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The Arab world’s poorest country is now the battleground of a Mideast-wide war

Saudi Arabia’s navy evacuated dozens of diplomats from Yemen on Saturday and the United Nations pulled out international staff after a third night of Saudi-led air strikes trying to stem advances by Iranian-allied Houthi fighters.   Residents reported heavy clashes between the Houthis and mainly Sunni tribal fighters in the south of the country, while the air campaign sought to stall a […]

UN Mideast envoy asks Security Council to lead on Israel

President Barack Obama has been clear this week about his impatience with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s comments shortly before the Israeli elections that he would not allow the establishment of a Palestinian state on his watch. Netanyahu has struck a conciliatory tone since the elections. But Obama has said he will reassess US policy toward […]

Time to replace 242 with new ‘peace architecture’

The international community should create a new “peace architecture” to replace UN Security Council Resolution 242, outgoing UN Mideast envoy Robert Serry said Thursday during his final briefing to the Security Council.   Serry – speaking just days after the US said it will reassess its Middle East diplomacy, leading to speculation it may support […]

UN says 2014 Palestinian death toll highest since 1967

A report by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) entitled “Fragmented Lives” called for more restraint on both sides. “All parties to the conflict… must fulfil their legal obligations to conduct hostilities in accordance with international law to ensure the protection of all civilians and to ensure accountability for acts committed,” […]

Iran Rejects Snap Inspections of its Nuclear Sites

An Iranian official on Tuesday rebuked the chief of the UN atomic agency for demanding snap inspections of Iran’s nuclear sites, saying the request “hindered efforts” to reach an agreement with world powers, according to The Associated Press (AP).   The United States and five other world powers face an end-of-the-month deadline to reach a […]

UN Gaza war probe to also investigate Palestinian human rights violations

The United Nations Human Rights Council’s probe into the Gaza war will look beyond alleged Israeli human rights violations and also examine those supposedly committed by armed Palestinian groups.   The commission of inquiry’s new chairwoman Mary McGowan Davis publicly clarified the matter on Monday.   The commission was tasked with investigating human rights violations […]

Russia and Lebanon against Saudi, Qatar push to condemn Hezbollah at UN

Russia and the Lebanese government oppose Saudi Arabia and Qatar’s efforts at the UN Human Rights Council to condemn Hezbollah for its fighting in Syria, Lebanese media reported on Monday.   “This is absolutely illogical, because Hezbollah stands by the legitimate regime and does not fight it,” Russia’s ambassador to Lebanon, Alexander Zasypkin said after […]

EU Calls on Israel to Cooperate with Gaza Probe

The European Union (EU) joined Palestinian and other Arab delegations on Monday in calling on Israel to allow a UN human rights investigator to visit Gaza, Reuters reported.   The call came in a debate in the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) which both the United States and Israel did not attend.   Israel […]

US joins Israel in boycotting UNHRC session to protest Agenda Item 7

The United States on Monday joined Israel in boycotting the United Nations Human Rights Council debate Monday on Israeli violations of human rights in the Palestinian territories. The UNHRC is mandated at every session to use Agenda Item 7 for a debate on this matter. There is no such mandate to repeatedly censure any other […]

Yemen is being pushed ‘to the edge of civil war’

The U.N. special envoy for Yemen warned an emergency meeting of the U.N. Security Council on Sunday that events appear to be leading the country “to the edge of civil war” and urged all parties to step back from the brink and resolve the conflict peacefully.   Jamal Benomar stressed repeatedly in a video briefing […]