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Why It Feels Like a ‘Crime’ to Be Christian in Pakistan

But the modern reality is very different. Most people in Pakistan are Muslims and Jinnah’s imagined secular state has become increasingly theocratic after decades of dictatorships and official Islamism. Christians, particularly the poor belonging to the agricultural center and north of the country, are considered outcasts by many and find themselves pushed to the edge […]

American presidential hopeful Donald Trump warns Britain is not safe in wake of Brussels

The Republican front-runner has suggested Britain was among countries which have become “weak” and cannot protect themselves. Mr Trump said that Europe had “very, very severe” problems when it came to terrorism and that it needed better law enforcement.   He spoke out as riot police in Brussels fired water cannon at far-Right protesters yesterday. […]

VIDEO: Muslim woman rips up Israeli flag at Brussels makeshift memorial

French-language television station captured footage of a woman wearing a hijab ripping up an Israeli flag at a makeshift memorial for the victims of Tuesday’s bombings in Brussels.   The images were captured by the RTL television network and disseminated on the web and social media.   The incident took place at the vigil that […]

Hamas Wants Better Ties With Egypt, But Faces Demand That it Sever Links With Muslim Brotherhood First

A 12-strong Hamas delegation traveled to Cairo this week in an attempt to improve the Palestinian group’s fractured relations with the Egyptian government, but faces demands that it sever ties with the Islamist group that spawned it – the Muslim Brotherhood.   The visit by the Gaza-based militants came in a response to a public statement by […]

Citing Atrocities, John Kerry Calls ISIS Actions Genocide

Secretary of State John Kerry declared on Thursday that the Islamic State is committing genocide against Christians, Yazidis and Shiite Muslims who have fallen under its control in Syria and Iraq.   The militants, who have also targeted Kurds and other Sunni Muslims, have tried to slaughter whole communities, enslaved captive women and girls for […]

Miami Muslim leader denies Holocaust supports KKK

A local Muslim leader in Miami, Florida, has been exposed for posting virulently anti-Semitic material online, including Holocaust-denial and support for the KKK.   Sofian Abdelaziz Zakkout, the Director of the Miami, Florida-based American Muslim Association of North America (AMANA), posted his rantings on his Facebook page, which were then picked up by Frontpage Magazine. […]

US Catholic Bishops launch National Catholic-Muslim Dialogue, partnering with groups linked to Hamas and MB

“The current regional Catholic-Muslim dialogues are the Mid-Atlantic (partnering with the Islamic Circle of North America), Midwest (partnering with the Islamic Society of North America) and West Coast (partnering with the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California and the Islamic Educational Center of Orange County). Each is co-chaired by a bishop and a Muslim leader […]

Obama visits a mosque

On Feb. 3, President Barack Obama visited an American mosque — the first such visit of his presidency. He went to the Islamic Society of Baltimore, to reaffirm the importance of religious pluralism … and respect for that pluralism … here in the United States. In so doing, he refuted unequivocally the bigoted anti-Muslim rhetoric […]

Saudi clerics call for jihad against Russia in Syria

Fifty-five Saudi Arabian ‘opposition’ clerics and academicians, including some prominent Islamists, have signed a joint online statement urging “true Muslims” to “give all moral, material, political and military” support to the fight against Syrian President Bashar Assad’s army as well as Iranian and Russian forces.   The statement follows the commencement of daily Russian air […]

Obama Visits Mosque: ‘Islam Has Always Been Part of America’

President Obama spoke warmly about Islam during his speech at a mosque today, highlighting the contributions that Muslims had made to the fabric of American society.   “Islam has always been part of America,” he said, detailing the beginnings of the religion among African slaves brought to America. He also pointed out that Thomas Jefferson […]