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Palestinian unity gov’t is not effectively in control of Gaza

“I do not see the national consensus government effectively governing Gaza,” said Turner, referring to a technocrat cabinet agreed in June between the Western-backed Palestinian Authority and the Islamist movement Hamas, which dominates Gaza. “If we do not have political stability, I think if we do not have a national Palestinian government, I think if […]

Israel to Reopen Gaza Border Crossings

Israel announced on Monday evening that all the border crossings to Gaza, including the Erez crossing, will be open as usual on Tuesday.   The crossings have been closed since Sunday, an Israeli response to a rocket attack on the Eshkol region over the weekend.   It was the second rocket fired since the end […]

Israel’s post-Gaza war meeting with UN body: Hit, miss or just showing commitment?

The Monday meeting in Geneva between an Israeli delegation and the UN Human Rights Committee is a routine encounter that entails lots of discussion and little fanfare.   Yet the Israeli delegation at Monday’s meeting included the Justice Ministry’s director-general, Emi Palmor, for the first time, as well as Deputy Attorney-General Roy Schondorf and IDF […]

UN chief Ban Ki-moon to set up Gaza conflict inquiry

He said the independent investigation would look into most serious cases where innocent people were killed.   The inquiry will also analyse the reported use of UN facilities by Palestinian militants to store weapons.   Some 2,100 Palestinians were killed in the conflict, along with 67 Israeli soldiers and six civilians in Israel.   The […]

Gaza Ceasefire Negotiations to Resume Next Week

“Hamas and the Palestinian factions will take part in a session of indirect negotiations with the occupation (Israel) on the 27th of this month at the invitation of Egypt,” said Hamas deputy leader Mousa Abu Marzouk. He said on the movement’s Al-Ray website that the Palestinians would from the outset demand the opening of a […]

Iran FM meets Palestinian Jihad leader, voices support for Palestinian ‘resistance’

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif expressed his country’s full support for Palestinian “resistance” movements as he met with the leader of the Islamic Jihad terrorist group, which is closely allied with Iran.   Zarif congratulated Ramadan Abdullah Shallah for the “victory” in the Gaza war this past summer during a meeting on Sunday in […]

Israel to testify on Gaza before UN in Geneva

Israeli officials are expected to testify before the United Nations in Geneva on Monday with regard to its military activities in Gaza this summer during Operation Protective Edge.   “At this stage it is the only UN forum to which Israel will provide information with regard to Operation Protective Edge,” a Justice Ministry spokeswoman said […]

West Bank Should Hound Israel Like Gaza

Fars, the semi-official press agency of Iran, has reported that Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, told the visiting Secretary-General of the Islamic Jihad Movement, Ramadan Abdullah Shalah, in Tehran on Thursday, “The enemy [Israel] should feel the same worries in the West Bank as it does in Gaza.” Read More: Khamenei: West Bank Should […]

Plan to rid Gaza, West Bank of Israeli presence ready in 2 weeks

A plan to rid Gaza and the West Bank of Israeli presence will be presented to the UN Security Council in about two weeks time, Israel Radio reported Sunday, quoting an unnamed Palestinian source.   The source said that they are planning to present the proposal first to Mahmoud Abbas and then work out technical […]

Fatah, Hamas agree to cede control of Gaza to unity government

Hamas and Fatah said on Thursday that they have reached agreement to allow the Palestinian Authority government to operate in the Gaza Strip.   Representatives of the two rival parties have been holding “reconciliation” talks in Cairo over the past two days in a bid to end their differences.   Hamas and Fatah leaders said […]