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‘No Arab Demographic Time Bomb,’ Say Experts

At a packed Americans For a Safe Israel (AFSI) meeting that was held at AFSI National Chairman Mark Langfan’s Manhattan home last Wednesday, former Ambassador Yoram Ettinger and Langfan debunked the “Arab demographic time bomb” claims used to pressure Israeli withdrawals. Read More: ‘No Arab Demographic Time Bomb,’ Say Experts – Jewish World – News […]

Assad musters large Syrian-Hizballah-Iraqi force to recover forward Golan position opposite Israel

The Syrian army’s 90th Brigade’s loss of its forward Golan position at Tel Al-Ahmar to rebel forces including al Qaeda’s Nusra Front was Bashar Assad’s most humiliating military setback in the past year. Situated on the Israeli border, it is the key to the Golan town of Quneitra which faces Israeli army positions on the […]

Israeli launches spy satellite after US refusal to push for Iran’s weapons program’s dismantlement

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided not to delay the launch of Israel’s improved Ofek 10 spy satellite Wednesday night April 9, hours after the six powers and Iran wound up another round of talks in Vienna on comprehensive accord on its nuclear program. Israel decided to show some muscle over the Obama administration’s consent to […]

Bennett Demands Judea-Samaria Annexation

Economics Minister and Jewish Home party Chairman Naftali Bennett has drafted a letter to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Wednesday night, demanding that Israel establish full sovereignty over “settlement blocs” in Judea and Samaria. Read More: Bennett Demands Judea-Samaria Annexation – Inside Israel – News – Israel National News.

Arab League calls on U.S. to keep up efforts to salvage peace talks

The Arab League called on the United States on Wednesday to keep up efforts to salvage Middle East peace talks that are on the brink of collapse, blaming Israel for a crisis that has led Washington to evaluate its role in the negotiations. Read More: Arab League calls on U.S. to keep up efforts to […]

Kerry Blames Israel


Prayer on the Temple Mount can wait

It has recently been reported that a group of prominent Israeli rabbis and other public figures, among them some who are considered to be moderates, not extremists, has written a letter to the prime minister urging that he “establish a place of prayer for Jews on the Temple Mount,” which seems to mean to permit […]

Kerry Challenges Israel and PA to Choose Peace

US Secretary of State John Kerry has challenged both Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA) this Thursday to make a decision once and for all whether or not to make peace. Read More: Kerry Challenges Israel and PA to Choose Peace – Latest News Briefs – Israel National News.

Palestinians warn: We will join the Hague

The Palestinian Authority is only prepared to negotiate borders at this point in the peace talks, Fatah leader and negotiator Mohamed Shtayyeh told Sky News on Wednesday night. Read More: Palestinians warn: We will join the Hague | JPost | Israel News.

DEBKAfile forecasts Israel-Palestinian dialogue’s swift revival

After the commotion over the breakdown of talks, DEBKAfile’s sources predict that the US-led Israel-Palestinian talks will be back on course much sooner than would seem possible. The deal will be quickly closed for the release of 420 jailed Palestinians, including Israel Arab terrorists, and a partial freeze on settlement construction. Read More: DEBKAfile forecasts […]