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Guaidó’s Venezuela wants embassy in Jerusalem, ambassador says

Venezuela under Acting President Juan Guaidó’s wants to set up an embassy in Jerusalem, its ambassador to Israel Rabbi Pynchas Brener told The Jerusalem Post on Monday, as members of Guaidó’s party and others formed a pro-Israel caucus in the Venezuelan national assembly. The Venezuelan Parliamentary Israel Allies Caucus held its inaugural meeting on Monday as a […]

U.S. expands Navy presence in Caribbean. Is military action against Maduro more likely?

When President Donald Trump weighed the options earlier last year to address the political and humanitarian consequences of Nicolás Maduro’s tight grip on power in Venezuela, he realized his harsh rhetoric against the South American leader was not backed up by a show of force in the region. That was corrected Wednesday, as Trump, surrounded […]

The Russians Have Landed Planes Full Of Troops, Military Advisers In Venezuela

Two Russian Air Force planes carrying around 100 members of the Russian military and a handful of strategic advisers landed in Caracas, Venezuela, Saturday, in a shockingly overt demonstration of support from Vladimir Putin’s government for embattled socialist president Nicolas Maduro. Reuters reports that the two planes took off from Russia Friday and landed in […]

Venezuela crisis: Violence fears as strike action begins

The head of the Organization of American States (OAS) has warned of a “calamitous deterioration” of the situation in Venezuela. “The fear we have, and which we are afraid to say out loud, is that this situation could turn into a bloodbath,” he said. The warning came shortly before a 24-hour strike began on Thursday. […]

US Secretary of State John Kerry expresses concern over humanitarian situation in Venezuela

US Secretary of State John Kerry has expressed concerns over the current political and economic turmoil in Venezuela as he met the Opec nation’s President Nicolas Maduro on Monday (26 September).     It was the first official meeting between the two since Kerry took charge. They met in Cartagena in Colombia, on the sidelines […]

Venezuelan Govt. Continues to Harass Press Amid Worsening Human Rights Crisis

Mexico City (CNSNews.com) – The Venezuelan journalist Braulio Jatar, jailed after he reportedly posted a video online of a confrontation between angry citizens and President Nicolas Maduro, could face a long time behind bars as the human rights crisis in the country worsens, according to an Amnesty International official.   “There is a high risk […]

The Economic Collapse In Venezuela Is So Bad That People Are Slaughtering And Eating Zoo Animals

If you were hungry enough, would you kill and eat zoo animals?  To most of us such a notion sounds absolutely insane, but this is actually happening in Venezuela right now.  This is a country where people are standing in lines for up to 12 hours hoping that there will be food to buy that day, […]