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With 580 U.S. boots on the ground in Ukraine, what’s Vladimir Putin’s next move?

As the crisis in Ukraine drags on, U.S.-Russia relations continue to deteriorate. The United States has just taken a step that risks bringing that relationship to a new low.   As part of its effort to support Ukraine, the U.S. military recently sent 290 troops from the 173rd Airborne Brigade based in Vicenza, Italy, to […]

Arctic nations meet under threat of new Cold War

The thawing of the polar ice promises Arctic nations new opportunities to open ocean trade routes and offshore oil fields.   But the chill in relations between Western powers and their Arctic neighbor Russia could make the North a frontline in a new Cold War.   Senior envoys from the countries of the Arctic Council […]

US accuses Russia of violating deal

The US has accused Russia of deploying more air defence systems in eastern Ukraine in breach of a ceasefire deal. The state department also said Russia was involved in training separatist forces in the area and building up its forces along the border. The Kremlin has not yet responded to the claims. A truce between […]

Russia Is Boosting Air Defenses Inside Eastern Ukraine

“The Russian military has deployed additional air defense systems into eastern Ukraine and moved several of these nearer the front lines,” State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf said in a statement.   “Russia is also building up its forces along its border with Ukraine,” the statement added. “After maintaining a relatively steady presence along the border, […]

The IDF is a response to regional threats

Israel has a right to use its military to defend itself against regional threats, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday as he continued his diplomatic battle to stop Russian-made arms from flowing into the hands of Israel’s enemies.   “The meaning of independence, in my view, is, first of all, the ability to defend […]

Russia must halt sale of S-300 to Iran

Russia must halt its planned delivery of the S-300 air-defense system to Iran, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday, as he continued to assert that Israel has the right to defend itself against Tehran.   “Israel will do whatever is necessary to defend the security of the state and its citizens,” Netanyahu said at […]

Russia Needs Money

White House spokesman Josh Earnest suggested Thursday that Moscow’s move to lift its ban on supplying anti-aircraft systems to Iran shows the weakness of Russia’s economy after being hit by sanctions.   Earnest, who was quoted by AFP, was responding to Russia’s decision this week to lift a ban on selling Iran its advanced S-300 missile […]

Moscow has no S-300 air defense missiles available for Iran

Although Tehran celebrated President Vladimir Putin’s decision to release the S-300 missiles withheld from Iran for five years by an arms embargo, DEBKAfile reports exclusively that Iran can’t hope to take delivery of the advanced air defense systems in the foreseeable future. The Russian military industry is already way behind meeting demands for more S-300 […]

Benjamin Netanyahu to Putin: S-300 missile sale to Iran undermines Middle East

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Russian President Vladimir Putin that the sale of S-300 missile systems to Iran would only strengthen its aggressive behavior and undermine the Middle East.   The two leaders spoke by telephone on Tuesday, just one day after Russia ended its voluntary five-year ban on the delivery of the system, which […]

Missile deal between Russia and Iran challenges US influence in Mideast

As the US seeks to minimize its involvement in the chaos and instability of the Middle East, Russia is seeking to fill any vacuum it can.   The US has taken more of a background role in the conflicts spreading across the region, providing logistical and intelligence support to the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen, conducting […]