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Japan puts military on alert to shoot down North Korean rocket

Japan has threatened to shoot down any North Korean missile that threatens its territory and has deployed ballistic missile defence units in preparation for what officials in Pyongyang says is the imminent launch of a satellite.   Japan’s defence minister, Gen Nakatani, on Wednesday ordered the deployment of Aegis destroyers in the Sea of Japan […]

China reorganizing military to close gap with US

China’s armed forces are undergoing a sweeping five-year reorganization aimed at creating central control over the military’s nearly autonomous branches and creating a more lethal fighting force to close the gap with U.S. capabilities, analysts say.   The restructuring is the most profound undertaken since the 1950s when Soviet advisers helped modernize the nation’s post-civil […]

US considering fresh military action in Libya over Isis threat

The Pentagon is considering fresh military action in Libya more than four years after conducting an air campaign that helped topple dictator Muammar Gaddafi, a spokesman said on Wednesday.   Officials are currently “looking at military options” to stop the Islamic State militant group from gaining ground in another oil-rich Mideast nation, said Pentagon spokesman […]

Fatah’s military wing condemns ‘Hamas conspiracy’ against the Palestinian Authority

Fatah’s military wing, the al-Aksa Martyrs’ Brigades, voiced its relentless support for the head of the Palestinian General Intelligence Service, Majid Faraj, in light of his recent comments on security coordination between the Palestinian Authority and Israel.   On Monday, the group organized rallies in the West Bank in support of Faraj and Palestinian Authority […]

Russia will strengthen military in response to NATO

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia will form four new military divisions this year to strengthen its western and central regions in response to the increase in NATO drills, Russian news agencies cited a senior defense ministry officials as saying.   “Formation of these divisions is a measure to respond to the increase in intensity of exercises […]

REAL ID Act Noncompliance Affects Military Base Visitors

Unsuspecting tourists, parents coming to town for ship homecomings and even some pizza delivery drivers could start having trouble getting onto military bases.   Residents of five states and a U.S. territory no longer can use driver’s licenses to gain access to military installations because they don’t comply with Department of Homeland Security regulations. Licenses […]

Military chiefs gather in Paris to bolster Islamic State fight

Defense chiefs from the United States, France, Britain and four other countries meet in Paris on Wednesday to examine ways to build on gains made against Islamic State, including increasing the number of police and army trainers.   Islamic State was ousted by government forces from the western Iraqi city of Ramadi last month and […]

Military power in Asia ‘shifting against’ the US, major report warns

The balance of military power in Asia is shifting against the US as China makes aggressive territorial moves, a major independent report will warn on Wednesday.   Barack Obama’s “pivot to Asia”, a major policy shift first outlined in 2011, is mired in confusion against a backdrop of a “significantly more complicated” international security picture, […]

The US Military Wants a Chip to Translate Your Brain Activity Into Binary Code

It’s been a weird day for weird science. Not long after researchers claimed victory in performing a head transplant on a monkey, the US military’s blue-sky R&D agency announced a completely insane plan to build a chip that would enable the human brain to communicate directly with computers. What is this weird, surreal future?   […]

Emergency planners work on playbooks for the deadly Big One

As military helicopters ferry search and rescue teams over the Pacific Northwest, below them are scenes of devastation from a giant earthquake that could strike the region at any time.   Tsunami waters surge through coastal communities. Buildings, bridges and roads lie in ruins. Fires burn out of control. Survivors are stranded on rooftops, cling […]