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Russia gathers troops at Baltic military bases ahead of Cold War-style stand-off with Nato

Russia is assembling military forces in eastern Europe as it draws closer to a potential Cold War-style standoff with Nato in the Baltic states.   The Russian military has been mobilising troops, trucks and equipment to various bases around Kaliningrad, a crucial outpost between Poland and Lithuania, as well as sites further inland according to Reuters. […]

South China Sea: China should prepare for military confrontation in territorial dispute says state newspaper

China should prepare for military confrontation in the South China Sea, an influential state-run paper said yesterday (4 July). This comes a week before an international court in The Hague is due to give its decision on the territorial dispute between China and the Philippines on 12 July.   According to the Global Times paper, […]

Russia and NATO growing military across east Europe

On the kerbside outside the civilian airport in Kaliningrad, Russia’s Baltic Sea outpost, a group of about 20 servicemen in Russian navy uniforms lined up earlier this month, waiting for a bus to take them to their base.   “We are an additional reinforcement,” one of the young men, who said he and his colleagues […]

Russia Fires Dozens of Military Officers in Baltic Region

In a sweeping military shake-up, Russia has replaced the top commanders of its Baltic Fleet, which patrols a region that has become the main fault line between Russia and the West.   The exact reasons for the mass dismissal, involving dozens of officers, remain unclear. But the public nature of the abrupt change, announced on […]

Pentagon says transgender troops will be allowed to serve openly in US military

The Pentagon has announced it is lifting the ban on transgender people serving openly in the US military. Defence Secretary Ash Carter said that the prohibition of transgender citizens will end “immediately”.   A recent study by the RAND Corporation revealed that out of the approximately 1.3 million active-duty service members, an estimated 2,450 were […]

U.N. trucks mystery deepens: ‘They’re not ours!’

The mystery of the military-style U.N. vehicles spotted being hauled along Virginia’s highways deepened on Tuesday when two major contractors denied to WND that they had any role in the vehicles’ production or presence.   WND had reported on Monday when a wave of blogs reported online that trucks painted with the United Nations logo were […]

Turkish President Apologizes to Putin for Downing of Russian Military Jet

Turkish President Apologizes to Putin for Downing of Russian Military Jet   Putin has received a message from Recep Tayyip Erdogan expressing his “sympathy and deep condolences” to the family of the killed pilot and apologized, Dmitry Peskov told reporters.   Russia reacted with ire after Turkey in November shot down a Russian Su-24 bomber […]

Jordan declares Syria and Iraq borders closed military zones

Jordan has declared its border regions with Syria and Iraq to be closed military zones after a suicide bombing on Tuesday that killed six soldiers. It is not clear who was behind the attack, which was launched from Syrian territory, close to a refugee camp. The Jordanian government said no new refugee camps would be […]

North Korea Makes Apparent Progress With Midrange Missile

North Korea took a significant step Wednesday in the development of a powerful ballistic missile intended to reach U.S. bases in the Pacific, launching one of the weapons about 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) high after five failed attempts in recent months.   The North’s suspected Musudan tests worry Washington and its allies, Tokyo and Seoul, […]

Jordanian troops killed in bomb attack at Syria border

Six Jordanian security personnel have been killed in a suicide truck bomb attack near a makeshift refugee camp on the border with Syria, officials say. The attack took place at about 05:30 (02:30 GMT) in the remote Rukban area. Hours later, Jordan declared its northern and north-eastern borders would become closed military zones. It is […]