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Pope Calls Migrant Crisis ‘Arab Invasion’, Says Europe Must ‘Rediscover Its Cultural Roots’

Pope Francis has described the European migration crisis as an “Arab invasion”. He said that “Europe weakens” by “forgetting its own history”, but, because of its low birth rate and colonial history, the mass migration could be beneficial.   “Today we can talk about an Arab invasion”, the Roman Catholic leader told the Vatican newspaper […]

Mysterious death of Pope Francis aide alarms Vatican

Pope Francis’s secretary, 34-year-old Miriam Wuolou of Eritrea, was found dead earlier this week — and the Vatican is crying foul.   Wuolou’s body was discovered in her Rome apartment by police after her brother raised concern that she wasn’t answering her phone. She was seven months pregnant and suffered from diabetes, which can prove […]

Pope Francis & One-World Religion | Prophecy Update

Watch Entire Broadcast: https://www.endtime.com/podcast/open-line-189/

Pope Francis, Catholics and Lutherans Will Recall Reformation

Nearly 500 years ago, Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of a German church, beginning the Protestant Reformation that led millions to break with the Roman Catholic Church and ushered in more than a century of conflict and war.   On Monday, the Vatican announced that Pope Francis will participate in a […]

500 years after reformation, Pope knocks on Lutherans door

Pope Francis will celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation by attending an ecumenical service in Sweden as a guest of the Lutheran church, the Vatican said Monday.In a highly symbolic act of reconciliation that would even recently have been unthinkable for a Catholic pontiff, Francis will visit the Swedish city of Lund on October […]

Pope Francis aims for Middle East peace as next diplomatic miracle as he hosts Iranian president

Francis’s chance to get the ball rolling will come on Tuesday, when, having previously spoken at length on the disintegration of Syria, he will play host to President Hassan Rouhani during the Iranian leader’s first trip to the West following the lifting of sanctions.“This is a very significant meeting, and one the Pope finds very […]

Pope Francis draws criticism over Protestant concessions

Pope Francis has come under fire from traditional Catholics who are growing alarmed that the Vatican is making too many concessions to Protestants – specifically, Lutherans – in the pope’s effort to foster Christian unity.   Traditionalists are crying foul over what they are calling “unprecedented expressions of openness … towards Lutheranism,” from moves as […]

President Obama Disses Pope Francis for ‘Over-the-Top’ Ideas on Terror

In an oblique reference to Pope Francis, President Obama blasted those who refer to “World War III” when speaking of the state of the terror in the world today, calling such claims “over the top.”   Pope Francis was the first public figure to state that humanity is engaged in World War III being fought […]

Pope Francis Offers Litmus Test for Religion that Excludes Radical Islam

In his most biting condemnation yet of the jihadists of the Islamic State, Pope Francis told members of the international diplomatic corps in the Vatican Monday that every true religion promotes peace, and by contrast, religious extremists who kill in God’s name—such as the Islamic Caliphate—are a perversion of real religion.   “One may never […]

Pope Francis Says All Major Religions Are ‘Meeting God In Different Ways’

A new video has just been released in which Pope Francis very clearly expresses his belief that all of the major religions are different paths to the same God. He says that while people from various global faiths may be “seeking God or meeting God in different ways” that it is important to keep in […]