Framework Agreement

Anthony from Texas asked, What do we know about this yearlong extension that is now being discussed?

The Peace Agreement

Katherine from Georgia asked about the ‘interim treaty’ and ‘peace treaty’. Are we talking about two different treaties? And how will an interim treaty be possible when the Palestinians say that they want all or nothing?

Peace in the Middle East


Peace in the Middle East | Prophecy in the News

  By Dave Robbins    
  We get a lot of questions via email and etc and we just want to answer a few of them today regarding prophecy in the news. If you have any questions do not hesitate to send it to us ( Hope you enjoy!

Middle East Peace Agreement

Chris from Georgia wants to know if the peace negotiations that John Kerry is working on will be a seven-year deal.

Will It Be Peace?

President Obama chose to kick off his second presidential term…

Will There be Peace in the Middle East? YES!

During his presidential campaign, Barack Obama promised that…

Prophetic implications of Obama’s Revolution

"... Do the prophecies of the Bible shed light on the consequences…

Confirmation of the Covenant + 7 Years = Second Coming

Daniel 9:27 gives us a simple mathematical calculation: "…and…

Confirmation of the Covenant – How Will We Recognize It?

The confirmation of the covenant marks the beginning of the final…