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ISIS territory in Syria and Iraq

The Islamic State’s territory in 2015 shrank by 40% from its maximum expansion in Iraq and by 20% in Syria as international forces pushed its militants out of several cities, a spokesman of the US-led coalition said on Tuesday, according to Reuters.   The Islamic State, also known as ISIS, ISIL, or Daesh, swept through […]

ISIS Continues to Ransack Christian Churches, Homes, and Cemeteries

Continuing its onslaught against Christians in the Middle East, ISIS has laid waste to numerous Assyrian churches and homes in Iraq while vandalizing Christian monasteries and cemeteries throughout the region.   Last week, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria turned 10 Assyrian homes into ruins while injuring several in a bomb blast that also […]

U.S. Slides Back into War in Iraq, Joining Conflict President Once Opposed

More U.S. military personnel have been sent to Iraq and Syria. Trainers, Special Forces, and airstrikes haven’t been enough. The administration continues its slow progression to renewed ground combat. President Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize grows more tarnished by the day.   Defense Secretary Ashton Carter informed Congress last month that a “specialized expeditionary targeting […]

Isis launches huge counter-attack in key stronghold city of Ramadi days after it was ‘liberated’

An unidentified source toldthe  Agence France-Presse (AFP) news agency the extremist group sent six “suicide vehicles” followed by fighters wearing explosive belts to an Iraqi compound in north Ramadi on Friday.   According to AFP, the fighters managed to take control of the base “when the army had to pull out because it suffered casualties” but […]

Iraqi PM visits Ramadi after declaring Isis will be ‘terminated’ in 2016

The Iraqi prime minister, Haider al-Abadi, has arrived in Ramadi a day after his government declared the city liberated from Islamic State.   Abadi kicked off his tour with meetings with security and provincial officials, reports said. The recapture of the city, where the Iraqi flag was raised on Monday over government buildings that had […]

Ramadi ‘fully liberated’ from ISIS’ grasp, Iraqi military says

Iraqi government forces took control of the central government complex in the city of Ramadi Monday, liberating the city from the ISIS terror group, a military spokesperson said.   However, Gen. Ismail al-Mahlawi, head of military operations in Anbar, said that troops had only retaken the complex itself, and parts of the city remained under ISIS […]

ISIS puts up heavy fight to slow Iraqi troop advance on Ramadi

Islamic State fighters are putting up a tough fight in the militant-held city of Ramadi, slowing down the advance of Iraqi forces, a senior Iraqi commander said Sunday.   Iraq launched the long-awaited operation to retake the Anbar provincial capital, which was captured by IS militants in May, but after an initial push across the […]

‘The only country ISIS fears in the Middle East is Israel’

German journalist who spent 10 days with Islamic State says that the radical jihadist group that has captured wide swaths of Syria and Iraq is deterred by only one Middle Eastern country – Israel.   In an interview with the British Jewish News, Jurgen Todenhofer recalls his brief time behind enemy lines during which he […]

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani: ‘Islamic State has tarnished the global image of Islam’

He explained that Islamic principles are opposed to violence and Islam is founded on principles of peace and compassion. In contrast, extremist groups are borne of “narrow-mindedness and a lack of moderation”, he added.   Mr Rouhani said that Muslim countries needed to be accountable and had been “silent in the face of all the […]

Islamic State Hopes to Expand ‘Caliphate’ into Indonesia

Brandis described this as part of the ISIS vision for a “distant caliphate,” establishing a presence far beyond the Islamic State’s home turf in Syria and Iraq.   “ISIS has a declared intention to establish caliphates beyond the Middle East, provincial caliphates in effect,” he explained. “It has identified Indonesia as a location of its […]