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Biden reassures pro-Israel group of unwavering support

WASHINGTON (AP) — Vice President Joe Biden reassured a leading pro-Israel group the Obama administration stands firmly by its Mideast ally and said the Iran nuclear agreement will make the region more safe.   He told a meeting of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee Sunday night that: “Iran is much, much further away from […]

Iran: Missile launch not violation of nuclear deal, UN resolutions

The Iranian Foreign Ministry claims that its recent missile test was not in violation of last year’s nuclear deal or of a UN Security Council resolution, Associated Press reports.   Hossein Jaberi Ansari, a spokesperson for the Ministry, told official IRNA news that the missiles were “conventional defensive instruments and they were merely for legitimate defense.”   Several days […]

Biden arrives in Israel to talk billions in military aid — and try to patch things up

Vice President Biden arrived in Israel on Tuesday to patch up, again, relations between the Obama White House and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after a very public and deeply partisan spat over the Iran nuclear deal.   Biden went directly from the airport to meet with former Israeli president Shimon Peres. But even as the […]

Analysis: Benjamin Netanyahu waiting for Obama’s successor in a gamble on Israel’s security

If more proof was needed about the nature of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s behavior toward the administration of US President Barack Obama, it was given during Sunday’s cabinet meeting. Netanyahu said that if Israel does not get what it wants in negotiations with the Obama administration on the new US defense aid package, then it […]

Israel’s air force still keeps eye on Iran despite nuclear deal

Irrespective of the global deal over the Iranian nuclear program, the Israel Air Force goes on building its long-range capabilities, and maintaining its readiness for any potential future scenario that may develop between Israel and the Islamic Republic.   The effort is overseen by the IAF’s Air Operations, established in the midst of Operation Protective […]

US House passes bill again to restrict Obama lifting Iran sanctions

The US House of Representatives narrowly approved legislation on Tuesday that would restrict President Barack Obama’s ability to lift sanctions under the international nuclear deal with Iran, nearly three weeks after a similar vote was cancelled.   House members voted 246-181 to pass the “Iran Terror Finance Transparency Act,” almost entirely along party lines, with […]

Iran sanctions: Islamic republic rapidly resumes global trade in wake of nuclear deal

Iran has wasted no time re-entering the global financial system in the wake of the removal of sanctions, with deals with French and German firms already in place, and a visit by President Hassan Rouhani to Italy and France planned for next week.   The visit will be Mr Rouhani’s first to Europe since the […]

Iran’s Rouhani: Nuclear deal ‘opened new windows for engagement with the world’

A day after the international sanctions on Iran were lifted, Iran’s President Rouhani hailed the nuclear deal as a “golden page” in his nation’s history and a turning point for its economy.   Watch the video above for details.   Read More: Iran’s Rouhani: Nuclear deal ‘opened new windows for engagement with the world’ | […]

Obama: Nuke Deal Means Iran Can’t Build Bomb

Barack Obama has said a landmark nuclear deal has “cut off every single path Iran could use to build a bomb”.   Speaking from the White House, the US President explained how 98% of Tehran’s stockpile of enriched uranium had been shipped out of Iran – “meaning they do not have enough material for even […]

Iran Reports Removing Core From Reactor

Iran reported Monday that it had removed the core of its plutonium-producing nuclear reactor at Arak as part of its efforts to complete its obligations under a new international agreement, even as President Obama moved to guard the deal against action in Congress.   Disabling the reactor is one of the most critical steps required […]