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Obama to NC voters: ‘Fate of the republic rests on your shoulders’

“We don’t win this election, potentially, if we don’t win North Carolina,” Obama said Wednesday at a rally for Hillary Clinton in Chapel Hill, N.C. “I hate to put a little pressure on you, but the fate of the Republic rests on your shoulders. The face of the world is teetering, and you, North Carolina, […]

FBI’s Clinton Foundation investigation now ‘a very high priority,’ sources say

The FBI’s investigation into the Clinton Foundation that has been going on for more than a year has now taken a “very high priority,” separate sources with intimate knowledge of the probe tell Fox News. FBI agents have interviewed and re-interviewed multiple people on the foundation case, which is looking into possible pay for play […]

Barack Obama delivers stinging critique of FBI: ‘We don’t operate on leaks’

Barack Obama has criticised the way the FBI revealed a new investigation of emails possibly linked to Hillary Clinton’s private server, a move that has rocked the US presidential election in its final stretch. Opinion polls show the race between Clinton and Republican candidate Donald Trump tightening since FBI director James Comey’s bombshell announcement last […]

Obama: ‘It’s Because of You That a Marine Can Serve His Country Without Hiding the Husband He Loves’

Speaking at the University of North Carolina this afternoon, President Barack Obama told voters it was because of them that millions of people had health care who did not have it before and Marines could enter publicly into same-sex marriages. “It is because of you that millions of people have health care today that didn’t […]

Clinton and Trump offer diverse ME scenarios

Whoever is elected US president on Nov. 8, he or she will land in the middle of a foreign policy shambles and face a pressing need to rebuild America’s fences in most parts of the world, including the war-ridden, messy Middle East. The Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and her Republican rival Donald Trump, whose approaches […]

Hillary Clinton demands answers and Democrats call foul

he FBI has announced it is investigating new emails sent by Hillary Clinton on a private server during her time as Secretary of State, sending her campaign into panic mode just 11 days before the presidential election. The emails were found during an investigation into illicit text messages between Anthony Weiner, a former congressman, and a 15-year-old girl, […]

FBI in Internal Feud Over Hillary Clinton Probe

The surprise disclosure that agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation are taking a new look at Hillary Clinton’s email use lays bare, just days before the election, tensions inside the bureau and the Justice Department over how to investigate the Democratic presidential nominee. Read more:FBI in Internal Feud Over Hillary Clinton Probe

Clinton emails: FBI chief may have broken law, says top Democrat

The Democratic leader in the US Senate says the head of the FBI may have broken the law by revealing the bureau was investigating emails possibly linked to Hillary Clinton. Harry Reid accused FBI director James Comey of violating an act which bars officials from influencing an election. News of the FBI inquiry comes less […]

The coming shift: Hillary Clinton’s plans for Israel and Iran

Hillary Rodham Clinton is preparing to dramatically shift the tone and tenor of relations with Israel away from a publicly disputatious posture adopted by the Obama administration, according to several of her top aides, who in conversation with The Jerusalem Post outlined, for the first time, her detailed plans for the alliance should she win the White […]

Let’s Be Clear—A Vote for Warmonger Hillary Clinton Is a Vote for World War 3

If you want to see war without end, vote for Hillary Clinton. It is tremendously ironic that Hillary Clinton and the mainstream media have attempted to portray Donald Trump as “dangerous” and “temperamental” because it is Clinton who actually has a long history of being emotionally unstable. She has a temper that is absolutely legendary, […]