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Russian Military Forces Staging Near Ukraine

The Pentagon has identified eight staging areas in Russia where large numbers of military forces appear to be preparing for incursions into Ukraine, according to U.S. defense officials.   As many as 40,000 Russian troops, including tanks, armored vehicles, and air force units, are now arrayed along Ukraine’s eastern border with Russia.   Additionally, large […]

Is Russia About To Invade Ukraine?

War is coming, but unfortunately most Americans are completely oblivious to what is about to happen. In recent weeks, tens of thousands of Russian soldiers have been massing at eight staging areas along Russia’s border with Ukraine, and some Pentagon officials believe that this could represent preparations for a full-scale invasion. But ultimately Russia has […]

Russia and Ukraine Tensions Rise Over a Raid That May Not Have Happened

Germany’s foreign minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, urged Moscow on Monday to reduce tensions with Ukraine after what Russian officials said was a border skirmish with Ukrainian forces in which two Russian soldiers died.   Germany is Russia’s closest ally in trade and politics among the major European powers, and Mr. Steinmeier has used this position to […]

Ukraine battles rebels, Russian forces join insurgents

Ukraine has reported raids by Russian-backed rebel forces, amid fears that Russia is gathering more troops along their de facto border.   Ukrainian forces in the regions of Donetsk and Luhansk announced on Facebook that rebels opened fire 64 times on Sunday. The rebels also attempted to take over a military checkpoint in Luhansk.   […]

Ukraine troops put on combat alert as Russia ramps up border tensions

Ukraine has put its troops on combat alert along the country’s de facto borders with Crimea and separatist rebels in the east amid an escalating war of words with Russia over Crimea. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko issued the order after Moscow accused his country of sending several groups of “saboteurs” to carry out attacks in […]

Ukraine crisis: Impunity ‘pervasive’ in east, says UN

A climate of “pervasive impunity” in eastern Ukraine has meant very few people have been held accountable for a catalogue of alleged summary executions, the UN says. The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) says some of the cases could amount to war crimes. It investigated the disappearances and deaths of at […]

Ukraine Shields Gay Rights Parade From Repeat of Violence

KIEV, Ukraine — Gay rights groups in Ukraine celebrated a milestone on Sunday — holding a parade without being chased or attacked by right-wing opponents. But the march, in Kiev, was guarded by police and security forces who sealed off much of the city center and warned participants not to linger afterward.   About 2,000 […]

Ukrainian Vice PM for European Integration: Delay in visa-free regime may obstruct EU-Ukraine dialogue

Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration Ivanna Klympush-Tsyntsadze has held talks with French Ambassador to Ukraine Isabelle Dumont on the process of visa liberalization, Russian aggression and the possibility of cooperation in the reform of Ukrainian civil service.   This is reported by the Government portal.   “In a conversation with […]

Chernobyl disaster: Ukraine marks 30th anniversary

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko laid a wreath and observed a minute’s silence in the Ukrainian capital Kiev before heading north for a ceremony at the plant itself, not far from the Belarussian border. “We honour those who lost their health and require a special attention from the government and society,” he said in a speech […]

Public Support For Putin To Serve Another Term Hits Highest Level In 4 Years: Poll

Public support for Vladimir Putin to serve another term as president has hit its highest level in four years, a survey by a state-run pollster showed Thursday. Seventy-four percent of Russians would vote to re-elect Putin as president, according to a poll by VTsIOM.   Putin dominates state media in Russia and is widely expected to […]