U.S. threatens sanctions on buyers of ISIS oil

Islamic State wrested a Sunni Muslim village in western Iraq on Thursday from tribal defenders who put up weeks of fierce resistance, and the insurgents tightened a siege of the Yazidi minority on a mountain in the north.   The attacks showed Islamic State’s continued operating resilience despite air strikes by U.S.-led coalition forces aimed […]

U.K. Edges Toward Departure from European Union

It’s hard to imagine anything more insular than a British party political conference—except, perhaps, for an island. U.K. Parliament Debates Joining U.S. Air Strikes Against ISIS Radical Muslim Cleric Abu Qatada Cleared of Terrorism Charges in Jordan Very Civil Disobedience: Inside Hong Kong’s Polite ‘Revolution’. A Short History of Secret Service Scandals. What We Know […]

The many names of ISIS (also known as IS, ISIL, SIC and Da’ish)

FOR the third time in as many decades America is leading a powerful coalition to war in the Middle East. On September 23rd the offensive expanded dramatically as coalition aircraft and missiles struck in Syria, widening the theatre beyond its initial arena in Iraq. Their target is a radical jihadist group that has grabbed headlines […]

ISIS threat: Expect terror group to attack Baghdad next

In the many months since the U.S. military left Iraq, and despite Iraqi security forces’ best efforts, deadly bombings have wracked Baghdad and Iraq’s other major cities. Most recently, as reported by FirstPost.com “A car bomb exploded near a market in the Shiite neighborhood of Sadr City in Baghdad on Tuesday, killing at least 14 […]

Islamic State crisis: ‘3,000 European jihadists join fight’

The number of Europeans joining Islamist fighters in Syria and Iraq has risen to more than 3,000, the EU’s anti-terrorism chief has told the BBC.   Gilles de Kerchove also warned that Western air strikes would increase the risk of retaliatory attacks in Europe.   US-led forces have launched more than 200 air strikes against […]

The Turks who see Islamic State as a ‘family-friendly’ alternative

ISTANBUL — Asiya Ummi Abdullah doesn’t share the view that the Islamic State group rules over a terrorist dystopia and she isn’t scared by the American bombs falling on Raqqa, its power center in Syria.   As far as she’s concerned, it’s the ideal place to raise a family.   In interviews with The Associated […]

Kerry: ISIS Is ‘the Order of Satan’

CNSNews.com) – Secretary of State John Kerry on Thursday defended President Barack Obama’s statement that the Islamic State is not Islamic, saying that they can call themselves whatever they want, but “they’re not a state, and they do not represent Islam.” In fact, he said, they are “the order of Satan.” “The Islamic State, they […]

‘Christianity as we know it in Iraq is being wiped out’

A member of Congress is calling out Western civilization, President Obama and Congress for their “deafening silence” on the purge by radical Muslims of anything Christian in Iraq, especially Mosul, where Christians had lived for some 2,000 years.   The warning from Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va., was blunt. “Christianity as we know it in Iraq […]