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Schengen: European Commission insists border controls will ‘save’ passport-free zone

The European Commission has launched a rearguard defence of Europe’s passport-free Schengen area, even as it bowed to demands to start planning the reintroduction of border controls.   On Monday, EU interior ministers instructed the Commission to devise emergency measures for a new system of controls within the 26-nation travel zone for the next two […]

Right from wrong: Double taxation and anti-Semitism

Like a growing number of American ex-pats living in Israel, I have spent the past few years contemplating renouncing my US citizenship.   Contrary to popular belief among those familiar with my concern about where the country of my birth is headed, the dilemma with which I have been grappling has nothing to do with […]

Supremes get ‘personal’ with Sheriff Joe in illegal-alien fight

The motion submitted to the Supreme Court argues the justices are violating their own past practice and evaluating Arpaio’s case based on personal rather than legal reasons.   Attorney Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch wrote the petition that the granting of a hearing in the states’ case but not in Arpaio’s is “in conflict with […]

Immigration Laws | 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidates

What do the Democratic Candidates Believe About Immigration Laws? E=enforcement   R=reform   Hillary Clinton: R America needs comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship. Hillary is advocating for: A fair and just immigration system. Every family should feel like they belong in this country. Instead of breaking up law-abiding immigrant families who have enriched America […]

Sessions: Visa Overstays ‘Tantamount to an Open Border’

Senator Jeff Session of Alabama blasted the findings of a new DHS report on visa overstays.   “This long-awaited report from the Department of Homeland Security demonstrates that we are in the midst of a national immigration crisis. The report examined only temporary visitors travelling as tourists or business workers, and only those entering at […]

Supreme Court will rule on President Obama’s immigration plan

Immigration activists sounded optimistic that the Supreme Court would allow the program to proceed, arguing that it was originally blocked only because conservative judges were the ones who heard the case at lower levels.   “We believe the Supreme Court will use common sense to advance the common good. Justice is finally near,” said Frank Sharry, executive director […]

Immigration Laws | 2016 Republican Presidential Candidates

What do the Republican Candidates Believe About Immigration Laws? E=enforcement   R=reform A=amnesty Ben Carson: R Ben Carson Immigration Reform: Let Undocumented Immigrants Work On Farms Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson defended his immigration plan during Wednesday night’s Republican debate, but his explanation only got him into further trouble with some voters. Carson supports giving guest-worker […]

Bombshell Report: More than Half a Million Migrants Overstayed Visas In 2015

A bombshell new Department of Homeland Security report was released today that could further define the 2016 race around the issue of national sovereignty. The report documents refusal of approximately half a million foreign aliens to return to their home countries after being admitted to the United States on a temporary basis for work or […]

Aliya advocate group seeks funding to keep new immigrants in country

“Nefesh B’ Nefesh claims that it is seven percent and the Jewish Agency claims that it is 12 percent, but I’m saying that it’s more than 40 percent,” says Liami Lawrence, a Californian immigrant and the founder of the Keep Olim in Israel movement, referring to the rate at which new immigrants from the west […]

Are we serious about enforcing our immigration laws?

Congressman Gowdy serves as Chairman of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security.