Turkey calls on US to join in ground offensive in Syria to defeat Isis and end civil war

Turkey has called on the US and other members of the international coalition in Syria to join in a ground offensive and “stop this war”.   Speaking amid speculation that Turkey was preparing troops to enter Syria from the north over the weekend, Ankara said it refused to take action on its own.   But an […]

CIA director says IS group has used, can make chem weapons

CIA director John Brennan has said that Islamic State fighters have used chemical weapons and have the capability to make small quantities of chlorine and mustard gas, CBS News reported.   “We have a number of instances where ISIL has used chemical munitions on the battlefield,” Brennan told CBS News, which released excerpts of an […]

US says NATO may join anti-ISIS coalition

NATO is considering joining the US-led coalition fighting Islamic State (ISIS) jihadists in Syria and Iraq, US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said Thursday.   “Thanks to the leadership of NATO (head) Jens Stoltenberg we are exploring the possibility of NATO joining the coalition as a member itself,” Carter said after a meeting of the coalition in Brussels to discuss increasing their contributions to […]

War for ISIS’s Mosul may trigger dam catastrophe

The risk of Iraq’s largest dam collapsing and unleashing a huge wave onto Mosul is affecting plans to retake the city from jihadists, an adviser to the prime minister’s office said.   The Iraqi army is deploying thousands of soldiers to a northern base in preparation for operations to recapture the northern city, the largest urban center in the Islamic State (ISIS) […]

Gaza: Hamas-ISIS ties tighten

Israel’s intelligence community has found that the Hamas terrorist organization and Islamic State (ISIS) intensified their mutual cooperation in the year 2015 – so reports Middle East Newsline (MENL).   According to the Israeli intelligence sources, the two terrorist movements share intelligence, weapons shipments, logistics and medical services.   For instance, ISIS frequently works with […]

Saudi clerics call for jihad against Russia in Syria

Fifty-five Saudi Arabian ‘opposition’ clerics and academicians, including some prominent Islamists, have signed a joint online statement urging “true Muslims” to “give all moral, material, political and military” support to the fight against Syrian President Bashar Assad’s army as well as Iranian and Russian forces.   The statement follows the commencement of daily Russian air […]

German Intelligence Says ISIS Fighters Are Among Refugees

Hans-Georg Maaßen (shown), the president of Germany’s domestic security agency (known as the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution — BfV) told ZDF, the German public broadcaster, on February 5 that his agency has received more than 100 warnings that Islamic State (ISIS) militants have entered his nation among refugees. Maaßen said:   […]

Jeremy Corbyn demands to know British war plan against Isis in Libya

Jeremy Corbyn has demanded that David Cameron reveal the extent of Britain’s growing military preparations for war in Libya, amid concern that British “seek and destroy” drones may already be operating over the country.   The opposition leader intervened to demand the Prime Minister give MPs an “unequivocal assurance that no decision has been taken […]

Top IS commanders ‘taking refuge’ in Libya

Senior commanders from so-called Islamic State (IS) have moved to Libya from Iraq and Syria recently, a top Libyan intelligence official says.

War on Isis: Saudi Arabia ready to join US-led ground operations to destroy terror group

Saudi Arabia has said it is ready to join any US-led ground operations against Isis in war-torn Syria. The Kingdom is already fighting Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in the war in Yemen on its southern border.   The oil-rich kingdom is the birthplace of IS’ (Daesh) brand of Wahhabi-Salafist Sunni Islam, but the Saudi’s are considered […]