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First UN assembly on anti-Semitism to be held next week

The UN General Assembly will hold its first-ever special meeting on “the global outbreak of anti-Semitism” on January 22.   Thirty-six countries in cooperation with the Israeli mission petitioned President of the General Assembly Sam Kutesa of Uganda to hold the session.   Led by Israel, other signatories on the petition included the US, Canada, […]

French Jewish leader says his people need Israel’s help

leader of the French Jewish community said during a visit to Israel Tuesday that while in the past his community has supported Israel, now they are the ones in need of aid from the Jewish state.   Joël Mergui, president of the Consistoire, the umbrella organization of Jewish congregations in France, was part of a […]

Israel expects 10,000 French Jews to migrate after Paris attacks

Israel is expecting a huge surge in the numbers of French Jews migrating, after last week’s attacks in Paris killed four people at a kosher supermarket.   Since the killings on Friday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has urged the French Jewish community to consider the move – but some have accused him of “opportunism” […]

Rabbi Urges French Jews: Don’t Abandon Your Faith

Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi David Lau, has sent a condolence letter to rabbis and Jewish community members in France Tuesday, following an Islamist’s rampage on a kosher supermarket in Paris last week.   “Along with the Jewish world, we are horrified to hear about the terrible attack that occurred at a kosher supermarket in […]

Avigdor Liberman calls Turkey’s Erdogan ‘an anti-Semitic, neighborhood bully’

Europe’s silence in the face of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s vitriolic attacks against Israel is one of the reasons for the surge of anti-Semitism in Europe, Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman said Wednesday.   In some of the toughest public comments in memory against Erdogan and Turkey, Liberman told a gathering of Israel’s ambassadors to […]

Jewish Home ‘Messianic’, Says Ex-Candidate

Attorney Batya Kahana-Dror, who was a candidate in the Jewish Home primaries until Wednesday morning, did not waste time in launching a vicious attack against the party she had called her home.   “The Jewish Home is a messianic and anti-democratic party that does not offer its voters any hope,” Batya Kahana-Dror said Wednesday morning, […]

Refusal To Describe Attacks As ’Radical Islamic Terrorism’ A Question Of ‘Accuracy’

Press Secretary Josh Earnest defended President Obama and White House officials for refusing to describe the terrorist attacks in Paris as a consequence of radical Islamic terrorism.   Earnest explained to White House reporters during the press briefing that this is a question of “accuracy.”   “We want to describe exactly what happened. These are […]

Kosher Market Attack Deepens Fears Among European Jews

The killing of four French Jews in last week’s hostage standoff at a Paris kosher market has deepened the fears among European Jewish communities shaken by rising anti-Semitism and feeling vulnerable due to poor security and a large number of potential soft targets.   In the wake of the attacks, which follow deadly strikes on […]

Jewish fears for safety in wake of Paris attacks

Two young college student poets, Hannah Halpern and Amina Iro, are talking about their faith.   Nothing unusual there, you might think.   But one writes about Allah and her mosque, the other about her synagogue and the Star of David.   The two met at a Washington DC youth slam poetry event and write […]

White House admits should have sent ‘higher-profile’ official to Paris rally

The White House acknowledged Monday that it erred in not sending a higher-level representative to the massive rally in Paris against Islamic terrorism, after facing bipartisan criticism over the meager U.S. presence at the march — which was attended by more than 40 world leaders.   “We should have sent someone with a higher profile […]