John Bolton urges Trump to rethink NATO

“When he (Putin) reads this kind of statement, it’s an encouragement to him. We’re not deterring him, we’re in effect giving him a free hand. So I hope that whoever advised Mr. Trump on this rethinks it,” he added.   During an interview with the New York Times on Wednesday, Trump suggested he would be […]

NATO and Russia will meet to ease tension over military activities

NATO and Russia on Wednesday hold their first talks since the alliance agreed at a summit in Warsaw to beef up its presence in eastern Europe due to fears over the Kremlin’s expansionism.The meeting between ambassadors from the 28-nation alliance and Russia is the first since April and just the second since 2014, when the […]

The Guardian view on the Nato summit: a refreshed alliance for troubled times

The flags and insignia, the calls to unity and the reminders of the transatlantic link: it can be tempting to think one Nato summit is much like another. But last week in Warsaw, the alliance held a gathering for a new era – one in which Europe’s collective security and territorial defence are once again […]

EU integration main priority for Macedonia

Macedonia is prioritizing EU integration to attract foreign investment, bring stability to the country and boost living standards, the country’s top diplomat has said.   Macedonian Foreign Minister Nikola Poposki told Anadolu Agency, “In order to increase living standards in Macedonia, and to bring stability and foreign investments to our country, our main priority is […]

NATO to discuss Russian deterrence

NATO leaders will meet in Warsaw on Friday to plan a new deterrent against Russia.   The two-day summit will focus on NATO’s response to Russia, and a conflict in Ukraine that the West accuses Moscow of instigating at a cost of more than 9,000 lives.   Russia says it is the alliance, not Moscow, that is increasing the […]

Russia gathers troops at Baltic military bases ahead of Cold War-style stand-off with Nato

Russia is assembling military forces in eastern Europe as it draws closer to a potential Cold War-style standoff with Nato in the Baltic states.   The Russian military has been mobilising troops, trucks and equipment to various bases around Kaliningrad, a crucial outpost between Poland and Lithuania, as well as sites further inland according to Reuters. […]

Russia and NATO growing military across east Europe

On the kerbside outside the civilian airport in Kaliningrad, Russia’s Baltic Sea outpost, a group of about 20 servicemen in Russian navy uniforms lined up earlier this month, waiting for a bus to take them to their base.   “We are an additional reinforcement,” one of the young men, who said he and his colleagues […]

Canada to give troops for NATO force, ready to talk to Russia

Canada confirmed on Thursday it would provide a significant number of troops for a new 4,000-strong NATO force on Russia’s border but also said it was ready to talk to Moscow in a bid to reduce tensions.   Canada, the United States, Germany and Britain each will command a battalion in the new unit, which […]

Russia seen putting new nuclear-capable missiles along NATO border by 2019

Russia is likely to deploy advanced nuclear-capable missiles in its European exclave of Kaliningrad by 2019, casting the move as a reply to a U.S.-backed missile shield, and may one day put them in Crimea too, sources close to its military predict.   That would fuel what is already the worst standoff between Russia and […]

Huge Scandal Erupts Inside NATO: Alliance Member Germany Slams NATO “Warmongering” Against Russia

As we reported in just the past week, not only has NATO accelerated its encirclement of Russia, with British soldiers deployed in Estonia, US soldiers operating in Latvia and Canadians in Poland, while combat units are being increased in the Mediterranean…   … but even more troubling, was NATO’s assessment that it may now have […]