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Trump gets backing on ‘end of Europe’ warning

“France is not what it used to be, and neither is Paris,” Trump is quoted as saying.   Trump also bemoaned the existence of “no-go zones” avoided by police that have been created by mass Islamic immigration.   WND reported in January 2015 the French government listed 751 “Sensitive Urban Zones” the government does not […]

U.N. demands Turkey open doors to Syrians fleeing fresh slaughter in Aleppo

KILIS, Turkey – Turkey must open its doors to the tens of thousands of Syrians who have massed at the border after fleeing violence, the U.N. demanded Tuesday, as an aide group said tents on the Syrian side are overcrowded and food in short supply.   Turkey, already home to 2.5 million Syrian refugees, insists […]

Dutch step up border controls as migrant flows continue

The Netherlands has stepped up the monitoring of traffic crossing its frontiers, a government minister said on Monday, as countries across Europe move to tighten border controls in response to an unprecedented migration crisis.   The move follows a decision last September to deploy mobile border guard units along roads and railways lines to intercept […]

Churches protect immigrants from deportation

“What would happen if a mother from Guatemala showed up at your church door with a little kid in her arms and said, ‘Can you help me?’”   Dozens of Americans churches are now mulling this question, posed by Rev. John Fife, a former pastor at Southside Presbyterian in Tucson, Ariz., in the wake of […]

California grants driver’s licenses to 605,000 undocumented

Los Angeles (AFP) – Some 605,000 undocumented immigrants who live in California were granted driver’s licenses in 2015, the first year they have been able to enjoy that benefit, officials said Monday.   The law known as AB60 took effect on January 2, 2015. The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) expects a total of […]

Gowdy: Illegal immigration is just that – illegal

Chairman Gowdy’s opening statement during the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security hearing to examine the ongoing surge at our southwest border.

Republicans reject climate change fears despite rebukes from scientists

They have bloviated about carpet bombing, bickered about walls, and waxed anti-Muslim and -migrant, but over more than 16 hours of debate, the Republican candidates for president have almost entirely ignored what most of the world fears most: the rising tides and temperatures of climate change.   Last week, Fox News moderators asked only one […]

Borders will become ‘irrelevant’ by end of century, says Labour’s John McDonnell

Borders between countries will become “irrelevant” by the end of the century, the shadow chancellor has suggested.   John McDonnell said it is inevitable that there will eventually be open borders, warning that people are already “ignoring” boundaries that currently exist.   Meanwhile, Mr McDonnell also said the UK should be doing more to help […]

On Holocaust Remembrance Day, German Jews foster concerns over Mideast migrants

When Judith G. helped out at a refugee center near Frankfurt last October and identified herself as Jewish, she was spat on and insulted.   German Jews say the case of Judith G., a 33-year-old optician who asked not to be fully named, isn’t isolated and underlines concerns many have about the record arrivals of […]

Six out of 10 migrants to Europe come for ‘economic reasons’ and are not refugees, EU Vice President Frans Timmermans says

More than half of all migrants to Europe are motivated by “economic reasons” and are not fleeing war or persecution, the vice-president of the European Commission has said.   Dutch politician Frans Timmermans said the majority of migrants to Europe are from North African countries such as Morocco or Tunisia, where there is no conflict. “More than half of the people […]