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WikiLeaks – The Podesta Emails

Today WikiLeaks begins its series on deals involving Hillary Clinton campaign Chairman John Podesta. Mr Podesta is a long-term associate of the Clintons and was President Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff from 1998 until 2001. Mr Podesta also controls the Podesta Group, a major lobbying firm and is the Chair of the Center for American […]

Ignoring Israel: Why Clinton and Trump sparred on foreign policy, but didn’t mention Mideast ally

You had to wait until more than half way through Monday’s debate to hear the one mention alluding to Israel. “I met with Bibi, believe me, he’s not a happy camper,” said Republican candidate Donald Trump, using Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s nickname. The comment went unchallenged as part of a wider discussion of the Iran […]

Has Climate-change Alarmism Backfired?

“I believe climate change is real,” Hillary Clinton asserted in her acceptance speech at this year’s Democratic National Convention, while Republican nominee Donald Trump did not mention the issue during his own speech at the Republican National Convention, although he has dismissed human-caused climate change as largely “a hoax.”   Senator John McCain, the 2008 […]

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump Meet With Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel’s prime minister tweeted this morning about his meetings yesterday with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, saying, “After meeting with 2 leading candidates for POTUS, I’m more convinced than ever that Israel-US bond will remain strong after the elections.   Republican nominee Trump met with Benjamin Netanyahu Sunday morning at Trump Tower. Democrat Clinton met […]

The Most Important Presidential Debate | Prophecy Update

The Bible prophesies a world government will be formed in the end time as mankind searches for the way to peace. The bigger question follows: Should America be part of the coming one-world government? One candidate says yes. The other candidate says no.

Clinton attacked a defensive Trump. Tie holds

The first direct face-off between the two US presidential candidates Tuesday, Sept. 27 ended in a slight edge for the Democrats’ Hillary Clinton versus Republican Donald Trump. But the score was not decisive enough to radically change the close tie prevailing in the polls when the contenders took the stage. They still face two more […]

Trump scorches Hillary on ‘stamina’

In an event hailed as “the debate of the century,” presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton faced off Monday in a “fight night” that many predicted could change the direction of the race for the White House.   The event, held at Hofstra University just outside New York City, was expected to be the most-watched presidential […]

Clinton, Trump Battle Fiercely Over Taxes, Race, Terror

In a combative opening debate, Hillary Clinton emphatically denounced Donald Trump Monday night for keeping his personal tax returns and business dealings secret from voters and peddling a “racist lie” about President Barack Obama. Businessman Trump repeatedly cast Clinton as a “typical politician” as he sought to capitalize on Americans’ frustration with Washington.   Locked […]

Netanyahu meets with Clinton

The two US Presidential candidates met with Prime Minister Netanyahu a day before the candidates are set to face off head to head for a debate in Long Island.   After hearing from Donald Trump that his administration would recognize Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel, Netanyahu met with Hillary Clinton in New York […]

Benjamin Netanyahu to ask Clinton, Trump to oppose one-sided resolutions against Israel

If the US presidential candidates don’t come to Jerusalem during the heat of the campaign, Jerusalem will come to them.   Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to meet separately in New York on Sunday with both Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump. The meetings are scheduled to take place just a […]