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Iran Talks Closer on One-Year Nuclear ‘Breakout’ Demand

MONTREUX, Switzerland—Iran and six major powers are nearing an understanding that a final nuclear deal must be structured around the U.S. demand that Tehran stay at least a year away from amassing enough fuel for a nuclear weapon, according to people familiar with the negotiations.   The understanding about Iran’s so-called breakout time, if it […]

PressTV-‘Israel ruffled by Iran nuclear talks’

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says nuclear talks between Iran and the six world powers have ruffled the feathers of one aggressive and occupying regime, whose existence hinges on belligerence.   Speaking at a Cabinet session in Tehran on Wednesday, Rouhani stated that the Tel Aviv regime is constantly worried about the establishment of peace and […]

Kerry Flies to Saudi Arabia to Discuss Iran Nuclear Talks

Secretary of State John Kerry flew to Saudi Arabia on Wednesday to take on the challenge of explaining a potential deal over Iran’s nuclear program to the American-allied conservative monarchies of the gulf.   In the Saudi capital, Riyadh, Mr. Kerry plans to meet with King Salman and to consult with foreign ministers from Bahrain, […]

Administration Touts Nuclear Deal of ‘Double-Digit Duration’

A new phrase being circulated by the administration in relation to a proposed nuclear deal with Iran is “double-digit duration” – that is, an agreement period of at least 10 years – but the top Iranian nuclear negotiator stressed Tuesday that such an element is unacceptable to the regime.State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf used the […]

Netanyahu warns Congress: Deal will lead to Iranian nuclear bomb

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Tuesday that a proposed agreement between world powers and Iran was “a bad deal” that would not stop Tehran from getting nuclear weapons — but would rather pave its way to getting lots of them and leave the Jewish State in grave peril.   In a dramatic address to […]

Netanyahu’s ‘chutzpah’ rocks Capitol and riles Obama

Just as negotiations with Iran are at their most delicate stage, in comes Bibi to say the deal stinks. If you’re the president, that just doesn’t feel very kosher, so to speak.   After all, something quite extraordinary did unfold today. The Speaker of the House invited the Israeli prime minister to address Congress and […]

Netanyahu ready to take Iran case to Congress in controversial speech

From the White House to Capitol Hill, anticipation was mounting Tuesday over Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to Congress which he plans to use to make his case against a pending nuclear deal with Iran.   The prime minister, who previewed his speech a day earlier during remarks to the pro-Israel lobby, warns that […]

Iran nuclear deal threatens Israel’s security

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insisted Monday that his plans to address Congress are not aimed at disrespecting President Barack Obama, even as he assailed the U.S. leader’s bid for a nuclear deal with Iran as a threat to his country’s survival. “I have a moral obligation to speak up in the face of these […]

Netanyahu to lay out elements of Iran deal, urge pushing back deadline

During his upcoming speech to Congress, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will lay out the details of what he understands to be the nuclear agreement between world powers and Iran, hoping it will prompt lawmakers to question the administration and delay the March 24 deadline for a political agreement.   A senior Israeli official traveling […]

Obama says Iran must halt key nuclear work for at least a decade

Iran must commit to a verifiable freeze of at least 10 years on sensitive nuclear activity for a landmark atomic deal to be reached, but the odds are still against sealing a final agreement, U.S. President Barack Obama told Reuters on Monday.   Interviewed at the White House, Obama moved to dial back tensions over […]