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Is the Government Aiding Illegals?

Is our own government helping aid illegals to enter the U.S.?!? Question  Jim from Indiana wants to hear Irvin’s thoughts on a very familiar but controversial subject. I married a Mexican woman and I divorced her when my daughter was two years old. I took my daughter with me and raised her by myself in […]

Immigrant center hits record number of immigrants staying overnight

A recent immigrant influx and changes in immigration policy could be to blame for the unprecedented influx of overnight stays last month at a local relief center. The immigrant relief center, which Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley opened 14 months ago at Sacred Heart Church downtown, saw nearly three times the average number […]

Thousands of Ethiopian Jews’ immigration dreams still on hold

Chen Asemamo has been waiting 15 years for her grandmother to also be permitted to move to Israel and join the family, which arrived nearly in its entirety in the 1990s. “Every time they tell her ‘soon, soon’, that’s the Ministry of Immigration and Absorption’s code,” she said. “My grandmother has six children and more […]

Feds: 664,607 illegals granted amnesty, some linked to terrorism, gangs

The administration’s program to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival program has given the green light to 664,607 since 2012, including several linked to fraud, terrorism and gangs, according to the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services agency.   What’s more, applications for permanent residence have surged from 3,000 to […]

Judge Orders Release of Up to 1,700 Illegal Immigrant Families in Texas

A California court ruling could set free more than 1,700 women and children who are being held by the Department of Homeland Security in facilities in the town of Dilley and Karnes County, Texas.  As of Monday, immigration judges were getting the word out to release these families, as part of a court decision in […]

Responders Anticipate Possibility of More Illegal Crossers

They said they’re still well below last year’s surge. Apprehensions are 48 percent lower than last fiscal year. “We’ve apprehended about 118,000 people this year,” Ortiz said. “Yet, we’re still the busiest sector in the country.”   Border Patrol is catching about 3,100 people a week. Federal authorities also confirmed holding cells are still well […]

U.S. House bars funding for ‘sanctuary’ cities for immigrants

The U.S. House of Representatives voted on Thursday to deny funding to cities that do not report undocumented immigrants to federal authorities, setting off outcry from the White House and immigration advocates.   The bill, approved by a vote of 241 to 179 largely along party lines, was largely a Republican response to the recent […]

Obama shields 9M illegals from deportation

President Obama’s executive actions on immigration shield more than 80 percent of the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in the country from any danger of being deported, a top immigration think tank reported Thursday.   As part of his November amnesty Mr. Obama announced a program to proactively grant a temporary deportation amnesty to as […]

2.5 Million Illegal Immigrants Flood U.S. During Obama Administration

A new report estimates that 2.5 million illegal immigrants have entered the United States since Barack Obama took office in 2009.   The Center for Immigration Studies released a study Monday citing data from the Center for Migration Studies, Pew Research Center and the Census Bureau that indicates 400,000 illegal immigrants on average have entered the […]

Obama’s ICE Director: No Immigration Enforcement Until Amnesty Is Passed

President Obama’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) director tells lawmakers that no consequences are planned for sanctuary cities until Congress first passes “comprehensive immigration reform.” Sarah Saldaña testified before a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on criminal alien violence.   After hearing emotional testimony from families torn apart by illegal immigrant murderers, Republican members of Congress grilled two administration […]