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NSA Considering Snowden Amnesty for Documents

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Another Vacation For The Obama Family

President Obama and the first family will depart from Washington, D. C. on December 20th for a 17-day vacation in Hawaii. Yes, 17 days! The exact details of this trip are unknown at the moment.


However, in the past the Obama’s spent the Christmas break in a wonderful rented home with…

UN Confirms the Use of Chemical Weapons

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John Kerry Returning to Israel

Concerning the peace talks in Israel, Kerry has returned to Israel this week, for his second visit in two weeks’ time. This return was right after he was…

JP Morgan Patents Virtual Currency

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JP Morgan Patents Virtual Currency

It appears that JP Morgan has now jumped on the bandwagon of a certain type of cashless transaction by patenting a Bitcoin-like virtual payment system in…

The Temple Mount

The Temple Mount | Prophecy in the News

By Anthony Vandagriff



The Temple Mount is one of the most contested pieces of real estate in the entire world. The Muslims claim it as their third holy sight and the Jews claim it as their first holy sight. Many Jews feel as if they should have a right to pray on the Temple Mount but are denied that privilege. What is going to come out of this conflict and what does the Bible say about it?

Jerusalem Prophecy College Update from Irvin Baxter

A Brief Introduction to the Main Room

 By Irvin Baxter


While on the Endtime Prophecy Tour, Irvin Baxter provided a brief update while giving a tour of the facility that will soon…

When Will The US Become Socialist?

By Irvin Baxter



When Will The US Become Socialist?

Means-Tested Government Benefit Recipients Outnumber Full-Time Year-Round Workers; http://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/terence-p-jeffrey/census-bureau-means-tested-govt-benefit-recipients-outnumber-full This particular article caught my eye because I’ve been watching our slide towards socialism for a long time. The Obamacare is a huge leap toward socialism for the US.

Syria’s Non-Nuclear EMP Weapons

By Irvin Baxter




EMP Weapons

The entire Middle East is absolutely loaded with one complicated problem after another. Syria now has non-nuke EMP bombs; EMP stands for Electronic Magnetic Pulse. The traditional EMP bomb is simply a nuclear bomb, but instead of it being detonated five thousand feet over your target, it’s detonated 300 miles in the air.

Anti-Semitism is Alive and Well

By Irvin Baxter



Syrian Conflict Defused?


We are still living in the aftermath from the speech made by Benjamin Netanyahu before the United Nations on October 1, 2013, which had all kinds of repercussions.

Another Jewish Holocaust Part 2

3 1/2 Years After Signing Palestinian-Israeli Peace Accord

By Irvin Baxter



Jesus prophesied that another Jewish holocaust is coming. He said it would take place in the West Bank or…

Government Ending Home School? | Prophecy in the News

Will the President put an end to homeschooling?