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Abandoning two-state solution is ‘no joke’, Palestinian officials say

Palestinians have angrily warned the United States against abandoning a two-state solution to the conflict with Israel, after a White House official said peace did not necessarily have to entail Palestinian statehood. As Donald Trump and the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, prepared to meet in Washington on Wednesday, Palestinian officials said the only alternative […]

The Beginning | Middle East Peace | Prophecy Update

When you see the prophesied peace agreement, know assuredly that the Final Seven Years to the Battle of Armageddon and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ have begun!

Trump to Netanyahu ‘I’d Like to See You Hold Back on Settlements a Little Bit’

President Donald Trump said he would support the peace agreement Israel and Palestinians “like the best” in a joint press conference during which Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu railed against Palestinian efforts to reach a deal. “I’m looking at two state and one state. And I like the one that both parties like,” Trump said […]

Netanyahu Wants Trumps Help With Peace Agreement

Two-state solution between Israelis and Palestinians by Irvin Baxter   During a speech at Bar Ilan in 2009, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for a two-state solution between Israelis and Palestinians. Since then, many people have accused Netanyahu of claiming he is for two states for two people while actually pushing to create one […]

Do not abandon hope of two-state solution, world warns Israel and Trump

The major powers – with the exception of Britain – sent out a warning to Israel and Donald Trump on Sunday not to abandon the hope of a two-state solution to end the Arab-Israeli conflict and urged all parties to disassociate themselves from voices that reject such a diplomatic solution to the deepest conflict in […]

9 Proofs the End Time is Now!

Am I living in the end time? A war will begin from the vicinity of the Euphrates River that will kill one-third of the human race. (Revelation 9:13-16) The Euphrates River is located in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran–all states dominated by Islam. ISIS has captured approximately forty percent of the Euphrates River in the last two […]

As Paris peace summit nears, Israel makes ‘big efforts’ to prevent another UN resolution

Israel is making “a very great effort” to prevent another anti-Israel resolution at the UN Security Council, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday. Netanyahu’s comments came at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting, in which he pointed out that the Frenchled Mideast summit in Paris is just a few days away. The summit, […]

Kerry laments failed peace process in exit memo

Outgoing U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry called on Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA) to resume stalled peace talks, lamenting the fact that his peace efforts failed. In an exit memo to President Barack Obama, Kerry also lauded the nuclear deal with Iran which, he claimed, left Iran “at least a year away” from […]

Bennett to JPost: Two-state solution ‘messianic’

Continuing to push for a two-state solution to the Israeli- Palestinian conflict is “messianic behavior,” at a time when what is needed is “opening our thoughts” to new diplomatic approaches, Education Minister Naftali Bennett said on Monday. Bennett, in a 90-minute meeting with The Jerusalem Post editorial staff, stressed that one thing he does not […]

EU stands by 2-state solution for Palestinian-Israel peace

The European Union has joined the outgoing U.S. administration in defending the two-state solution as the best way to achieve lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians. A spokeswoman for the 28-nation bloc reiterated the EU’s support for the two-state solution on Thursday, the day after U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry tore into Israel for […]