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Jewish American leaders urge France to cancel peace conference

Leaders of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations on Friday called on French President Francois Hollande to cancel or, at least, postpone the international meeting on Middle East peace his country has scheduled for January 15, 2017 in Paris. In a statement, Stephen M. Greenberg, Chairman, and Malcolm Hoenlein, Executive Vice Chairman […]

Syrian rebels freeze peace talks after Assad abuses ceasefire

Syrian rebel groups announced on Monday that they had decided to freeze any talks about their possible participation in Syrian peace negotiations being prepared by Moscow in Kazakhstan unless the Syrian government and its Iran-backed allies end what it said were violations of a ceasefire. In a statement, the rebel groups also said that any […]

Abbas: Stop building and peace talks can resume

Hours after U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s speech on the Middle East peace process, Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday again imposed conditions on peace talks. Abbas, reacting to Kerry’s remarks, said he was ready to resume peace efforts with Israel if it stops “settlement building”. “The minute the Israeli government agrees […]

Kerry to lay out plan for Israeli-Palestinian peace process

Before President Obama leaves office, Secretary of State John Kerry allegedly plans to lay out “a comprehensive vision” for the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. “I wouldn’t describe it as new initiatives, I think what Secretary Kerry will be doing is he will give a speech in which he lays out a comprehensive vision for how he […]

White House races to save Middle East peace process before Trump takes office

John Kerry is due to lay out a US framework for a Palestinian-Israeli agreement as the Obama administration and its international allies scramble to protect what is left of the peace process before Donald Trump takes office. The US secretary of state will outline the proposals on Wednesday, at a time when US-Israeli relations have […]

Trump: We’ll get peace deal done despite UN vote

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump said on Saturday night that the UN Security Council vote demanding Israel halt construction in Judea, Samaria and eastern Jerusalem would make a peace deal “much harder,” but opined that such a deal could happen anyway. “The big loss yesterday for Israel in the United Nations will make it much harder […]

In Harsh Terms, Kerry Says Israel Is Undermining Peace Efforts

Secretary of State John Kerry on Sunday accused right-wing Israelis of deliberately thwarting efforts to broker a peace deal with the Palestinians. In unusually stark terms, Mr. Kerry warned that the building of Israeli settlements was undermining any hope of an agreement to allow two states to live side by side. At the Saban Forum, […]

Report: Obama won’t force a peace plan before he leaves

US President Barack Obama will almost certainly not pressure Israel to advance a peace process with the Palestinians during his final weeks in office, a new report claims. AP reported that it had obtained information from “US officials” that Obama had no intention of shaking Israel up with a new peace plan before he steps […]

France presses ahead with peace conference

France intends to push ahead with an international Mideast peace conference despite Israel’s objections and the election of Donald Trump as US president, a French Foreign Ministry representative said on Thursday. A report in Maariv on Thursday said that French President François Hollande, attending the Climate Change Conference in Marrakech, told its correspondent that “the […]

Trump presidency bodes ill for Israel-Palestine peace process

As Donald Trump continues to ponder his choice for secretary of state, and other key foreign policy positions, one thing seems clear: the impact on the peace process between Israelis and Palestinians is likely to be serious and retrograde. The question now is whether the moribund process, which has weathered presidents both Republican and Democrat […]