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China Is Planning a Massive Sea Lab 10,000 Feet Underwater

China is speeding up efforts to design and build a manned deep-sea platform to help it hunt for minerals in the South China Sea, one that may also serve a military purpose in the disputed waters. Such an oceanic “space station” would be located as much as 3,000 meters (9,800 feet) below the surface, according […]

Chinese Intercept U.S. Military Spy Plane Over South China Sea

Two Chinese military aircraft intercepted a U.S. military reconnaissance plane over the South China Sea Tuesday.   Defense Department spokeswoman Lt. Col. Michelle Baldanza said that the U.S. maritime patrol reconnaissance aircraft was flying in a “routine patrol” in international airspace on May 17 when “two tactical aircraft from the People’s Republic of China” intercepted […]

Venezuela’s military is terrifying people

A week ago residents of the poorer barrios of Venezuela’s capital, Caracas, woke up to find soldiers everywhere.   Dressed in black helmets, military fatigues, and bulletproof jackets, a fleet of soldiers on 400 motorcycles flew through narrow, crumbling, streets while being supported by trucks and two helicopters.   They set up street checkpoints and […]

Disagreements slow Pentagon’s plan to allow transgender service members

Months before Defense Secretary Ash Carter said the Pentagon would take steps toward allowing transgender people to serve openly in the military, Army Staff Sgt. Patricia King last year became what she believes is the first openly transgender member of the infantry.   While official Pentagon policy still forbids openly transgender personnel, her commanders have […]

PressTV-Russia to test massive ‘Satan’ N-missile

Russia is preparing to start test-firing a highly powerful nuclear missile, which is said to be capable of destroying an entire country in seconds, a report says.   Russia’s Zvezda TV channel reported on Tuesday that the RS-28 Sarmat missile, dubbed Satan 2, will replace Soviet-era R-36M missiles, which NATO military experts had nicknamed “Satan.” […]

EU Building Potentially Tyrannical Military-Police Force

As the European Union and the establishment behind it become increasingly totalitarian, paranoid, and unstable, the EU super-state is raising up and training its own transnational military-police force. According to reports and its own propaganda material, the EU “Gendarmerie,” as the force is known, will apparently be charged with putting down protests and civil unrest, […]

Obama-Netanyahu Rift Impedes U.S. Offer of Record Aid Deal for Israel

WASHINGTON — President Obama has proposed granting Israel the largest package of military aid ever provided by the United States to another nation, but he and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu remain deeply at odds over a figure for the assistance despite months of negotiations.American officials have balked as their Israeli counterparts insisted on more generous […]

EU Secretly Building Transnational Military

Officials with the European Union and its formerly sovereign member states are conspiring to usurp control over national militaries, with a goal of eventually building a transnational EU military loyal only to the unelected regime ruling Europe from Brussels. Outrage surrounding the plot, however, is growing.   The process, taking place without a shed of […]

US plans ‘largest military aid package ever’

The White House is reportedly planning to accept Israeli demands for increased military aid, following pressure by the US Senate to sign a new Memorandum of Understanding laying out US support to Israel for the next decade.   With the current Memorandum of Understanding set to expire in 2018, Israel has been pressuring the White […]

Philippines: Presidential Frontrunner Vows to Retake South China Sea Islands on Jet Ski

Rodrigo Duterte, the frontrunner in this year’s Philippine presidential election, promised voters in a debate Sunday night that he would ride into the disputed territories of the South China Sea on a jet ski and plant the flag of the Philippines on the Spratly Islands, where China has built advance military infrastructure.   “I’ll go down, […]