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Senior Israeli official: World needs to see through Abbas’s ‘charade’

The international community should end the “charade” whereby Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas refuses to negotiate with Israel, deliberately creates a crisis, adds to the crisis through inflammatory rhetoric and then pleads to the world to “save us,” a senior government official said on Wednesday night.   The official, who said the world should finally […]

Palestinians face new uncertainty over President Mahmoud Abbas succession

With more than two decades of trying to secure an independent Palestinian state through negotiations at a hopeless dead end, the aging Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas now hopes to begin scaling down his responsibilities, with a view towards an orderly succession of power.   But after a decade in which Mr Abbas failed to groom […]

Abbas ‘won’t announce end of PA’ in UN speech

Palestinian leader has referred to ‘dropping a bombshell’ at upcoming UNGA appearance   Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has recently confided in western diplomats that he has no intention of making dramatic announcements, such as the dismantlement of the Palestinian Authority or the abrogation of the Oslo Accords, in his upcoming UN speech, Haaretz reported Sunday. […]

Abbas’ ‘bombshell’ UN speech

Two weeks before his speech at the UN General Assembly on September 29, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has stated that he will, “Drop a ‘bombshell’ at the end of my speech at the General Assembly, and I refuse to reveal what that bombshell is.   “The Palestinian president’s remarks were made during an interview with Arab […]

Prosor : Abbas fuels Temple Mount fire, UN fans the flames

Israel’s Ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor reacted Friday morning to the UN Security Council’s statement concerning the escalating tensions on in Jerusalem saying that “When the Palestinians set the Temple Mount ablaze, Mahmoud Abbas fuels the fire, and the Security Council fans the flames, it is a recipe for a regional explosion.   ” […]

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Compares Jews to Nazis

“We must not be a victim of the victim,” he added, pushing the anti-Semitic sentiment that Jews are treating the Palestinians the way the Nazis treated them.   “I did not do anything bad to him. I just want to follow the law,” stated Abbas, whose Palestinian Authority pays the families of terrorists who kill […]

Erekat calls on international community to protect Palestinians from Israelis after toddler killed

The PLO called on the international community to protect Palestinians from Israelis in the aftermath of a terror attack by Jewish extremists in the West Bank village of Duma in which a toddler was killed and four others were wounded.   “Over a year ago [Palestinian Authority] President Abbas requested international protection for Palestinians, a […]

Benjamin Netanyahu, Abbas may address the EU in bid to reinvigorate peace process

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas could address European heads of state in the near future as part of a push by the international community to jump-start the peace process.   It would be Netanyahu’s first address to the EU Council as premier, even though he has spoken three times before […]

Abbas to Italian PM: occupation, settlements are the biggest threats to peace

“Our hand is extended in peace to our Israeli neighbors, in accordance with the international resolutions,” Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Tuesday told Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi in a joined news conference held in Ramallah.”The continuation of the occupation and the settlements and the lack of implementation of agreements signed are the biggest threats […]

Palestinian unity government resigns, Abbas adviser says

The Palestinian unity government dissolved itself Wednesday, according to an adviser to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.   “[Prime Minister Rami] Hamdallah handed his resignation to Abbas and Abbas ordered him to form a new government,” Nimr Hammad, an adviser to the PA president, told AFP.   Fatah officials have denied the report, Israel Radio […]