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Security fears over Iran gave Benjamin Netanyahu election win

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu owes his election win to Israeli security fears, notably about Iran’s growing regional influence, said an official of a Gulf Arab government wary of Tehran’s progress towards a nuclear deal with world powers.   “With Iran emerging again, it was highly expected that Netanyahu would win,” said the Gulf Arab official, […]

US, Iran race to fill out contours of a nuclear agreement

American and Iranian negotiators raced to fill out a framework for rolling back Iran’s nuclear program and punitive U.S. economic sanctions, hoping for enough progress to call in other world powers for the finishing touches on an agreement next week.   U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz and Iranian atomic energy chief Ali Akbar Salehi met […]

Iran Sent Arms to Iraq to Fight ISIS, U.S. Says

Iran has deployed advanced rockets and missiles to Iraq to help fight the Islamic State in Tikrit, a significant escalation of firepower and another sign of Iran’s growing influence in Iraq.   United States intelligence agencies detected the deployments in the past few weeks as Iraq was marshaling a force of 30,000 troops — two-thirds […]

‘New Iranian missile could extend Iran’s strike capability to Europe and beyond’

A new Iranian long-range missile could extend Iran’s strike capability to a wide swath of Europe and potentially far beyond, an Israeli analyst said this week.   Tal Inbar, the head of space research at the Fisher Institute for Air and Space Strategic Studies in Herzliya, said that with their 2,500 km. range, the Soumar […]

Major nations hold talks on ending U.N. sanctions on Iran

Major world powers have begun talks about a United Nations Security Council resolution to lift U.N. sanctions on Iran if a nuclear agreement is struck with Tehran, a step that could make it harder for the U.S. Congress to undo a deal, Western officials said.   The talks between Britain, China, France, Russia and the […]

Former Intel chief Yadlin calls for military contingency plan with US against Iran

Former Military Intelligence chief and the Zionist Union’s candidate for Defense Minster, Amos Yadlin, on Tuesday called for a military pact with the United States against Iran.   Speaking at the New-Tech conference, an event focusing on groundbreaking technological innovations in the military field, Yadlin expressed belief in the need for a US-Israel agreement that […]

Saudis hedging bet if Iran nuke deal fails

Riyadh has publicly welcomed Secretary of State John Kerry’s assurances that the United States and the other permanent members of the United Nations Security Council – Russia, China, Britain and France – plus Germany, known as the P5+1 countries, any deal with Iran does not an overall rapprochement.   Quietly, however, Riyadh is marshaling leaders […]

Iranians in Iraq battle ‘concerning’:

The presence of Iranian advisers in the Iraq battle for Tikrit is “concerning” to the United States, Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter said Wednesday.   A mostly Shiite Iraqi force, including Iranian-backed militias, entered Tikrit Wednesday from the Islamic State group after a 10-day push to enter the city.   The presence of Iranian military […]

Kerry: Congress cannot modify any Iran-US nuclear agreement

“It is incorrect when (the letter) says that Congress can actually modify the terms of an agreement at any time. That is flat wrong,” Kerry told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which does not include Senator Tom Cotton, the Republican from Arkansas who wrote the letter. The White House slammed the letter as “reckless” and […]

Iran Declares Pre-emptive Victory in Nuke Talks

Iran’s foreign minister and chief negotiator in nuclear talks with the West declared victory for his country, stating that no matter how the negotiations end, Tehran has come out “the winner,” according to remarks made on Tuesday and presented in the country’s state-run press.   Javad Zarif, the Islamic Republic’s foreign minister, stated in remarks […]