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Up To 30% of Illegal Aliens Caught at Border Have Criminal History in U.S.

He also said the situation is so lawless in some areas it is like a war-zone on American soil, where “local law enforcement is leading the effort to fight criminal syndicates from a foreign nation.”   According to Babeu, between 88,000 and 123,000 illegal aliens are apprehended each year at the Tuscon Sector, one of […]

US set to destroy largest-remaining chemical weapons stockpile

The United States is set to begin destroying its largest remaining stockpile of chemical-laden artillery shells, marking a milestone in the campaign to eradicate the debilitating weapon from war.   The Pueblo Chemical Depot in Colorado plans to start neutralizing 2,600 tons of aging mustard agent starting in March. Ridding of the chemical weapon complies […]

US and Iran moving closer to nuclear deal, EU diplomats tell Israeli officials

European diplomats have told Israeli officials in recent days that the United States and Iran are moving closer to an agreement that would allow the Islamic Republic to keep a large number of centrifuges in return for guaranteeing regional stability, Army Radio is reporting on Tuesday.   According to EU officials, US Secretary of State […]

U.S.-Iran nuke deal could isolate Israel

Middle East sources told WND the prospect may be a reason why Netanyahu’s ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer, quietly did an end-run around the Obama White House to work with House Majority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, to appear before a joint session of Congress March 3 to discuss the Iranian nuclear crisis.   […]

Assassination of Hezbollah’s Imad Mughniyeh was joint U.S.

The Israeli and American foreign intelligence services worked together to assassinate Hezbollah international operations chief Imad Mughniyeh in 2008, The Washington Post reports.   The U.S. never admitted its role in the killing. But former U.S. officials who spoke with the newspaper on condition of anonymity have now confirmed the CIA’s involvement.   Mughniyeh was walking […]

‘Israel and US choosing to escalate rift’

After US House Speaker John Boehner announced that he had invited Netanyahu to address Congress without first notifying the president, Obama said he would decline to meet the Israeli leader during his visit, saying it would be “inappropriate” to meet him two weeks before the prime minister would run for reelection. A US spokesperson criticized […]

‘Little being done to repair US-Israel ties’ after recent rift

The Netanyahu government and the Obama administration have had no shortage of spats over the years, but this time around, neither Jerusalem nor Washington is reportedly doing much to fix the rifts that emerged surrounding the prime minister’s planned March 3 speech to the US Congress on Iran, a visit US officials said breached protocol as it […]

Senate Committee Votes in Favor of Sanctions Bill

The Banking Committee of the United States Senate on Thursday voted 18-4 in favor of advancing a bill that would toughen sanctions on Iran if international negotiators fail to reach an agreement on its nuclear program by the end of June, Reuters reported.   However, the bill is not expected to come up for a […]

US Official:’ A Free Europe Rises or Falls With Ukraine’

A top U.S. official said Tuesday that the conflict in eastern Ukraine has become a battleground for a peaceful and free Europe.   “We all know that today, a Europe whole, free and at peace rises or falls with Ukraine. Ukraine’s front line for freedom is ours as well,” Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland […]

Israeli ambassador to US calls Benjamin Netanyahu address a ‘sacred duty’

Israel’s ambassador to the United States forcefully defended Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision to address a joint session of Congress next month, describing the move as a “sacred duty” for the Israeli leader in a critical period for the “survival” of the state.   The current agreement under consideration by world powers and Iran, Ambassador […]