ‘planning cyber warfare’ on UK in response to Syria airstrikes

It is feared hackers in Russia could be preparing for a cyber attack on UK computer networks in revenge for the targeted airstrikes against Assad’s chemical weapons programme by the UK, US and France this weekend.   Prime Minister Theresa May has faced backlash from politicians who believe she should have consulted Parliament before authorising […]

Trump Unleashes Military Strikes on Syria

President Donald Trump said he had approved military strikes on Syria in retaliation for an apparent chemical attack by the regime of Bashar al-Assad on a rebel town.   “A short time ago I ordered the United States armed forces to launch precision strikes” on targets associated with Syria chemical weapons, Trump said in remarks […]

Trump cancels trip to South America to oversee ‘response to Syria’

President Trump is scrapping plans to travel this week to a summit in South America because of the situation in Syria, the White House said Tuesday.Trump had been scheduled to depart Friday for Peru before traveling to Colombia.“President Trump will not attend the 8th Summit of the Americas in Lima, Peru or travel to Bogota, […]

Fallout from the Turkey-Iran-Russia meeting

The comments coming out of Ankara speak of a “sustainable ceasefire” and “peace and stability” as well as a “strong and continued commitment to the sovereignty, independence, unity, territorial integrity and non-sectarian character of Syria.”  The message to Washington is that the US is undermining that “unity” and “territorial integrity” by supporting the SDF and […]

WATCH: Brookings experts on Syria’s civil war, and what’s next for US policy

The civil war in Syria started in March 2011 and continues over seven years later. The conflict involves not only the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad, but also Syrian opposition fighters, Turkey, Kurdish elements, Iran and its proxy Hezbollah, Israel, Russia, the United States, remnants of the so-called Islamic State, and other countries that are […]

China Must Prepare For ‘Military Clash’

China must “strike back” against U.S. interference over Taiwan and prepare for a “direct military clash,” Beijing state media has said.On Tuesday, Alex Wong, U.S. deputy assistant secretary at the Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, became the first official to visit Taiwan after President Donald Trump signed the Taiwan Travel Act, which allows for […]

Low-key U.S.-South Korea military drills ahead of North Korea summits

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Annual U.S.-South Korean military drills that infuriate North Korea will begin on April 1, the allies said Tuesday, but they will likely be more low-key than past years ahead of two highly anticipated summits among the countries’ leaders.This year’s drills were postponed during the Pyeongchang Olympics, which saw rare cooperative […]

Syria war has killed more than 350,000 in 7 years

BEIRUT — Seven years of conflict in Syria have left more than 350,000 people dead, according to an updated overall death toll released Monday by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.   The Britain-based monitoring group, which relies on an extensive network of sources on the ground across Syria, said 353,935 people have been killed […]

Putin just bragged about Russia’s nuclear weapons

During his March 1 address to Russia’s Federal Assembly, President Vladimir Putin grabbed headlines by claiming that prospective additions to the country’s strategic nuclear arsenal would render U.S. missile defenses “useless.”   Let’s break this down — here are four key things to know about Putin’s speech:   1) The weapons that Putin referenced range from […]

Talks with North Korea Must Lead to Ending Nuclear Programme, Says White House

Seoul/Washington: The White House said any talks with North Korea must lead to an end to its nuclear program after senior officials from Pyongyang visiting South Korea said on Sunday their government was open to talks with the United States.   The North Korean delegation, in Pyeongchang for the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics, […]