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Majority of world’s Jews feel safe in their countries, survey finds

Only a slim majority, 56%, of European Jews have a sense of security   The majority of the world’s Jews feel safe in their countries, according to a poll conducted amongst Jewish community leaders around the world. Israeli news site Ynet reports that 77% reported that they do not think that their constituents feel threatened […]

Al-Qaida: ISIS divides Muslims instead of targeting Jews and Christians

In response to a recent ISIS statement stating the illegitimacy of all other jihadi groups, al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula and al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb released a joint video statement on Monday denouncing the group that controls large swathes of Syria and Iraq, The Middle East Media Research Institute has reported.   In his […]

Hamas demands British apology

Hamas is demanding that Britain apologize for the 1917 Balfour Declaration, in which then-UK Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour declared that Britain would support the establishment of a national homeland for the Jewish people in the Land of Israel.   In an official statement to mark 98 years since the declaration, Hamas’ refugee affairs department said the […]

Arabs erred in rejecting 1947 Palestine partition, says Joint List head

He tried to understand the Arabs’ decision within the context that they were “the natives of this place, and suddenly came the Jews with the Zionist idea of a Jewish home – a Jewish home, not a home of all its citizens, but a Jewish home with a story of two thousand years.”   This […]

New Zealand steps up UN push for Israeli-Palestinian talks

A draft UN resolution by New Zealand aimed at reviving Israeli-Palestinian peace talks calls for a freeze on Jewish settlements and halting moves to prosecute Israel at the International Criminal Court.The text has been circulated to the 15 Security Council members, as well as Israel and the Palestinians, diplomats said Thursday.The measure is the latest […]

IDF to impose separation of Jews, Palestinians in Gush Etzion

Near total segregation between Israeli Jews and Palestinians is set to be enforced by the IDF in the Gush Etzion region of the West Bank, according to a recently-written open letter from head of the regional council Davidi Perel to local residents.   “Unfortunately we do not see an end nearby to the situation, nor […]

Top Hamas official: This intifada will never stop

According to Hammad, Allah took it upon himself “to persecute the Jews – the slayers of the Prophets, the bloodsuckers, the killers of the martyrs and of anyone who sacrifices himself.”   “This intifada and this jihad will never stop despite the security coordination,” he continued. “If you are true Palestinians, you will use weapons […]

Pope Francis: Attacks on Jews are anti-Semitism, as are attacks on Israel

Jewish leaders met with Pope Francis in Rome on the 50th anniversary of the Nostra Aetate, the declaration promulgated by Pope Paul VI that led to improved relations between Jews and Catholics.   “Yes to the rediscovery of the Jewish roots of Christianity. No to anti-Semitism,” the pope said Wednesday morning during the public audience […]

Palestinian preacher calls to annihilate Jews

A Palestinian preacher held a rally calling for the Muslim Caliphate to return and ‘annihilate’ Jews on Saturday, as he stood at Judaism’s holiest site.   “Allah willing, the Caliphate will be the one to liberate Jerusalem very soon, after annihilating the rulers of the wicked [Arab] mini-states,… and it will annihilate the Jewish entity,” Palestinian preacher […]

Grand mufti: There was never a Jewish Temple on Temple Mount

Strong criticism was leveled on Monday at Sheikh Muhammad Ahmad Hussein, the grand mufti of Jerusalem, who claimed on Sunday that a Jewish Temple never existed on the Temple Mount.   Asked in a interview with Channel 2 if he accepts that the Jewish Temple existed at the site, the mufti said “the Aksa Mosque […]