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Report: Netanyahu and Herzog agreed on freeze

The report is in line with an earlier report in the Ma’ariv newspaper which said that Herzog’s demand for a formal, comprehensive freeze on construction in Jewish towns in Judea and Samaria was a sticking point in the coalition talks between the sides.   The announcement would not mean much, however, since there already is […]

‘This is our 1948’: Kurds kindle a close relationship with Jews and Israel

It was cold and dark when we arrived.   The beams of light from our clunky sedan on the potholed road seemed to be the only thing piercing the darkness.   To the north, Mount Shingal, which we had just crossed, lurked. To the south lay the city of Shingal, and beyond that the front […]

Victims of anti-Semitism remembered by the Jewish Agency

Each year on Yom Hazikaron – Remembrance Day for the Fallen and Victims of Terror – the Jewish Agency conducts a memorial ceremony that also includes the commemoration of Diaspora Jews who were murdered for no reason other than the fact that they were Jews.   Because each victim is an individual with a personal […]

Obama calls for solidarity with European Jews

WASHINGTON (JTA) — In his Holocaust Remembrance Day message, President Barack Obama called for solidarity with Jews facing anti-Semitism in Europe and on campuses.   “Today, and every day, we stand in solidarity with the Jewish community both at home and abroad,” Obama said in his statement released Wednesday afternoon, on the eve of commemorations. […]

Siren brings Israel to a halt as country marks Holocaust Remembrance Day

Israel commemorated the six million Jews who were murdered by Nazis in the Holocaust on Thursday with a two minute siren that brought the country to a halt at 10 a.m.   Events marking Holocaust Remembrance Day began on Wednesday evening at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem.   At that ceremony, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned […]

Kerry: US quietly helping embattled European Jews

Anti-Semitism is on the rise again, said Secretary of State John Kerry, and the US is reaching out to Jewish communities across Europe suffering from harassment and hate crimes.   Speaking on Tuesday at the James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy at Rice University in Houston, Kerry addressed the issue of religious freedom […]

Hundreds of Jews pray at Joseph’s Tomb

Hundreds of Jewish worshipers prayed at Joseph’s Tomb in Shechem on Wednesday night, defying Muslim violence at the holy site.   The Jewish pilgrims were accompanied by a heavy IDF security escort into the Palestinian Authority-controlled city, in honor of Passover.   As the busloads of visitors made their way into the city, they came […]

VIDEO: Muslim worshipers attack Jews trying to pray on Temple Mount

Video footage from Arab television emerged on Tuesday showing Muslim worshipers on the Temple Mount attack a small group of Jews who ascended to the holy site and attempted to pray.   Israeli authorities on Tuesday evicted eight Jewish visitors from the Temple Mount complex in response to what security forces said was inappropriate behavior […]

Women’s blessing at Jerusalem’s Western Wall curtailed

A bid by a Jewish women’s group to challenge tradition at Jerusalem’s Western Wall with a blessing usually conducted by men was curtailed Sunday after a decision by Israel’s attorney general.   The plan was the latest by the Women of the Wall group to push for equal prayer rights at the site, the holiest […]

Jews arrested for trying to sacrifice on Mount

Israel Police arrested two Israeli Jews in Jerusalem on Friday morning, as they carried a young goat up to the Temple Mount.   They were arrested on account of “behavior which was bound to break the peace,” Police said in a statement.   Shortly thereafter, the police also found another young goat tied to a […]