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Netanyahu ready to take Iran case to Congress in controversial speech

From the White House to Capitol Hill, anticipation was mounting Tuesday over Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to Congress which he plans to use to make his case against a pending nuclear deal with Iran.   The prime minister, who previewed his speech a day earlier during remarks to the pro-Israel lobby, warns that […]

Iran nuclear deal threatens Israel’s security

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insisted Monday that his plans to address Congress are not aimed at disrespecting President Barack Obama, even as he assailed the U.S. leader’s bid for a nuclear deal with Iran as a threat to his country’s survival. “I have a moral obligation to speak up in the face of these […]

Netanyahu to lay out elements of Iran deal, urge pushing back deadline

During his upcoming speech to Congress, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will lay out the details of what he understands to be the nuclear agreement between world powers and Iran, hoping it will prompt lawmakers to question the administration and delay the March 24 deadline for a political agreement.   A senior Israeli official traveling […]

Obama says Iran must halt key nuclear work for at least a decade

Iran must commit to a verifiable freeze of at least 10 years on sensitive nuclear activity for a landmark atomic deal to be reached, but the odds are still against sealing a final agreement, U.S. President Barack Obama told Reuters on Monday.   Interviewed at the White House, Obama moved to dial back tensions over […]

‘Increasing global hatred of Israel is a sign of divine help’

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has claimed that heightened anti-Israel sentiments across the globe serve as a sign of “divine help” in the Islamic Republic’s fight against its arch enemy.   “Increasing global hatred of #Israel is a sign of divine help,” he wrote late Monday on Twitter.   Iran’s leading cleric came out […]

On Iran, a Question of Whether Obama and Netanyahu Really Have the Same Goal

When it comes to nuclear negotiations with Iran, President Obama has said America’s goal is to prevent Iran from ever producing a nuclear weapon, while Israel has described a different one: denying Iran the capability of ever getting there.   “Our goal here is to be able to verify that Iran does not have a […]

Ya’alon: Military attack on Iran is last resort

In an interview with US television channel al-Hura, Ya’alon further stressed that Israel is prepared to cooperate with any Arab Gulf states that feel threatened by the Iranian regime’s apparent pursuit of nuclear weapons.   Read More: Ya’alon: Military attack on Iran is last resort | The Times of Israel

Benjamin Netanyahu set to reveal new details to Congress about emerging Iran deal

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu landed in Washington late Sunday, ahead of his controversial speech to Congress where he is expected to warn against a possible nuclear deal with Iran. The United States and Israel showed signs of seeking to defuse tensions on Sunday but policy differences between the two allies over the negotiations with Iran […]

Egypt’s plan for ‘joint Arab force’ a non-starter, but shows cooperative intent against threats

Egypt’s President Abdel Fatteh al-Sisi said in interviews with Saudi-backed media prior to his visit on Sunday to meet Saudi Arabia’s King Salman that he supports the establishment of a “joint Arab force,” though likely for rhetorical flourish.   However, Egypt and other Sunni Arab states are under external threat and feel the need to […]

UN nuclear watchdog says Iran still withholding key information on atomic program

The head of the United Nations’ nuclear watchdog said on Monday Iran had still not handed over key information to his staff, and his body’s investigation into Tehran’s atomic program could not continue indefinitely.   “Iran has yet to provide explanations that enable the agency to clarify two outstanding practical measures,” chief Yukiya Amano told […]