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Iran Sanctions Bill Could Draw America Into War

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Damaged Brain Structures For Tv Watchers?

According to a new study, if your child watches too much TV it is possible that the structure of his or her brain could . . .

Netanyahu’s View of the Peace Talks

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Does the United Nations have too Many Christians?

It has been reported that the Christians are the most influential religious group in the United Nations. A study has stated that there needs to be more . . .

Syrian Chemical Weapons Disposal Underway

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By Dave Robbins

The Prophecy of The Final 7 Years before Armageddon

by Irvin Baxter


US Secretary of State John Kerry has set a goal of reaching a Middle East peace agreement by May 2014. If his “stated goal” is achieved, the final seven years to Armageddon will begin at that time.




The Bible prophesies a seven-year period that will immediately precede the Battle of Armageddon and the Second Coming of Jesus to the earth. Many important events are foretold to occur during . . .

Peace in the Middle East

Peace in the Middle East | Prophecy in the News


By Dave Robbins




We get a lot of questions via email and etc and we just want to answer a few of them today regarding prophecy in the news. If you have any questions do not hesitate to send it to us (drobbins@endtime.com). Hope you enjoy!

A Covenant with the Jews

David from Vermont asked in regards to Daniel 9 where it states that he will make a covenant with many for one week; how do we know he’s talking about the Jewish people?

Will Damascus Be Destroyed?

Will Damascus Be Destroyed?

 By Anthony Vandagriff




All of the turmoil with Syria recently has people questioning a prophecy in the Bible. Isaiah 17 speaks of Damascus being completely destroyed from being a city and being nothing more than a…

The Coming Destruction of Damascus

The Prophecy of Isaiah 17


June 28, 2006, in Syria just before dawn, a deafening explosion pierced the silence. President Bashar al-Assad, heart pounding, jolted awake. While the windows were still rattling from the concussion the doors to his sleeping chamber crashed open. His personal guards grabbed him by the arms and whisked him toward the Palace safe room just as he heard the loud buzz of…

Chemical Weapons Used By Assad?

By Irvin Baxter


Did Assad Use Chemical Weapons?


President Bashar Assad has been accused of using chemical weapons against his own people; however, he is vehemently denying that he has done this. So what’s the truth of all this? Right now, America is being asked to endorse an attack against Syria on…

Another Jewish Holocaust

3 1/2 Years After Signing Palestinian-Israeli Peace Accord

By Irvin Baxter



Never again! Those are the words that come to mind when we think of six million Jews that were marched off to the concentration camps of Nazi, Germany. When Hitler’s holocaust comes up for discussion inevitably we hear the words—never again.


However, Jesus prophesied that another Jewish holocaust is coming. He said it would take place in the West Bank or what has been referred to as the occupied territories. In the prophecy Jesus referred to it by…