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Benjamin Netanyahu backs Obama statement: Iran could have zero breakout time at deal’s end

A program, Iran will need no time at all to produce an atomic bomb, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday.   Netanyahu spoke just one day after President Barack Obama made a similar statement in an interview with National Public Radio about the framework deal reached in Switzerland last week between Iran and six […]

The unfolding farce of Obama’s deal with Iran

They didn’t sign a bad framework deal in Lausanne, Switzerland, last week. They just agreed on one in principle, and left it unsigned, allowing for multiple conflicting interpretations.   It was immediately plain that the US-led negotiators had mislaid their moral compass, and indeed any clear sight of their own self-interest, when they agreed to […]

‘Iran helping Hamas, Hezbollah build fleet of suicide drones’

Iran is building an explosive fleet of so-called “suicide kamikaze drones” while also providing know-how on assembling these new weapons to its terrorist allies Hamas and Hezbollah, according to a new report commissioned by the US Army.   The report, which was cited by the American daily newspaper The Washington Times and published by the […]

Iran will only sign final nuclear deal if sanctions end on same day…

Khamenei called the deal “non-binding” and said the prospect of lifting sanctions in stages was “unacceptable”, saying they must be removed on the same day a deal is signed. He also said that an extension of the June 30 deadline “would not be the end of the world” and that the talks between Iran and […]

A tough deal to swallow

LAST Friday, on the morning after the P5+1 group of world powers and Iran announced a framework for a nuclear agreement in Lausanne, Israeli tabloid Yisrael Hayom carried a rare interview with military planning chief Major General Nimrod Shefer. The interview had been conducted before the deal was reached in Switzerland but under the assumption […]

State Dep’t Clarifies Obama’s ‘Muddled’ Words on Iran Nuclear Breakout Time

A crucial declared achievement in last week’s framework agreement is extending Iran’s “breakout” time – the period of time it would take the Iranians to acquire the material needed for one nuclear weapon, once it initiates the work – to at least one year, from current estimates of two or three months.   According to […]

Obama’s ‘Historic’ Iran Deal Falls Apart, As Mullahs Rev Up High-Speed Centrifuges

The very thin fiction of Obama’s “historic” agreement with Iran is unraveling with amazing speed. It’s notable that the Iranians never felt any urge to play along with Obama, not even for a few hours. They were loudly announcing his spin on the deal was false before the sun set on the day the agreement was announced. […]

Tehran will start using fastest centrifuges on day deal takes effect

“Parameters” detailed by the US leave no doubt whatsoever, however, that the use of anything other than the most basic, first generation IR-1 centrifuges is barred for 10 years, and that even R&D on advanced centrifuges will be severely constrained.   “Iran will only enrich uranium at the Natanz facility, with only 5,060 IR-1 first-generation […]

‘Iran and US irritating each other with conflicting statements on nuclear deal’

Iran and the United States have irritated each other with conflicting statements made about the nuclear framework agreement reached last week in Switzerland, the lead US negotiator said on Tuesday.   Wendy Sherman, US undersecretary of state for political affairs, was asked about the different interpretations of the deal intended to curb Tehran’s nuclear program […]

Kerry warns Iran over Houthi rebel ‘support’

US Secretary of State John Kerry has warned Iran over its alleged support for Houthi rebels in Yemen. He said the US would support any state in the Middle East that felt threatened by Iran, and would not “stand by” if Iran destabilised the region. The US is backing a Saudi-led coalition seeking to drive […]