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ISIS Used Mustard Gas Against Kurdish Forces in Iraq, U.S. Believes

U.S. officials believe the terror group ISIS used chemical weapons in Iraq this week, defense and intelligence officials said Thursday.   The terror group used mustard gas in an attack against Kurdish fighters, two defense officials and an intelligence official told NBC News. Mustard gas, infamously used during World War I, can cause blisters, blindness […]

Facial Recognition Software Moves From Overseas Wars to Local Police

Facial recognition software, which American military and intelligence agencies used for years in Iraq and Afghanistan to identify potential terrorists, is being eagerly adopted by dozens of police departments around the country to pursue drug dealers, prostitutes and other conventional criminal suspects. But because it is being used with few guidelines and with little oversight […]

Iraq Vets Take On Obama Over Iran Deal

A group of Iraq war veterans is launching a million-dollar effort to oppose President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, trying to counter the president’s argument that those who are against the deal are in favor of war.   Obama has said recently that there are only two camps: those who support the deal versus those […]

Anti-ISIS Coalition Built ISIS

Everybody has heard of the group of barbarians styling themselves the Islamic State, or ISIS, or, ISIL, or whatever they’re calling themselves this week. These savages are still butchering their way through huge segments of Iraq and Syria with U.S. weapons. What fewer people know about is that this terrorist group is largely the Frankenstein […]

Iraqi Christians who fled ISIS living in limbo while in exile

A year after tens of thousands of Iraqi Christians fled communities overtaken by Islamic State militants, their lives are on hold in exile: They won’t go back to Iraq, saying it’s not safe for Christians, but as refugees they’re barred from working in temporary asylum countries such as Jordan. Expectations of quick resettlement to the […]

Turkey Launches War: 260 Kurds Dead in a Week

Turkey has killed 260 Kurdish militants in a week-long air offensive on targets in northern Iraq, official media claimed Saturday, as regional Iraqi authorities said it was time the rebels pulled out with concerns growing over civilian casualties.   Ankara has launched a two-pronged “anti-terror” offensive against Islamic State (ISIS) jihadists in Syria and Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) militants based in northern […]

Iraqi Kurds warn PKK amid Turkey air strikes

At the same time, it is bombing Islamic State militants in Syria in an effort to push them back from Turkey’s borders. Turkey had not previously been involved in fighting in Syria’s conflict. ‘Keep battlefield away’ Further Turkish air raids were reported overnight, this time in the Rawanduz area east of Erbil, capital of Iraq’s […]

Iraqi politician calls for peace with Israel, blasts Iran and Islamic State

Iran, according to Al-Alusi, “is the most insane actor, which gambles with the lives of its sons, its people, and its history in order to [realize] the Iranian leaders’ false vision. It is inconceivable that Iran will control the region someday, and it does not have the power to do so.”   Regarding the emergence of Islamic […]

Iraqi coalition gains come amid internal ISIS friction

Ground forces killed 11 terrorists and three foreign snipers in a district east of Ramadi, also clearing nearly 20 booby-trapped houses and destroying several vehicles loaded with heavy munitions.   Elsewhere, the pro-government groups captured a strategic bridge, cut off ISIS supply lines to Fallujah and Iraq security forces took control of three more Anbar […]

ISIS in Bible Prophecy

The prophecy by Irvin Baxter   “Then the sixth angel sounded: And I heard a voice from the four horns of the golden altar which is before God, saying to the sixth angel who had the trumpet, ‘Release the four angels who are bound at the great river Euphrates.’ So the four angels, who had […]