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Iran nuclear deal: America has taken Iran’s side

Goodbye, therefore, to the overwhelming influence of the Sunni Muslim nations which gave their sons to the 9/11 crimes against humanity and provided the world with Osama bin Laden, which supported the Taliban and then the Sunni Islamists of Iraq and Syria and – finally – goodbye to those emirs and princes who support Isis.  […]

Republican Lawmakers Vow Fight to Derail Nuclear Deal

Mr. Corker, the chief author of the review act, strongly implied that he was in the latter camp.   Republican opposition to diplomatic overtures dates at least to President Richard M. Nixon’s visit to China. Even President Ronald Reagan faced a backlash after raising the prospects of deep nuclear arms reductions after meeting Mikhail S. […]

The Latest: Israeli official: Iran deal a ‘license to kill’

A flag-draped stage awaits nuclear negotiators speaking at a news conference over the Iran deal.   Journalists began filing into a conference hall to listen to negotiators discuss the deal later Tuesday. On the stage, the flags of China, France, Germany, the European Union, Iran, Russia, the United Kingdom and the U.S. all stood in […]

Deal or no deal, Iran president faces headaches at home

But despite the risks he has taken in pushing for a deal against hardline opposition, the deal may not be enough to ensure Rouhani’s political future, analysts say.   Instead, long-term success is likely to hinge on whether he can ring the changes at home after making pre-election pledges on social and cultural reforms that […]

Israel to focus on Congress as it sees Iran deal as inevitable

Israel, he said, will warn Congress that “within 10 years, Iran will have a short nuclear breakout time, and until then it’ll continue funding terrorism using the billions it’ll get.” But members of Congress, who have 60 days to review the deal before voting on it, have yet to be given any details on the […]