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‘All or Nothing’: Kerry Demands Syria Ceasefire at Munich Talks

Major powers were beginning a new round of Syria peace talks on Thursday focusing on calls for a ceasefire and access for humanitarian aid.   But with the Syrian opposition saying it cannot accept a truce in the current climate because it does not trust the Russians, diplomats saw little chance of progress at discussions […]

U.N. announces start of Syria peace talks as government troops advance

The United Nations announced the formal start of peace talks for Syria on Monday and urged world powers to push for a ceasefire even as government forces, backed by Russian air strikes, launched their biggest offensive north of Aleppo in a year.   Government troops and allied fighters captured hilly countryside near Aleppo on Monday, […]

Russia open to hard-liners attending Syria peace talks

Russia said Tuesday it supports the inclusion of all opposition parties in Syrian peace talks, including representatives of two hard-line Islamic groups, as President Bashar Assad’s troops captured a village north of Syria’s largest city with the aid of Russian airstrikes.   Syria’s official SANA news agency reported the capture of Hardatneen, north of Aleppo, […]

Syrian opposition sets new conditions for peace talks

One of the main Syrian opposition blocs said Wednesday that it was unlikely to attend Geneva peace talks this week unless progress is made toward lifting sieges in the country and other conditions are met, adding that it was awaiting clarifications from the U.N. envoy.   The announcement cast further uncertainty on peace talks scheduled […]

U.N. Envoy for Syria Says Peace Talks Will Begin Friday

The United Nations announced on Monday that it would aim to start Syria peace talks on Friday, as Syrian military forces, aided by Russian air power, made new gains on the battlefield, suggesting that even these still precarious diplomatic negotiations would bring little respite in the fighting for the next several months.   The United […]

Russia and U.S., While Pushing for Peace Talks, Jockey for Position in Syria

The Russian military is expanding its footprint in Syria, setting up operations at an airfield in a northeastern, mostly Kurdish province across the country from its main coastal base. In an adjacent province, locals say the United States is intensifying its aid to Kurdish militias, even taking over a small agricultural airport; Pentagon officials denied […]

Israeli-Palestinian Agreement | Prophecy Update

Watch the Entire Show: : https://www.endtime.com/podcast/will-israel-annex-the-jordan-valley

The battles in N. Syria will determine the fate of the peace process

The US-Russian plan, approved by the UN Security Council as the lever for activating a political process towards ending the five-year Syrian war, can only go so far towards its objectives. The process is not capable of halting the fighting or removing Bashar Assad from power; just the reverse: progress in the talks is heavily dependent on […]

White House: Israeli-Palestinians talks unlikely in Obama’s last 14 months – Arab-Israeli Conflict

Israelis and Palestinians are unlikely to resume negotiations – much less conclude a two-state agreement – during the Obama Administration’s remaining 14 months, White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters in Washington on Monday.   “I think we have been quite candid about the fact that given the dynamic on both sides, it is unlikely […]

Netanyahu: ‘We Haven’t Given up Our Hope for Peace’

U.S. President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met privately Monday morning at the White House.   In remarks to the press before their meeting, Netanyahu pledged that Israel would never give up on the hope that Palestinians would some day seek peace with the Jewish state. Israel has a strong “willingness to […]