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Pope Francis arrives in US for historic visit — with historic levels of security

Pope Francis, to cheering crowds and a presidential reception, touched down in the U.S. Tuesday afternoon, beginning a historic visit that also will pose a historic security challenge for the officers patrolling his itinerary.   The pope’s six-day, three-city visit will be the biggest, multiple-day security event in Department of Homeland Security history.   The […]

White House: Iran Cooperating with IAEA

The White House said on Monday it was seeing indications Iran is cooperating with inspectors from the UN’s nuclear watchdog and credited tough international sanctions over Tehran’s nuclear program, according to Reuters.     White House spokesman Josh Earnest was asked about the International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) inspection of the Parchin military complex and […]

Obama looks to use pope as leverage in climate fight

Pope Francis’ visit to Washington next week will give President Obama a real chance to breathe new life into a climate change agenda that faces several obstacles, including growing opposition in Congress and doubts from foreign leaders that a deal on global warming can be reached at the end of the year in Paris.   […]

Castro praises Pope’s anti-capitalism stance

Pope Francis has arrived in Havana this afternoon and starts a historic 10-day visit to Cuba and the United States, according to reports.     Cuban President Raul Castro welcomed Pope Francis in a long speech at the airport. In his speech, Castro said the communist government has “founded an equitable society with social justice” […]

White House Invites Several Opponents of Catholic Teaching to Greet Pope Francis

In a stunning show of political indecorum, Obama has invited a series of individuals who publicly flout Catholic teaching, including a pro-abortion religious sister, a transgender woman and the first openly gay Episcopal bishop, along with at least two Catholic gay activists.   The White House was illuminated in gay pride colors on June 26, […]

Pope warns religious orders: Take in refugees, or pay property taxes

ROME — On the eve of a trip to the United States, Pope Francis has called himself a “son of immigrants” and confirmed the point by issuing a blunt warning to any religious orders in Europe that spurn his recent call to open their doors to refugees because they want to make money off their […]

Pope says risk that terrorists could sneak into Europe with Mideast refugees

VATICAN CITY – Pope Francis has warned against the risk that militants could slip into Europe under cover of a huge wave of refugees fleeing war in Syria but also said the migrant crisis could help reawaken the continent’s conscience.   In an interview published on Monday with the Portuguese Catholic broadcaster Radio Renascenca, the […]

Pope Blames Refugee Crisis on ‘God of Money,’ ‘Socio-Economic System That Is Bad, Unjust’

In an interview with Portugal-based Radio Renascença aired yesterday, Pope Francis declared that the current refugee crisis in Europe is being caused by a “bad, unjust” socio-economic system that worships “the god of money.”     In the interview, where questions were posed in Portuguese and the responses were given by Pope Francis in Spanish, […]

The Pope Is Ready to Trash Capitalism to Money-Loving Americans

As the U.S. presidential campaign exposes contempt for elites and angst over the future, Pope Francis arrives for his first visit with plans to denounce gross inequality and planetary neglect. The message, delivered by the spiritual leader of 1.2 billion Roman Catholics during a six-day tour starting on September 22, will doubtless focus U.S. public […]

Pope Francis prepares for most political trip yet

Pope Francis is gearing up for potentially his most politically charged trip yet, an eight-day whirlwind visit which will take him from Havana’s Revolution Square in Cuba to the headquarters of the United Nations.   The Argentine, who will become the first pontiff to address a joint meeting of Congress in Washington, has taken advantage […]