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PA to Join Geneva Conventions – Global Agenda

The Palestinian Authority PA has signed up formally to the Geneva Conventions, which set down the rules of warfare and humanitarian operations in conflict zones, the treaties’ guardian Switzerland confirmed Friday. Read More: PA to Join Geneva Conventions – Global Agenda – News – Israel National News.

Abbas says willing to extend peace talks past April 29

The president of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, expressed on Thursday his willingness to extend peace talks with Israel past the end of April on “the basis that the fundamentals bring to the founding of a Palestinian state whose capital is east Jerusalem.” Read More: Abbas says willing to extend peace talks past April 29 […]

UN Chief Approves PA Breach of Talks

United Nations (UN) Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon on Wednesday signed official documents, confirming reception of and starting processing for Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’s requests to join international conventions that are also signed by the UN. Ten of the 15 conventions the PA wishes to join are co-signed by the UN. Read More: UN Chief Approves […]

‘There Has Never Been a Palestinian State’

Economics Minister and Jewish Home party leader Naftali Bennett has continued his calls to annex parts of Judea and Samaria, in response to the repeated failure of peace talks with the Palestinian Authority. Read More: ‘There Has Never Been a Palestinian State’ – Inside Israel – News – Israel National News.

The PA Walkout Was Pre-Planned

The Israeli-Palestinian talks encountered a crisis and dead-end with the unilateral announcement by Mahmoud Abbas, chairman of the PA, of applications to join 15 international institutions and conventions, most notably the Fourth Geneva Convention. Read More: The PA Walkout Was Pre-Planned – Op-Eds – Israel National News.

Israeli Institute Prepares Priests for Jerusalem’s Third Temple

On April 10, at 5 p.m., hundreds of Jews will gather at the Maimonides rabbinical institution plaza in the Kiryat Moshe neighborhood in Jerusalem and start learning the Jewish laws of Passover. Rabbis and experts, including Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, the head of the Temple Institute in the Old City of Jerusalem, the leading body preparing for the establishment […]

US Denies Deal Finalized For Pollard’s Release

A US official denied on Thursday a report citing another senior American official, who said that a deal freeing Jonathan Pollard in exchange for Israeli-held Arab terrorist convicts and an extension of peace talks will be carried out in the coming days. Read More: US Denies Deal Finalized For Pollard’s Release – News from America – News […]

‘No Arab Demographic Time Bomb,’ Say Experts

At a packed Americans For a Safe Israel (AFSI) meeting that was held at AFSI National Chairman Mark Langfan’s Manhattan home last Wednesday, former Ambassador Yoram Ettinger and Langfan debunked the “Arab demographic time bomb” claims used to pressure Israeli withdrawals. Read More: ‘No Arab Demographic Time Bomb,’ Say Experts – Jewish World – News […]

Assad musters large Syrian-Hizballah-Iraqi force to recover forward Golan position opposite Israel

The Syrian army’s 90th Brigade’s loss of its forward Golan position at Tel Al-Ahmar to rebel forces including al Qaeda’s Nusra Front was Bashar Assad’s most humiliating military setback in the past year. Situated on the Israeli border, it is the key to the Golan town of Quneitra which faces Israeli army positions on the […]

Israeli launches spy satellite after US refusal to push for Iran’s weapons program’s dismantlement

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided not to delay the launch of Israel’s improved Ofek 10 spy satellite Wednesday night April 9, hours after the six powers and Iran wound up another round of talks in Vienna on comprehensive accord on its nuclear program. Israel decided to show some muscle over the Obama administration’s consent to […]